Someone screeched behind her. Geneve whirled, dropping Sylvester, who collapsed on the floor with a groan. Sabrina stood in the hall outside the bedroom, "Sylvester! What are you doing to my brother?" she cried.

Fuck. Without thinking, she crossed the room at full speed and stopped short in front of her. "Sabrina, I can explain." she started. "He was..." Sabrina looked at her. Her eyes were huge and she wasn't breathing. Geneve paused, realizing what she had done. Damn it. "Sabrina?" she tried.

"AHHHH! DEMON!" she screamed, "DEMON! DEMON!" She swung her cane wildly. Geneve tried to avoid it and it hit the side of her head.

"Oof." Stars exploded behind her eyes. "Fuck, Sabrina I-."

"Demon! Spawn of Satan I cast thee out! You're not welcome here! Get thee behind me Satan!" She ran past Geneve to her brother, who was trying to push himself up from the floor with one hand.


"Sylvester, are you all right?" Falling to her knees, she caught herself with one hand on his back, then pushed herself up again and cradled his head in her lap. She pulled his face close to her chest. Sylvester groaned and waved a hand weakly.

Shit. Shit. Fucking... Geneve walked over, her hands out. "Sabrina, really, I can explain..."

Sabrina flinched and looked up at her fearfully. She scrabbled for her cane with one hand, never taking her eyes off Geneve. Picking it up, she held the cane out as a warning, keeping it between them. "Get away from me Demon." she said tightly. "Spawn of Satan, thou art an offense to me." She thrust it at her and Geneve backed up a few steps. She looked at Sabrina, glanced over at her suitcase, then back at Sabrina. Sabrina followed her look. With her cane, she picked up the few pieces of clothing Sylvester had tossed out and put them back in the suitcase, then pushed the whole thing across the floor. "I am calling the Reverend, the police and an ambulance," she said, her voice shaking, "One of them will do something about you."

Bending over, and trying to stay out of range of that fucking cane, Geneve zipped her suitcase closed, picked it up, and walked out into the kitchen. Sabrina's Bible was, as usual, open on the table. She stared at it for a long second. There are more things in heaven and earth...? No that's Shakespeare. Maybe if I...? No. Just fuck it. Fucking fuck it. Fuck it all and get the fuck out of here. Picking up her suitcase again she walked out the front door and to her car.