Title credit goes to the song by Deep Purple.

Bruce woke up on Monday morning with a smile after an excellent weekend during which his Daddy had finally brought home a brand new car.

He leapt out of bed and carried out his usual routine as if life were a upbeat movie before eventually heading outside to lay eyes on his prize.

Running his fingers along the vehicle's glossy surface was almost enough to make Bruce soil himself in pleasure as he got into the driver's seat and produced the keys.

"That's right. Purr for me, baby..." He whispered with an orgasmic sigh upon starting the engine and confidently leaving the driveway, ecstatic that he was about to solidify his status as the eleventh grade alpha male.

He picked up his eager girlfriend Cheryl and best friend Randy on the way to school, the latter of whom displayed visible bitterness at having been displaced by a worldly female.

"You've gotta start giving me quality time again. I've had your back since preschool." Randy spoke up, though his words were drowned out by Cheryl's laughter and the deafening rock song on the radio.

A plume of dust left several bystanders coughing as Bruce screeched into the schoolyard and boldly parked in the largest space he could find.

"Alright, you two know the drill. Don't follow me outside until I've given the cue."

He then lit a cigarette and cranked the music up even more to attract attention before slamming one boot hard against the gravel.

So-called good girls Linda and Joanne immediately noticed his imposing presence and began to fan themselves while he ground the cigarette underfoot.

He gave an inconspicuous wave to signal to Randy and Cheryl that they could now show themselves.

Collective interest had largely faded by the time they scurried out and caught up to Bruce, whom continued to stride confidently ahead as if indifferent to their existence.

Bruce took advantage of his parents' absence on Saturday by taking Cheryl out on a ride into the distant countryside, with Randy accompanying them as a cameraman in case they came across anything remarkable.

They stopped by the edge of a dirt road after a whole morning of driving.

"You see that old barn over there?" Bruce exclaimed, getting out and pointing ahead while a daring idea came to mind. "Let's see if it's empty."

"What? Why?" Cheryl asked in confusion.

Bruce ignored her and turned to face Randy.

"Bring the camera. You're going to film us together."

The three of them convened in the seemingly abandoned building minutes later and Randy began setting up the camera while Bruce laid a large blanket out on the creaky floor.

He and Cheryl disrobed so that their repeated acts of coitus could be captured on film.

Randy stopped recording altogether after an hour and having finally lost his patience, lashed out at Bruce for relegating him to the position of third wheel.

"But Randy, you can join us if you're that desperate." Bruce replied, pulling out of Cheryl and shamelessly turning around to show off his manhood.

"I don't know what you're talking about, Bruce! Get that thing out of my sight!"

Bruce frowned in supreme disappointment and reached for his crumpled jeans.

"If you're not up for a three-way, then that's fine by me."

"Wait, a three-way?"

"Yeah. That's what I said."

Randy stared hesitantly at the topless forms of Bruce and Cheryl before making his decision.

"Alright, count me in."

The trio of seventeen year olds spent the next twenty minutes getting frisky and eventually having their business interrupted by the arrival of a hapless local farmer.

"Goddamn city kids! This barn is my property!"

None of them bothered to get dressed as they pushed past the old man and fled back to the car to return home.

It was only until half an hour later when Randy had his pants on again, that he realized they'd left behind a very important piece of equipment.

"Shit, we forgot the camera..."