What are we to do

When the Healing

Becomes the Disease?

When the institutions set to protect us

Only serve to tear,

Rip us apart from the inside out?


What are we to do

When the Antibodies of Society,

The ones we depend on for safety and support in an infested environment,

Become a volatile minefield,

Disintegrating our very being with every step?

Attack! Attack! Attack!

Without discrimination.

Until we shake violently

Overwhelmed by the turmoil

Whipping, raging in our souls.


Beaten and bruised by desperation for reprieve,

The hope for an impotent miracle,

We swallowed pill after pill;

We pierce our own skin willingly, allowing

An unforgiving torrent of toxins to invade our defenses,

Because we are frantic for a cure.


But the civil war wages on.

There's no prescription for peace.


So when forever is impossible,

In our vulnerability,

We succumb to the certainty of a fleeting moment:

Addiction to numb the Mind;

Torture to mask the Agony;

A Plague to kill the Cancer.


For when we are alone,

And the system collapses,

What are we to do

When the Healing becomes the Disease?