To the reader,

There is an inconvenient truth that I have learned in my life: It id my belief that you can never fully appreciate the historical significane of a historical event unless you either witnessed it or took part in it. Hopefully, these diaries may attempt to give the reader a glance into the Illinois revolution of 2117. The writer of these diaries: Mr. Tyler Finn, who after the revolution, went on to become vice governor; was a vital figure in the creation of the People's Republic of Illinois. After his death in 2170, he left these diaries, in the form of 7 composition notebooks, in my hands to dispose of them as I saw fit. After reading them and re-reading them several times, I decided that they were worthy of publication. I have translated them the best I could for Mr. Finn's penmanship in the last few years of his life could be quite sloppy. If this has led me to make any mistakes in regards to historical events, I am solely at fault; and if the reader wishes to see the whole work straight from the hand that wrote it, I am more than willing to satisfy him or her. As for the life of Tyler Finn before the revolution, the reader will gain that knowledge from the first entry. I leave this story to Mr. Finn now.

Workers Of The World Unite,

Andy Barlow,

Former Secretary to Vice Governor Tyler Finn