As the crowd surged upon Mac and the princess he was pulled from the dream. shocks of kaleidoscopic energy surged all around him and he found himself back in the room hooked up to the dream machine.

Take these damn electrodes off me, mac demanded.

Mac looked to his left to see the Princes awakened from her dream, she looked groggily toward Mac and offered an accusatory finger, wavering because of her lack of strength, she managed to spurt out, "It was you who pulled me from my dream" before collapsing.

She needs time to recover, offered one of the robed emissaries. in time she'll realize how we've helped her.

In a weeks' time mac was back at home, gladly eating soya steaks and puffing on his autopen. He'd had just enough of trouble, almost more than he could handle from the slneesh. He swore off the thing and settled back into domestic bliss with his robot wife Cindy. for a time, things were perfect, the dreams subsided, his visions of kaleidoscopic bliss were overtaken by dreamless nights and days filled with repo work. for the first time in a long time he could relax. looking back at the adventures he'd been pulled into he managed a laugh or two. from almost being turned into a vegetable to rescuing a princess from her own dream scape it seemed like mac had run the gauntlet because of the slaneesh.

He wanted nothing to do with the creature and instead opted for perfectly cooked soya steaks and getting high while watching late night tv.