God's Mother Our Mother

Praised be the Lord for all of His creations;

for the sun the moon the stars,

for the mountains river and streams,

for every animal big and small,

and every human man woman and child.

But His greatest creation of all,

was a woman who's beauty and purity outshines them all

although she is not God.

For this spotless woman was the only one

who was worthy in God's eyes to be the mother of his Son.

She said yes to the Word and with the Help of the Holy Spirit,

The Second Person of the Holy Trinity became human in her womb

where he grew in the celestrial paradise until he was born.

She held her precious Son in her arms comforting and sheltering Him.

She loved him more than all human kind and angelic kind ever could.

For she raised him for thirty years and followed him for three

sharing his joys and sorrows.

She stood under the Cross uniting her sorrows to his

and when he rose again to her he came to first

the spotless Virgin and Most Loving Mother

He gives this Mother to us, to shelter and protect us

and since she loves us so much she will lead us

to her Treasure which is Jesus Christ the Lord.

The End