My heart pounds in my ears. Adrenaline floods my veins and I hate to admit that I enjoy the thrill that keeps everything in me moving. I feel at home, designed for this and nothing more.

"He's in the car," his voice rings through my ear. I hate the sound, knowing how familiar it is. I hate that in the morning, he will just be Dad, and I will love him just like I always haveā€”or thought I have. My breaths grow deeper. The weapon in my hand destroys my disturbing comfort. I grip it harder, wishing I could just point it at him. "Do whatever you need to."

I close my eyes and try to block him out but my feet move under me. The black vehicle moves under the bridge, right on time yet far too early. I chase it's course and jump out to match it. My hood remains loyal as always though I keep my eyes down none the less. The roof shakes beneath my feet with a thunderous echo. I stow the gun away and brace on all fours. A man looks out the window, likely horrified by the thud that emanates from under me.

"Sage," the voice in my ear barks. "You need to kill everybody in that car if it's necessary."

I shake my head but can't argue. My gun is back in my hands before I can think to touch it and the bullet lands in his head. I force my tears down and bite my lip.

The car swerves. I jump over the side and slide into the open window. My feet collide with the unlucky man just inside. His head cracks the neighboring window and the glass returns the favor. I feel a gun pointed at my head from the back seat. Mine is faster to fire.

The car jerks and I fly into the side door. I catch a glimpse of the target in the back seat though my attention is ripped away with another jerk from the driver. "Kill him," he repeats, impatient.

I grind my teeth and shoot through the head cushion. Blood splatters onto the wheel before the man falls into it. The car is jerked to the side. I jump through the open window and roll out.

The large hunk of metal starts its roll across the mostly empty street. I stand and adjust my excessive hood before pursuing it. Glass crunches under my feet as I walk. The destruction ends with the van on its roof. Blood covers the street and I force myself to look away. I'm in front of the wreckage far too fast. My feet carry me inside. I wish everybody were dead, though one man still remains.

He breaths heavily, mostly crushed by various parts of the car. His bright blue eyes shine with life. They widen at the sight of me. "Please."

I close my eyes and look down.

"Kill. Him."

I look back up, tears finally surfaced. "I'm sorry." My finger pulls the trigger.

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