This is a random thought that I thought when I was walking home, though a little different.

The sky was turning pink as the group made its way through the city. The air smelled heavily of smoke and rotting flesh and loud groans were throughout out the whole abandoned city.

The zombies would come out soon, it would become to dangerous soon.

The leader of the group was a tall young man with tanned skin and dark brown hair, his eyes were crystal blue and had a serious look in them. He wore a faded black t-shirt, a red sweater and long brown pants. His black shoes looked very worn. He had a gun in each pocket and an axe bound to his back. His name was Malec, he was eighteen.

A thin pale girl walked behind Malec. Her dull red hair was in a ponytail but her bangs covered one of her dark green eyes. She had two knives strapped to her body. She looked very intelligent as she was well dressed and was holding a machine some sort, her eyebrows scrunched up in concentration. Her name was actually written on the back of her thick blue jacket, `Naomi` it read, she was seventeen.

A small short fair skinned girl walked quietly behind Naomi and Malec, her reddish brown hair was styled in a long pixie cut. Childish innocence shone in her light gray eyes that were hiding behind her thin golden framed glasses, one of the lenses was cracked. She was wearing a faded gray t-shirt under a big dirty red hoodie her dark jeans were ripped and her shoes were really worn. A baseball bat was strapped onto her back and she had a knife in her pocket. The short girl`s name was Hebba, she was fourteen.

Hebba cackled as she skipped ahead of Malec and Naomi ignoring Malec`s scolnding shouts. she smiled as she slowed down and looked back at her `siblings`.

*Flashback 3 years*

Malec and Naomi were out scouting, they went by a broken building when they heard someone`s small sobs. They looked at each other as the nodded and carefully approached the house.

Malec slowly opened the door and walked into the house, Naomi walking after him. They looked around for a bit before they found the room where the crying came from. Naomi went first this time and opened the bedroom door, coughing when she inhaled the dusty air.

In the corner of the room sat a little girl with long hair that reached her butt, her gray eyes were dull and red from crying. She was surrounded by boxes of food and some bottles of water. Naomi looked a little closer and saw another girl laying beside the long haired girl, she wasn`t moving.

The dead girl had long blonde hair and her emerald green eyes were open, she wore a blue dress and was craddling a stuffed dog. She looked younger than the brown haired girl.

"Who-who are y-you." Said the living girl in a quiet broken voice as she looked up at the pair in the doorway. Malec swallowed and walked towards the girl but she gasped and scrambled back until her back was against the wall. Malec stopped and gave a gantle smile. "I am Malec and this is Naomi, we`re not here to hurt you." he said and poited to Naomi as he introduced her.

The girl looked at Naomi. "I`m Hebba and this was Ebba." She said and pointed to the girl on the floor.

Naomi nodded. "Was she your sister Hebba?" she asked and walked closer to the girl. Hebba shook her head "Cousin." she said. "She was sick and in pain but now she`s free.".

Naomi glanced at Malec, the girl seemed so distant but they knew her pain. They had both lost someone close to them.

Hebba suddenly stood up and walked to Naomi and hugged her. "I miss her.". Small tears fell from her eyes as fresh sobs escaped her mouth. Naomi was a bit startled but embraced the girl.

"Can I come with you?" Hebba asked as she looked up at Naomi.

Naomi looked at Malec and he gave a nod, she turned her head back to Hebba and gave her a nod. Hebba smiled a toothy smile and giggled.

They gathered up Hebba`s belongings and the food and water and Malec picked up Ebba`s body. They walked out of the house, they buried Ebba on their way to the camp.

*Flashback ends*

Hebba had mixed emotions about that memory, she was happy because she gained loving sibling but she felt sad because Ebba had died that day, she had been depressed and quiet for a while. She smiled and looked back at Malec and Naomi but froze as she saw something orange ahead of her.

Malec saw Hebba`s eyes widen as she squealed at the sight of the ginger kitten in front of her. He smiled as Hebba walked towards the kitten and started to pet it. He elbowed Naomi and she smiled as she saw the cute scene in front of her.

"Come on Hebba we got to go!" she shouted and Hebba whined and pet the cat one last time before running to them.

She smiled as reached them, panting and pulled them both in for a `sibling hug` as she called it. Naomi and Malec smiled and hugged her back, Hebba melted in the loving embrace.

She giggled and her eyes sparkled with joy as the hug ended. She stood as tall as her short body allowed and kissed Malec on his cheek then repeated the process and kissed naomi`s cheek.

ยจ"I love you guys.". "We love you too Hebba." Malec answered. "Now come on we have to find some food beofre all the zombies comes.". Both girls nodded and they were just going to go but Hebba squealed again and ran to a white kitten with dirty fur.

"OH COME ON!" Malec groaned/shouted and Naomi just chuckled. They watched Hebba pet the kitten as even more cats came forward and Malec groaned again.

He could swear that Hebba either was a cat whisperer or cat nip, cats always came forward when Hebba was around. It was very cute though.

They smiled at the scene once again and watched Hebba as the sky became darker and darker.

`We could hunt for more food the next day` malec thought when he heard Hebbas giggles. `Yeah we could` he thought again.

So was this good? (Did someone get the `Shadowhunters` reference?) (Yay 1k words!)