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Summary: Alana just wanted to unwind after a terrible day at work. Yue only meant to give her a back rub. Too bad the girl sounded so cute when touched that way.

*First Shot*

Alana grumbled irritably as she pushed the door to her house open, wanting nothing more than to spend the rest of the day either asleep or drinking even though she was still underage by two years. Working at some crappy Italian restaurant for the last few weeks (not even ran by a proper Italian, for hell's sake) and having to constantly deal with a douche bag Arab co-worker made her rather short-tempered, and the golden-blonde was waiting for the opportunity to get the guy fired. His comments about her sexual preference after observing her acting a little flirty with her best friend Faye a week ago when she came in to grab a quick bite definitely were more than uncalled for. Clever and playful remarks were appreciated, but open hate speech about her being a dirty dyke was something that earned him the top spot on her mental, 'Fucking asshole' list. 'Fucking hate that prick. I can't wait until I get his ass fired.'

Her noisy entrance alerted her roommate Yue to her presence, and the curvaceous blonde girl was lying down on her stomach reading a fashion magazine on the black leather couch of the living room. She had chosen to adorn a pair of black leggings that showed her impressive rear and a blue button-up shirt, and she rubbed her dark blue eyes wearily. "Hey Alana. Rough day?" Today being a Sunday, the Swede had probably only just got back from her own job at a butcher's, and often times the girls had little contests to see who had it worse that particular day.

"You could say that. That insufferable asshole is at his usual stunts today," Alana grumbled, flopping down on the opposite side of the couch and wiping her face. "Are you positive I can't bring him into Scott's to be cut up? Add a little spice, and I'm sure some fat Southern jackass will think it is normal ground sausage." 'It would be so easy to make him disappear. No one apart from his idiot girlfriend would bother to look for him or turn me in.'

Her comment brought out a loud laugh from the curvier woman, and she gave an apologetic grin as she flicked through her magazine. "Trust me. If I could, I'd do it for you. I'd even be nice and do it free of charge, because the guy is a prick. There's only one person who gets to give any kind of playful jabs to either you or Faye, and that's me." She closed it and sat up, flexing her fingers and making her way over to the shorter blonde girl. "You got any plans for the rest of the day?"

"Does getting drunk and passing out count?" Alana mumbled as she buried her face into the brown pillow on her side of the couch. "If it doesn't, then no. I don't want to go anywhere but to bed." 'This kind of work is exhausting. I didn't expect it to wear me out so much. Or turn me into a bit of a bitch.'

"Lemme help you out. You want a back rub?" Yue offered. The taller girl's back rubs were legendarily good; if she didn't choose to have a little fun chopping up pigs and cows, she would've gotten a job as a masseuse somewhere. Knowing that she was going to feel great afterwards, it didn't take Alana more than a second to agree. "Yes, please." 'I could use one…it'll help me relax.'

"Alright then. On your stomach." Yue rolled up the sleeves of her shirt, and Alana obeyed her, feeling her body start to warm up as several inappropriate thoughts ransacked through her head. 'Calm yourself down. Yue might be the biggest gay to ever gay, but I'm quite sure she doesn't think of you in this way.' She wouldn't deny that her countrywoman was incredibly attractive; it was no secret that she had plenty of people padding after her thanks to her large chest and impressive rear. She never went out with anyone, despite the ridiculous amount of wolf-whistles and lustful stares that went her way.

Alana bit her lip to try and steady herself, and she blushed heavily as her shirt was rolled up, Yue mounting her from behind. It wasn't a position she would oppose to being in if they actually had a romantic relationship, but with them being only really good friends, it felt a tad awkward. Yue's hands began to knead at her back, and it took a lot of effort for the shorter blonde to not moan out. "M-mm…" She gasped out as Yue's hands slid down her back to knead at the base, her fingers tracing themselves along her hips, and she swallowed a lump in her throat to prevent another moan from escaping her lips. 'Dammit…she hasn't even gotten going yet, and you're already becoming putty in her hands!? What the hell!?'

Yue's hands suddenly went up to her shoulders, her thumb pressing into the space between her shoulder blades, and Alana couldn't help it this time. She moaned out weakly, her roommate's name leaving her tongue. "Yue~…" The other blonde stopped, and Alana's eyes started to water as she realized what she just did. "I-I'm sorry! I didn't mean to…" 'Way to go. Way to fucking go. Now you just made it weird.'

"Shh…" Yue whispered, her breath tingling in her ear. It produced shivers that crept down Alana's spine, and she gasped as she felt the other girl's lips plant on the back of her neck, her hands sliding down to her waist and kneading her stomach.

"M-mmm…it feels good…" 'Oh gods above…this can't be happening. This is just one of my perverted dreams, right?' Alana did have more than one naughty dream about her and her roommate engaging in various sexual acts, and she was a little ashamed of the thoughts her perverted mind created during the night.

