POV: ?


I stare at her beautiful face, learning the curves of her cheekbones, the softness of the dip in her nose. My cold fingers lightly drag down her arm, smiling softly to the shiver it gives her. She is more than adorable.

I take her fingers, kissing each knuckle, closing my eyes in contentment. She turns towards me in a delicate sigh, her hair falling into her face.

I couldn't ask for anything more.


Hundreds of thousands of years ago..

I am going to die.

I can feel it coming. The stars whisper it quietly at the back of my mind. The time, the moment. Even as I attempt to shove it deep behind my thoughts it crawls back, poking.

But there is so much left to do. Everything has just begun. Why does the universe speak to me, telling..

"Are you okay, sir..?"

My eyes fall towards the child before me, but my thoughts keep in the dark. I push the whispers aside, and nod quietly.

I smile and I release her hand, smoothing her messy hair back.

"Your mother is here." I speak back in Lightian, nodding towards her anxious mother in the distance.
"Don't let her wait any longer."

She hugs me tightly and thanks me quickly, then rushes into her mother's embrace. I watch quietly, thinking of my own mother.

It pains me, knowing how deeply she will hurt when I am gone. I exhale, watching the child I just rescued from the dark leave with her mother, hand in hand.

My mother, she is proud of me, beyond words. She has been with me since the beginning of life, and I have been with her. I protect her, I protect life. Without me here, who will be here to fend off the darkness?

I can feel it, the universe around me. It speaks to me, it is in me and I am in it. My duty is to protect it, I live for it. With me gone, who will do that?

My body tenses, and my hair stands on end. Darkness is approaching.. He has found me, again. And with each meeting, we battle, a dance for my life. Perhaps, this will be the last.

I close my eyes briefly, feeling my power burn from my body and heart. It flows around me, wisps and echoes of myself, strong and gratifying under my will and control.

Light bursts in power and I vanish, appearing in space, deep in the stars and worlds.

'The End..' The words flow into my mind involuntarily, the galaxies murmur to me, glimmering in the distance.

My mother. I have to see her. I act with my heart, and nothing else.

Silently I extend my hand, feeling into the fabric of the universe and it's entirety. I feel what I'm looking for, and push my heart's intent, exploiting the source. A doorway manifests, a sliver of the entrance. Light spins and twirls at its borders, enticing me.

I give in power, willing the edges open, wide and strong. Light burns through, previewing the world within.

My being is pulled automatically, magnetic, sucked through into a blinding reality.

The brightness of the dimension adjusts, and I am home for the first time in hundreds of years.

The Realm of Light.

I land in the soft silk grass, my people all looking my way. Beings close to Gods, beyond heavenly. They drift to me but I pass them, looking ahead, thoughts mute and focused.

The realm is that like a dream, soft. Peace is infinite, with love at it's core. The skies are pinks and blues and pinks and purple. The clouds are swirls, and it is forever day. The creatures are the purest light, their hearts all deeply connected with my mother's.

But I just walk. I don't look, I don't think, I only move. My people no longer attempt to praise me, and instead they stop. They watch, and I continue on.

I follow the broken golden brick path covered in vines and grass, leading to my mother's sacred temple. The grounds are holy, shivering beneath my feet with each step that I take. I recognize it, knowing this feeling from my childhood. As I grow closer, it begins to calm.


I stop, hearing the loving and caring tone in her voice. She walks to the stairs, looking down at me, her Godly energy hitting me like a burst of wind.

"Hi, mother.. I'm home." I smile, looking up to her apologetically. I walk up to her, needing her comfort.

Mother embraces me lovingly, and I let her, hugging her with the grief that holds my heart. She draws back to meet my face with her gaze, looking me over carefully for any changes. She smiles kindly when it's all clear, and smooths my hair back as she used to.

"I have missed you, my son." She says, bringing me close again, tightly.

"I'm sorry that I don't visit often, mother. I have had so much to do." I murmur, dipping my head into her shoulder, hugging her back.

Before I can further apologize she pulls back, in confusion. She realized it.

"Oh, where is the angel boy you brought along last time? Zachariah, correct?"

I look off, sighing quietly.
"I sent him away, mother. I sent him back to Heaven."

Zachariah was my only companion, a Cherub, one of God's highest angels. He admired me deeply, and abandoned Heaven to be at my side. Once I felt the end was nearing for me, I couldn't let him witness it. It would break him.

