Blue was my favorite color. It was the color of the sky, the ocean, the infinite. But most of all, it was the color of your eyes. I could always get lost in that color, your eyes that is.

But somehow, you've stolen the beauty from the color blue. I see blue and I remember just how many times the lies went over my head because I was too busy being captivated by their beauty. I see blue, and my heart breaks all over again, and the pain once again turns to hate.

Red though.

Red was the color on my hands when my heart shattered into a million pieces just like the glass on my bedroom floor. Red was my favorite shade of lipstick that I finally could wear again, without the worry of ruining it while I kissed you. Red was the color of my burning desire to be free of this weight in my chest.

I look at blue, and I feel trapped and imprisoned by my own emotions. I see red, and I'm happy and calm again.

I guess the world works in strange ways like that.