"You know, all I was planning on doing was giving you a backrub," Yue murmured sexily. "But then you let out the cutest moan I've ever heard." She rolled the shorter girl onto her back, Nordic blue eyes meeting another set, and leaned forward to give her a gentle, loving kiss.

Alana was surprised by the contact at first, but only for a second; she kissed back, her hands settling on Yue's waist. "Y-yue…" 'O-oh my God…this is happening. This is really happening.'

The other girl broke the kiss, her eyes laden with guilt and her cheeks flushed with embarrassment. "I'll admit…it took me awhile to acknowledge how I felt about you. I was scared that you would get hurt, or not think of me the same way." Her long hair fell down her shoulder, the silky ends tickling Alana's cheek, and her hands began to creep down her sides. "Alana…I love you."

"I love you, Yue," Alana whispered back, her body warming up from the other girl's touch. "I was afraid of the same thing, you know." She leaned into another kiss, this one even more loving, and she found herself slowly melting from the inside with desire. She wanted Yue, more than anything else right now. 'I've never felt like this before, except when I'm dreaming about her.'

Alana's hands slid towards Yue's large breasts, covered by her shirt and the bra inevitably lying underneath, and the taller girl looked down with a hint of apprehension in her gaze. "Alana, are you sure you want to go on? I don't want to force you into it if you don't want to; your first time should be special."

"Yes, please," Alana replied, blushing. "I want you to be the one to take my virginity…" It was rather embarrassing for the short blonde to say those words, but they were true. For her, there was only one person she wanted to touch her intimately, and that person was the gorgeous and curvy Swede on top of her. 'This is it. This is the scene I've played out so many times in my dreams, except this time, it's real. I'm going to lose my virginity to the most beautiful person in the world.'

Yue's lips crashed onto hers again, a muffled moan of surprise escaping her throat. This kiss was much more passionate, and Yue's hands were undoing the buttons on Alana's work shirt. It fell from her shoulders with ease, and she blushed as Yue's hand rubbed over her small breasts through her pink bra, moaning against her soft lips. "M-mmm…"

"Small and cute," Yue whispered, a seductive purr in her tone. "Just like the rest of you." Unlike her fellow countrywoman, Alana didn't have killer curves that would make any man easily fall under her spell, despite not being interested in men. Her breasts were an A-cup, and her butt wasn't particularly large either.

"They aren't impressive like yours…" she mumbled, her face crimson. 'I wouldn't mind having bigger boobs. Not ridiculously big to where it gets almost impossible to find a bra that fits, but I don't particularly enjoy having tiny tits, either.'

"All-natural double Ds, my love," Yue laughed, placing Alana's hands on them to encourage her into squeezing them. "Though it does get annoying having every jackass stare at them. Don't even get me started on trying to find bras that don't make me seem like a raging sex addict." She undid her own shirt, and Alana's eyes practically glazed over with want when she saw her lover didn't decide to wear a bra today. Her massive breasts sprang out from their prison, and Yue giggled when she saw the short blonde become fixated on them. "Like what you see?"

"M-mmhm…" Alana nodded, biting her lip as her hands rubbed over them. Her thumb caressed a pink nipple, and Yue let out a weak moan, her lips covering her neck and sucking to leave marks. Alana whimpered in pleasure as she felt teeth gently graze against the sensitive flesh, and her hands traveled down Yue's chest and stomach, reaching the waistband of her leggings. "Y-yue~…" 'I can't believe I'm actually making love to the person who is basically a goddess of beauty.'

She tugged at them, blushing in embarrassment when she failed to get them off the first time, and Yue laughed before helping her out, sliding them onto the floor. "Let me give you a hand, darling."

Now freed, Alana was able to witness the gorgeous Swede's butt in all its glory, barely covered by a pair of lacey black panties. "Amazing…how did you end up with curves this perfect?" 'Even Faye isn't as curvy as this.'

"Blessed with great genetics I inherited from my mother," Yue smiled, rubbing her hips against hers. The shorter blonde's skirt ruffled up, and Alana could feel her panties getting wet from the other girl rubbing against her.

It produced bolts of pleasure that rippled through her body, and a weak moan left her throat. "Yueee~." 'She's only rubbing, and I'm already feeling as though I'll melt. So unfair.' Her breathing hitched when she realized Yue was sliding down, tugging her skirt down with her and leaving her only in her panties. "M-meh…" Instinctively, she wanted the cover herself, mainly due to confidence issues she had with her own body. It wasn't breathtaking or beautiful in her mind, and she didn't exactly have a fanclub pursuing her apart from guys who were definitely on the creepy side.

Yue placed a finger on her lips, slowly letting it cave into her mouth. "I'll be gentle with you, I promise." Her stormy orbs were filled with sincerity, and the short blonde knew that she would; Yue had never broken a promise before, and it was doubtful she'd want to start now.

Alana nodded, her blush deepening as her panties fell to the ground, and her heart started to pound in her chest; she was afraid it was going to burst out. 'And to think all I wanted was a massage.'

'You really don't know how an otherwise crappy day can suddenly turn.'

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