You now have an invisible roadhouse shirt. Congratulations. Actually, you have two invisible roadhouse shirts! What a story, Mark.

I know they doesn't seem like much, but the roadhouse shirts are, in fact, the greatest presents you will ever receive in your life. They are invisible, what more can I say?

Friends will envy you, enemies will be in awe and you will be revered as the one who wrote the second twilight.

Yeah, you heard me right. For some reason, wearing two roadhouse shirts makes you the twilight chosen one. We have no idea why this happens. Summoner of crappy fanfictions you shall become. Fanfiction writers are magically capable of outputting a few hundred chapters per day in the future, mind you. To put things in context: Think yer o' FP average posting rate multiplied by how much better a legit story is compared to this shitpost.

Isn't that scary? Do you want to forfeit your invisible roadhouse shirt now?

Don't say I'm a monster incapable of feeling.

I'll give you the option to:

- Click here to return a invisible shirt.

Did you do it yet? Good. You now have one less roadhouse shirt! That means you have two roadhouse shirts remaining! Hahaha, I bamboozled you. You will be the chosen one forever. For a thousand years. Rick and for a hudnred years.


I literally used two hours to write this on and off. What am I doing with my life? I only feel satisfaction when I wear my roadhouse shirt. WHAT IS THE MEANING OF EXISTENCE?

And now I now urm now end this.