I...have unfortunate news. Sadly, the original "Badass Mage Kel: Come at Me Bro!" documents have been erased, removed from all of history. There is no hope of ever seeing them again.

I could not abide this.

Any of you who know me know this: I got started writing on this site because I was inspired by a long running shonen story called "Badass Mage Kel", written by one SUPAHKJUMP, now going by Kelvis K. Fredericks. The tales of such an amazing mage resonated with me, reminded me of reading stories such as Naruto, One Piece, Fairy Tail or yes, even My Hero Academia. A story like that, over 200 chapters, with still much more potential…it can't simply disappear into the oblivion. I will not allow it.

But…this is not that story. No, this is that story, and more. For while Kel existed before CrossPaladin, I've decided the only way for me to compete with such a tale is with one of my own. That is how Cross Steinbacht came into existence. Kel needed an eternal rival, once who challenged him in every way. Whereas Kel is the blazing fire, Cross is the serene ice

But this is not Cross' story.

It is not Kel's story.

This is the tale of two heroes. The tale of two heroes who shined brighter than all. The ultimate two heroes of black and white.

My name is CrossPaladin.

This is the revival we've wanted. This is the new story we desire.

This is…