My mother's confusion deepens.

"Have you forgotten? That is forbidden; God will not take him back."

I stay quiet, unresponsive. She takes me by the face again.

"What's wrong? I feel something else wrong with you."

Instead of avoiding her eyes again, I look straight into them.

"Things are weighing heavy on my mind, as usual. Sometimes they can bring the darkness in me out." I sigh, pursing my lips.

"Perhaps you should stay for a time. Please, it would make me very happy. He can't touch you here." She urges, pleading with me.

I look her over this time. Behind her Godly beauty and intelligence, I see lines beneath her eyes, and a slight lack of color. She is lonely. Even after creating all of this life. And I have to leave her, forever.

"I am sorry, mother. It is impossible.." I hug her very tightly, hoping she can feel my infinite love for her. She hugs back, understanding yet disappointed.

"I have to go. I know I just arrived, and I am sorry.. I love you, mother." I hide the emotion out of my tone, giving only love.


She seems to have noticed the truth.

I let her go quickly and turn, hurrying for the steps.

"I love you mother. Always." I repeat more solemnly, my eyes burning with the tears that come.

Before she can say another word, I am gone.

I appear on a empty distant planet, without life and without care.

I stand still for a long time, looking out to the cloudy sky that shows no stars. A warmness falls down my face with an ache in my heart I haven't felt in a long time. I can feel it now more than ever. He is coming.

I can feel it. This is my last battle, my graveyard. I am a dead man walking. The universe has spoken to me thousands of time before this. But never in this way. Even after all this time.. I am not sure if I'm prepared for it all to end.

The tears dry, stopping. And I just stand, empty, waiting.

...I can feel him behind me.
The darkness. My father. He's so close. My skin is ice, crawling.

I scream as the stab of his darkness claws deep into my back, tearing into me. I manage to rip away, throwing myself several feet away into the dirt, tumbling on my side. Somehow I manage to ignore the burning pain to roll hastily in the dirt, dodging the whipping of gigantic, darkness flowing talons coming at me. I throw myself quickly to my feet, panting with a face twisted with pain. I feel the coldness of his darkness slipping into my newly formed wounds, poison from the claws he cut me with.

Zohar stares at me, his black eyes peering into my heart. His yearning for devouring me is so plain that it makes my stomach churn.

I am his obsession. All my life, he has chased my endlessly.

"Azhaire.." He murmurs, deep and menacing.

Claws prod from his back, stretched out like mutated black arms with sharp talons. Gaseous purple and black blackness radiate around, poison glued to him.

I stare back, keeping my stance, ignoring the heated blood that pours down my back. My body quivers, telling me to run, but my heart cries for me to stop him.

Suddenly I throw myself at him, swift and fluid.

A golden sword of light bursts into my hand, tight in my grip. I see the amusement burn in his eyes, and a claw swings to slice me. With grace I break into the air, jumping strongly from the ground and over the swing that dares to end me. I spin, slicing the arm clean off.

Just in the same second, the darkness in the air morphs, changing and spreading. Dark monsters manifest and create just before me, reaching to grab to my skin and clothes.

Instantly I perform a deadly twirl, swinging fervently and passionately, slicing them all.

A creature yanks itself at me and I pierce it in its head. A bird like monster soars towards my throat. I kick it and slice up, splitting it in half. A hand materializes from darkness, taking me by my hair. I disappear using light and appear behind it, grabbing it with my spare hand. My light explodes in rage, burning the hand up in it's power.

Just as I am done with the dark crowd I see Zohar coming at me, faster than lightning. I meet him, throwing my sword in the direction of his throat.

He stops it with a blade of his own, clashing, smiling a sick, cruel smile.
"You're mine."

Something in me cracks, snapping. A second blade bursts into right hand, a furious darkness.

Our weapons fly. We perform without a stage, our hearts speaking for our minds. I try, I fight, but it is not enough. I know this has to be the end. One way or another.

The universe has told me it must.

I purposefully leave a split-second opening. He dives right in, sending his sword into my chest, piercing my heart.

The pain is incredible, like nothing I've ever felt before. Everything around me slows, the universe stopping. I see my father before me, grinning with eyes full of wickedness.
My weapons fade from my hands and I fall into a pool of darkness, drowning in it.

I am gone.