All I could hear was a voice calling my name.

"Olivia..." and the words he spoke, "follow me..."

I crinkled my eyes before opening them a little and saw I was in the desert. I looked around, confused before seeing his eyes settle on mine and I gasped.

I was seeing love.

"Who are you?"

"You know who I am..." he only spoke, and gave me his hand. I did know who he was... I was just too afraid to say, but I took a grasp of him and he pulled me up from the ground.



"No one..."

I could hear something crow in the distance. I swallowed. He looked at me, saddened and walked away into the blowing wind that lifted sand and hid him slightly from view.

I quickly got up, desperate before I reached just behind him and followed.

"My name is..." I began, nervous.

"I've known your name even before you existed..." he said, and I looked away nervously. When I did I saw a dark creature in the distance, watching me.

It looked like an ashy man, but he had dragon wings and I quickly followed my leader closer.

"Always focus on me." he told me. I was afraid.

"Who are you?" I asked.

"Who am I?"

I quickly bit my lip and only uttered... afraid to admit it. "No one..."

Another feeling of dread swept over me when I said that lie. I knew I knew him... I just didn't want to say.

I wanted to look away from his turned back but I knew if I did... I'd see that creature again... and he was waiting for me to look away from the man who was leading me out of this desert.

"I'm so thirsty..." I admitted and he turned around. I stumbled in my step and he looked at me. We had stopped at a well and he said.

"Drink from the cup I will give you."

"I... I can't."

I saw he had gotten some water in a clay cup and was handing it to me but I hit it away and it spilled on the ground... soaking into the sand.

"you know who I am..." he said me and I began to cry. I did know who he was... but I was so afraid to say it with that creature looking at me. For I knew once I said this man's name... my life would be in danger and I answered.


I could hear a second crow... and the man looked at me in sorrow.

"Do you want to follow me...?"

"Yes!" I said, in pain, in tears... and fell on my knees, begging forgiveness for having denied who he was three times, that I knew him and kept lying... and he responded.

"Then who am I?"

I looked to the burning sand, feeling my knees scorching from the heat. I looked at him, and how light literally shown from his eyes... the love... the goodness... the truth... the way... the life.

"Do not be afraid." He told me and I swallowed as I cried out.


"Olivia..." he said, and gave me his hand. I looked away ashamed but he only spoke. "You are forgiven your sin."

He smiled gently at me and spoke, "will you follow me...?"

I could see just behind him two paths... one was wide and had many things hidden in it... but I saw it had be tread by a lot of people... yet I knew where it led.

The other path was narrow and straight. It looked safe... But I knew it would be the hardest path to follow.

I had to make a choice.

"Yes." I said and took his hand. He lifted me back to my feet and I followed him down the narrow straight path.

I watched as many people walked the other way and I cried. Scared.

"Where are we going...?" I asked, I wasn't sure if I would make it to the end... I wasn't sure and he only spoke.

"Just focus on me... follow me... follow the straight and narrow path."

Before I could say anything more he had gone... showing me the way. And as I walked the path I could see in the far far away distance at the end... the light.

I could see someone watching me... a scared little girl who was at the start of the two paths, and who didn't know which path she needed to take.

I said.

"Follow the light."

I swallowed as I knew I had to tell her which way to walk... but I had to let her decide.

And I saw the creature push her hard toward the wide path so many had tread.

And I wept for her... as I followed the light.

But the little girl... she went into the dark...

Because she was born blind... with eyes that could see.