My fingers are numb. The dagger slips from my hand and falls into the spreading puddle at my feet – So much! Oh Gods! So much! – the blood splashes on my ankles. I look down... he'll be mad if I don' clean that, he'll be mad, he'll… I look and meet Benjamin's eyes as he struggles for breath on the floor.



Janna looked up as the priestess' voice penetrated her thoughts. She looked at her and realized, guiltily, that she had stopped talking.

"Do you need a moment, sister?" Janna looked at the the three black velvet stripes on the sleeve of the black robe and wondered what they meant. She looked up at the silver mask then down at the floor again.

"Are you having trouble?" the priestess asked, "Would you prefer to address your troubles to the Lady herself?" the voice was pleasant, and her head cocked to one side. Janna could not keep from looking at the little door to the side of the altar. Behind that, was the corridor that lead to a tiny room open to the night sky. Do I want to be alone? Janna thought.

"Where's my friend?" She asked suddenly, twisting to look around the room. "She's a cat."

"Your companion is with our Eldest Sister. She sees to all weres whose blessing falls over Ceremony days."

"Oh." Janna replied. She pulled a loose thread from the cuff of her shirt. Wish Rose could be here.

"Would you like to speak to the Lady?" the priestess asked again after a moment.

Janna did not answer. Do I want to be alone? She asked herself again. She shuddered inwardly at the thought. Enough. She told herself firmly. It is Remembrance Day. You are having nightmares again. Stop dawdling and remember.

"I'm fine." She looked up again, meeting the priestess' eyes. Taking a deep breath, she started again, picking up where she had left off.