Why is it so easy,

(I hate that it's so easy)

So easy to forget

And increasingly difficult to remember.


It shouldn't be like this,


Shouldn't you feel a crippling ache in your bones

When you lose someone?

A heavy weight in your heart,

In every step you take?

Why is it so easy to live this mundane life

Like your existence was commonplace;

Not a blessing, a privilege,

But a given.


I loved you.

I love you.

So why doesn't the gravity of your absence

Crush me;

The yoke of my transgressions and regrets

Force me to stumble,

Sink deeper and deeper into the abyss.


Do I not love you enough?

Have I tricked myself,

All these years,

Into believing I loved you?


No, that's not possible;

Not when I can recall

Beautiful, rose-tinted memories,

And feel a blanket of nostalgia and sadness

Cover my entire form…


So why, oh why,

Why is it so despicably easy to forget

But so hard to remember.