Title credit goes to Silver Convention.

"Rat..." Julie uttered in her mind after much consideration. She had decided to occupy herself during class by comparing those around her to animals and naturally, inexperienced English teacher Mr Caruso was the first person she noticed.

Being of Italian descent herself, she found his features to be characteristic of a typical Sicilian. In other words, a man such as him would have been right at home being an extra in one of The Godfather movies.

If those films were any indication, such people were clearly capable of great destruction and chaos when subjected to harsh conditions. However, they could also be the complete opposite if given a good home and plenty of love. After all, domesticated rats could be quite delightful creatures from what she'd seen in pet stores.

"Alright, on to my first classmate..."

She glanced to the left to see Linda Wilson sitting quite still beside her. The girl's delicate frame and wispy bangs somehow made it all the more surprising that she was the class president.


Joanne Krupowski was seated two tables away and it didn't take Julie long to come to a conclusion.


Barbara Sullivan appeared to be focused on taking notes. If one didn't know the girl at all, they would have assumed her to be a proper young lady rather than a fledgling anarchist.


Kevin Hale, the boy sitting next to Barbara, had an interesting face to put it kindly. However, he made up for it with his kindness and infectious enthusiasm.


Steve Donovan was the third in an odd trio that also included the previous two students. He had done well so far in keeping up an air of mystery, though it was known that he had a terrible home life. He wasn't an ugly boy, yet Julie and other girls had reached a consensus that bulking up would make him reasonably more attractive.

"Cat. Maine Coon."

Would-be casanovas Bruce and Randy were joking with each other in the back row. Mr Caruso noticed and tried unsuccessfully to get their attention.


Cheryl's strawberry blonde hair was what helped give her such a seductive appeal, but that was somewhat ruined by her spiteful personality.


Shy and homely Janice had the misfortune of being Cheryl's favorite victim. People either felt sympathy or relief when the girl was targeted and much to her own guilt, Julie realized that she more often belonged to the latter group.

"I take it back. Maybe guys like Bruce aren't such pigs after all. That said, she's definitely a mouse."

Julie met up with thirteen year old Rita, eight year old Pete and seven year old Andrew, before they walked home together as a group.

They were four of six siblings. Nineteen year old Paolo was at college and expected to come back home in a fortnight, while two year old Carla was still dependent on their mother Angela.

Needless to say, it could get rather noisy in their house and Julie often envied the peace that the Russo family enjoyed as a result of having only two children.

Her and Rita's hopes of having some quality sisterly time together were dashed when Pete came running in with a football.

"Jules, it's not fair anymore! Michael just got Sharon on his side!"

Julie sighed in disappointment, for she knew that not many young boys were strong enough to overpower the older Russo kid. It was clear that reinforcements were needed, though she wasn't about to risk brusing any part of herself when she was beginning to blossom into a beauty.

She turned to look at Rita expectantly.

"Why me?" Rita said while pointing at herself in alarm. "What about you?"

"We've been over this already. I'm getting too old for this rough and tumble stuff."

Rita frowned and made a quiet grunt to show her dismay.

"Who do you think you are, princess?"

"Yeah!" Pete exclaimed in agreement. "We really need all the help we can get!"

Julie leaned her head against one hand wearily.

"Fine, I'll join in. But only as a referee, you hear?"

The kerbs on either side of the street were used as makeshift boundaries while Julie watched them play on the now empty road.

Having Rita on their side seemed to give Pete and Andrew an advantage, though it was hard to say whether this was more due to Sharon deciding to be merciful.

In the end, Julie declared that the game was a draw simply so that there wouldn't be any fighting.

She had to be as firm as Angela when ushering her three exhausted younger siblings back inside, where they would no doubt be urged to take a shower each to wash off the sweat.

This resulted in her being saddled with dishwashing duty and she tried to make the task feel more enjoyable by wondering what animal to liken herself to.