Chapter 3

His face winces as the man works on his eye. He glares at the albino doctor. The surgeon takes a deep breath and tries to ignore the intense stare. The tip of the sword cut right through the eye. General Mastoid was told that he will lose it. He's also losing his edge, he thought, this wouldn't have happened fifty years ago.

Their dead have already been carried out. Dozens of human bodies are scattered over the ground, lying in what will be their final resting place. Extremities and other body parts lying here and there. A thick layer of blood covers the ground.

After the wound on his leg and shoulder are also stitched he rises and moves towards the door; ignoring the pleas from the doctors for him to be carried out. He wouldn't be carried off the battle field like some fragile ornament.

He stops over the body of the human that took his eye. He looks down with a tough cold stare, cursing the being. Ugly little things these humans. In its hand the dead fingers clutch a piece of paper. The general bends down and pries it from the still warm digits.

He opens the crumpled paper and begins to read the note written in the earthly language. After a few moments his face softens and the cold hard look is replaced by a look of sympathy and understanding, but only for an instant. The cold look returns and he grimaces as he crumples the paper, drops it to the floor and strides from the room.

He ascends into the church and steps over the crucifix. Forty-two dead the creature thought, high losses this far into an invasion. Most were from the explosions. The benches in the church are destroyed some still have embers from the fiery blasts. After the first blast the roof caved in, slowing us down. The second blocked the stairway for moments, but the final explosion caved in the long stone hallway, it took some time to move the rubble out of the way. It didn't stop us, we got through as they must have known we would.

His eyes look around the church and his thoughts wander. The mold growing in the corners, insects crawling over the walls. He shakes his head in disgust. Of all the planets he has been on this is the worst. He'll be glad to leave. It looks like that will be soon, very soon.

Most of soldiers have already boarded the ship, a dozen or so stayed to collect the dead. The General liked to be the last to leave a battle field. He is usually one of the first to enter one too. He entered late this time. There was no need to take any unnecessary risks.

The being steps out of the church and onto the dark, dismal landscape. His long legs carry him swiftly through the dark destruction. He bows his head as the ash and dust fall from the sky.

He thinks to himself this planet is too hot...I can't stand it. Polluted, stagnant air and its much too small, how they survive here is amazing. Survived, he corrected himself. There is only one more group of these humans left to take. As of this morning we had no idea where they were, but their communication devices will lead us right to them. They sent out a message right before our attack. Unintelligent pawns, they have no idea.

It looks up at the metallic black ship shaped like a horseshoe that stretches over one hundred yards. The engines rumbling, kicking up debris high into the air. The ship has been his home for the past six and a half months.

The entity walks directly underneath the huge ship. A gate starts to open. There's a flash of light and he disappears.


My name is James Lauer. You can call me Mr. Lauer. Six months ago I was a school teacher. Today I'm a general of an army and a leader of one of the few groups of human survivors left in this world. My people respect me; they speak of me in hushed tones as though my name is to be worshipped. When I walk by them they thank me for saving them, they bow their heads and pray. When I speak they take in every word as though it will save them. Six months ago nobody listened, today everyone does. Every man and woman has seen in the past six months what they are and what they can be. During the hell that has taken place on Earth, teachers have become leaders, and janitors became warriors. Through this nightmare we have still been able to find love and happiness. We will fight for this. I look around and see people who have experienced death but continue to live life. They have experienced hell but continue to pray, looking up to the heavens. They live in a nightmare but they continue to dream. Is this what you wish to destroy? We don't have your strength; no but we have much more than that. We are more than just brains. We don't just think, we feel. You are destroying a race that will never come again. In the centuries that we have lived on this planet we have conquered many evils; disease, hunger, prejudice and wars. We have earned our right to survive. What right do you have to take it? You're here now. I can hear the cries and feel the cold. You've come to claim me and my people, but not without a fight. We will most certainly die today but you will remember what you have read here, of that I'm sure. I am writing this for the love of the life I could have had, the love of the life I would have had and the love of the life I did have. There are those still out there that will continue our fight. I have met them and when you meet them they will put fear in you. They have an intelligence and strength that you cannot match, they are the best of our race. Ask yourself whether or not you can stand up to, and survive against, them. I already know the answer. You will find out soon enough.

James Lauer