I Knew I Shouldn't Have Loved You

Heartache is all I feel
Like the twisting of a knife
Driving deep into my heart
The pits of my stomach are empty
Many times I've heard,
"I love you"
Even I've said them before
Where there are butterflies in my stomach
But with you, I was careful
You didn't love me the same
You cared about me
It was one-sided
But you knew how to ease my broken, crying heart
But you couldn't be emotionally drawn
On the sidelines, I watched
You loved others
A painful, heartbreaking stab to my heart
It was painful... Still is...
I shouldn't have to put up with it
But... I do...
I should have stayed away
But... I didn't...
I shouldn't have loved you
But... I do love you...
Because I can't have you
Because I can't let you go
I love you...