December 14, 2116.

It seems that Christmas has come early for the UIP this year. While we continued our debate ablut a proper course of action, we heard the news that were riots in Rockford. What we heard from our sources in the city is that a member of the Volksfront was found to have brutally raped and murdered a young white girl. To the surprise of everyone, he was arrested and actually tried for his crimes. However, the reich's policy of secret police protection kicked into gear and before the jury could deliver a verdict, the judge dismissed the case due to lack of evidence despite finding the VF officer's DNA on the victim's corpse.

Despite the horrible death that young girl suffered, it was nothing more than a Godsend to us. Since our inception, our biggest supporters have been Jews and people of color, but now more and more whites are turning to our movement. Common sense has finally piercers their thick Aryan skulls. When the Volksfront was raping and killing minorities, the white people turned a blind eye because it did not affect them. Now they realize that the VF are commuting the same atrocities against their own race and are suffering no consequences for it. This proves once and for all that we have been right all along.

The people of Rockford have realized that they can no longer stand by and allow the law enforcement officers of the Illinois Reich to brutalize them. At first, the protests were peaceful; carrying signs, chanting slogans, etc. However, even peaceful protests are illegal under Nazi law and the VF were sent into quell it. A few heads got smacked and that is when all Hell broke loose. The protestors began fighting back against the VF officers and more people take up the fight every single day.

The mayor is begging his superiors in Springfield to send in troops to quell the riots, but the F├╝hrer has none to spare. Vernon is wasting millions of troops and supplies fighting with Iowa and Ohio and the soldiers that are still in Illinois have been divvied up between the massive city of Chicago and the capital of Springfield. As long as those two cities remain under Nazi control, the Reich can fool the world into thinking that they have everything under control.

While Rockford is erupting in flames, we have decided to take the opportunity to liberate Champagne. Our columns will combine to attack as one and and take the city. We hope to take the city before Christmas so that we may give ourselves a much needed holiday rest.