A/N: Not much to say about this little one-shot, either. Just another thing written to vent. Rated M for implied sex (slightly reworked as it turned out to be in second person, which isn't allowed)

I Never Knew You

Summary: We were together for one night, and I never got to hear her name

I was only in the bar for a drink, originally. I had no intentions of doing anything else for the night other than drinking my depression away.

Then she came in, with those captivating green eyes, silky black hair, and the beautiful smile gracing her soft lips.

Instead of sitting next to the man who spotted her first, who whistled as he saw those creamy thighs exposed by a short skirt, she came over to me.

Her bodice hugged her slender frame as she gave me a smile, ordering a 'Sex on the Beach' with a voice as smooth as honey.

It was clear what she really wanted, as her delicate fingers traced themselves along my cheekbone and down to my chest. The lust in her eyes gave it away.

She wasn't interested in idle chit chat with me. No, she wanted someone who could give her a good time in the bedroom. Someone who could fulfill her darkest desires.

And that gullible fool was me.

We left the bar together after paying for our drinks, and went to the nearest hotel for the night. We indulged in the sin of the flesh, our bodies writhing on top of each other with the power of lust. I'll never forget her voice, begging for me to go harder and faster. The moans that escaped her lips drove me mad with desire, even as I started to feel empty inside.

I woke up the next morning to find she was gone, leaving no evidence of our night together save for the red marks that dotted my neck, the stickiness on my thighs, and a small note on the bedside table. "I really enjoyed our time last night. Perhaps I'll see you again, Pretty Boy."

It was only after I laid back down did I realize that I slept with a random person. We were together for one night, and I never got to hear her name. Nor did she hear mine.

I never knew her. And never had I felt more empty in my life.

A/N: Reworked, and better. Meh. I think I will be doing these little one-shots for awhile more. Feedback is appreciated.