Hey, this is a story that I wrote a while back before I joined this amazing site.

Warnings: Kissing boys?.

"You know that she didn`t mean it." Wade lifted his vision towards Leon the back at the pavement below. He sighed and said "I know but she`s right. I`m a freak." He stood up and parted his dark blue bangs that were covering his eyes.

Leon looked up and got lost in Wade`s midnight black eyes. He almost gaped as his eyes focused on Wade`s bright yellow irises.

Wade walked forward until he was right in front of Leon. He parted Leon`s long red bangs and stared right into his royal purple eyes. Leon blushed and averted his gaze down to the floor.

"We both are freaks, Wade." Leon mumbled as he lifted his tanned hand and turned his palm upwards and a small scarlet flame appeared above it.

Wade smiled and raised his hand to cup his hand around the flickering flame but Leon flinched and the flame disappeared, leaving a small cloud of smoke in its place. Wade frowned and looked up to meet Leon`s eyes. They had a solemn look in them.

Leon slowly looked down and slowly began to speak. "Is it true Wade?" he asked.

Wade blinked and Leon repeated his question but a little louder. "Is it really true, the rumors?". Wade blushed and looked away. "Yeah, it`s true Leon.". Leon smiled and lifted his hand and put his fingers under Wade`s chin, turning Wade`s head so it was facing his own.

Leon smiled. "I feel the same Wade." he said quietly. Wade smiled and began to blush, he stared into Leon`s royal purple eyes again and Leon felt a blush appearing on his face.

Just then they both realized how close their bodies were against each other.

"I-I have s-something t-to a-ask you Wade." Leon stuttered while he looked lovingly at Wade. "You can ask me a-anything Leon." Answered Wade.

Leon swallowed and looked down at the ground under their feet and slowly started to speak in the quietest voice that Wade had ever heard. "D-do you r-really l-love me?".

Wade smiled and leaned closer to Leon so their noses nearly touched each other.

"Yes.". He whispered and slowly their lips connected.

Their kiss was sweet but also so full of passion. They both had their eyes closed enjoying the connection between them. Leon wrapped his arms around Wade`s neck and pushed further into the kiss, moving his lips in synch with Wade`s lips.

Wade smiled into the kiss, opening his lips and wrapped his own arms around the other boy`s waist.

They both stood there on top of a rooftop, their lips connected and not even caring if anyone saw them. They just kept pushing against one other small moans escaping and they didn`t even seem to take part to take breaths.

Wade smiled as he parted and ended the kiss, but not before pecking Leon`s lips once again.

"I love you". They both said at the exact same time before bursting out laughing, breaking the embrace in the process.

After a few minutes they calmed down and sat at the edge of the roof, hugging and just looking at the stars. Leon smiled, blush still present on his cheeks, and laid his head on the taller boys shoulder.

So was it good?

It was my first homosexual story.