I don't ever want to fall in love

Because my heart couldn't take the pain

Of waking up one day and finding that I wasn't good enough

Or that I'm not their whole world like they are mine

Or that what I feel is unrequited

My heart couldn't take that risk

Of lying shattered on the floor

Of laying awake, alone at the darkest part of the night

When you should be here, holding me from the storm

I don't wanna fall in love

Because falling in love means putting my heart in someone's hands

Trusting them to take care of it

But hearts are fragile, some more then others

Mine has been battered and bruised enough

By hands of tar and flame

I watch love die all around me

And I don't want to know that hurt

The promise of a love that could move mountains and save souls from death

All gone in a blink of an eye

Because someone couldn't stay, couldn't give their heart in return

I don't want to watch as the flowers turn to dust

Or the golden rays disappear into shadows

I don't want to live my life alone, not after I knew something so great

Hearts are fragile things, and I only have one

So I don't want to fall in love

Because it's not a risk I can bear to take