January 12, 2117.

From where we stand, I believe that the beginning of the end is finally in sight. All of the columns are preparing for the liberation of Chicago. It seems as if the entire continent was on the edge of their seats, holding their breath. It all centers on this battle. If the Illinois Reich can successfully defend the windy city, they can plead their case to the rest of the world that they are still in control of the nation and try to milk their fellow fascist nations to give them more men and weapons and ammo to continue the fight against us. However, if we can liberate the city, the capital of Springfield will be the last Nazi stronghold. Other good news has reached our column which has done wonders for the morale of our comrades. All of the concentration camps in Illinois have been liberated. Many of our comrades have documented the atrocities with videos and photos so that we can send them out to all of the other nations so that they may see what they allowed the Nazis to do.

In addition to this, we have received more guns and ammo courtesy of the Iowan and Hoosier armies. Thanks to us, they have finally managed to regain all the territory that the Nazis had taken from them and on top of that, they have pushed the Aryan army out of their respective countries. As if things could not get any better for the proletariat cause, we are getting more support from our fellow workers. For too long, the people have been silent and submissive under the lash of their Nazi oppressors. However, since the UIP has gained victory after victory over the Volksfront and the Reich military, more people have been supporting us openly. There have been people going on the radio and television and live-streams denouncing the Illinois Reich. Even more amazing is that we have received reports of huge public protests; not only in Chicago, but even in the capital city of Springfield. The Volksfront is completely and utterly overwhelmed. Rumor has it that over two hundred thousand VF agents have been dispatched in both cities to hunt down every single dissenter. They don't even bother arresting them anymore, they just gun them down or beat them to death. It is a vain effort though. For every protester they kill, 3 more come. The crowds are just getting bigger and louder and angrier every day. The Nazi propaganda machine is working overtime, trying in vain to remind the "master race" of their responsibility to Nazism.

Jules and I have been in celebratory spirits as has the rest of our comrades in arms. It is clear to see that the people of Illinois have finally woken up to the evil of the Keith Vernon and his Nazi government. This is vital for our success in bringing about a true Marxist government. All of our plans and struggles will be for naught unless the working class will stand shoulder to shoulder with us.