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The night air felt cold as I blew warm air into my hands as I walked to the park. The sun was going down and the shadows started to grow longer. The Gravel and leaves made muffled sounds as they were crushed under my shoes. I looked up and saw a familiar person sitting on a bench a few feet before me. It was my best friend whom I had a crush on her but I wasn`t willing to risk our friendship on just one question so I didn`t ask it. The wind suddenly blew and the long wavy strawberry blonde hair blew back and revealed the persons round face. Her eyes were a rare shade of Amber and her lips were naturally strawberry pink.

My mind was divided between walking to her or just turning around and sprinting home. I thought about the pros and cons but I eventually decided to walk to her.

She turned her head and looked at me as I approached. Her lips curved into a smile and I smiled too just to be polite. My heart was racing as I sat down beside her and there was a long period of silence. Neither one of us knew what to say. I slowly looked up at her and when I reached her Amber eyes I realized that she had done the same thing. Amber and Grey eyes now met.

"Hi, Daeva," I said quietly as I glanced away. "Hey Spencer," she answered in an equally quiet voice but it was so sweet and I nearly melted right there and then when I heard it. I looked up again when I felt warm skin touch my hand. Her warm hands were closed as they embraced my own cold one.

"You`re so cold. Why aren`t you wearing any cloves?" She asked but I just couldn`t give a vocal answer so I just shrugged. Her hands tightened around my hand I looked up and met her gaze. She tilted her head a little as she parted her lips and started to giggle.

I suddenly realized how close we were as her warm breaths began to form fog on my glasses and I couldn`t see her anymore. I hear her giggle a little bit louder and I felt my glasses being removed and I closed my eyes as the cold wind hit my once protected eyes and when I opened them again I saw a blurry version of the beautiful girl sitting in front of me.

I heard a little `clacking` sound as my glasses were put down beside her. At least I thought so. Even with my bad eyesight, I saw a long strand of hair hanging in front of her face so I lifted my hand and brushed it behind her ear. I saw her lift her own hand and move it towards my face. I felt my cheeks warm up as she brushed a strand of my own long straight jet black hair back behind my own ear. I smiled as let out a little giggle as her glove brushed against my throat. I faintly saw her smiled as she leaned towards me and both of our eyes closed.

Only a moment later our lips met in a sweet kiss. It felt like sparks flew around us as our kiss continued. She opened her mouth a little and I felt her tongue prod at my lips asking for an invitation so I parted my lips a little. The kiss became deeper and I moved my hands and placed them around her neck and pulled us closer together as the kiss continued and I felt her place her hands around my waist. The kiss continued for what felt like hours as we only pulled apart a few times for air. The kiss was so full of innocent love.

She pulled back and we panted a little and our faces felt like they were a flushed pink. I slowly opened my eyes and met a pair of sparkling amber ones. She smiled and I pecked her lips.

I slowly released her and she did the same. I picked up my glasses and looked around us. Tears began to build up in my eyes as a saw many disapproving glances from older people. Suddenly Daeva`s warm hands cupped my face and turned it towards her. She just smiled at me and said "Don`t care about what they think. You are the most beautiful person that I`ve ever met and I love you.".

I smiled as she brought me into another kiss and I felt like the luckiest girl in the world.