Farshael had adjusted to living with Viktor. The further along he got in weaving his new Air Stole, the more powerful he became. He offered to watch over Viktor during the daytime when the slate-eyed vampire was asleep so that Gin could spend more time at home with his mate Essex. He had become close friends with the Made vampire. In spite of his appearance, he knew that Gin could very well be even older than himself, so he always treated the hazel-eyed vampire with respect.

Somewhere down the line, Shael ended up sleeping in Viktor's bed. The vampire's scent somehow soothed him. He couldn't even remember how he ended up there the first time, but the aged vampire urged him to stay. In truth, the Sylph needed little to no convincing. Viktor was an equally warm and frustrating presence. The vampire was kind at times, selfish at times, and misguided at times. But, he never treated Farshael with disrespect. For reasons he couldn't quite understand, Shael found Victor to be charming.

The Sylph frowned when he finally noticed that several of the threads he weaved into his stole were a rich, slate grey hue. "Hmm?" He mused aloud as he lifted the thread closer to inspect it. That color was quite familiar. As he looked at the stole, which was only about eight inches so far, he felt his heart lodge in his throat. Somehow, Farshael had subconsciously weaved a pattern that looked remarkably like Viktor's eyes. A hot blush rose to his face. He had weaved far too much of the stole by then to start from scratch. So, the pattern would have to continue in the same manner.

"Shaaaaaaeeel," came a familiar voice from somewhere nearby. "I'm so bored. Do something with me! Why are you hiding your scent and heartbeat so I can't find you?"

Speak of the devil.

There was a moment of floundering as the blue-eyed Sylph tucked his equipment away and then walked out into the hallway. "I'm right here," he called out as he walked over to him. "I was working on my stole again. At this rate, it will be around four months before I can report back to the gods."

"Four months?" Viktor blurted, looking horrified. The vampire clutched Shael dramatically to his chest. "But you just got here, and that's so soon."

"It's been over two months," Farshael countered, his heart skipping a beat at the contact. "A-And I must report to the gods. It's my duty," he insisted.

"Can't you just call in?"

Sky blue eyes peered up at the vampire. "There are no phones in the god realm; you know that," he responded. "I'm a Sylph. It's my job to deliver messages in the first place. We're their line of communication."

"They are working you too hard," Viktor said determinedly. "There must be other Sylphs. You deserve a vacation. A nice long vacation. Here. With me."

The air elemental absentmindedly began to pet Viktor's chest with his hands. "I...I'd like to stay," he admitted. "But, not for a vacation."

"Then stay forever. Not a vacation. We can go on holiday elsewhere, anywhere you want." Viktor nuzzled into the elemental's soft, spikey hair. "It's better with you here. I don't want you to go. I won't even try to grope you anymore if you don't want me to. Anything. Just...stay."

Farshael's face all but glowed red. "Th-then, what if I asked to retire when I go up to report?" He asked quietly.

"And then you'd come back here?" Viktor asked, hugging the Sylph tighter, as though he were about to fly off that second.

Shael nodded. "For as long as you'd like me to."

"Forever, then," Viktor huffed, then was quiet for several long moments. "Would you be happy? Here, with me?" the old vampire asked hesitantly.

Farshael nodded frantically. "Yes, I'd be very happy. I don't ever want to leave. I just don't want to be a burden to you and ..."

"Yer not a frickin' burden," Gin hollered as he walked past the end of the hall, carrying a large statue of a bird that was suspiciously phallic. "You make the boss less of a pain in the ass. An' fer chrissakes, boss, stop buyin' weird crap. I don' even know if I should stick this in the bird room or the pervy room."

Viktor nodded as Gin stomped off.

"It's true," the vampire said sweetly. "I'm a better person with you. I don't know when I've felt so joyful or alive."

The Sylph beamed up at the slate-eyed vampire. "Then, will you be mine, Viktor?" He asked. "Would you be my lover?"

"Wait..." Viktor pulled back, his slate gray eyes wide with wonder. His voice dropped to a reverent whisper. "You mean, I can grope you as much as I want?"

A blush rose to Shael's cheeks. "Y-Yes, but only in the privacy of our home!" He demanded.

"We're home now," Viktor pointed out helpfully.

"Yes, we are," Farshael agreed.

Viktor held Shael's sky blue eyes as his hands slid from the Sylph's shoulders, down his back. Their progression was slow but steady as the heat grew in the vampire's eyes. He paused at Farshael's waist, a line Viktor's seeking touches had never been able to pass. The older man drew a steadying breath and slipped his hands lower, a groan falling from his lips as soft, rounded flesh filled his palms. Viktor squeezed gently, a rapturous look on his face.

The Sylph blushed harder. "D-Do you want to go all the way?" He whispered.

Viktor sucked in a harsh breath, then released it on a rough moan, his fingers squeezing Shael's backside tight as a shiver went through the vampire. A suspicious damp spot appeared on the front of Viktor's tailored slacks.

"Ah, I think I just did," the vampire said, a little breathless. He smiled wickedly. "I think it would be much better if you went with me, though."

He scooped the little Elemental into his arms. Farshael felt a cool rush of air and the world blurred as Viktor used his speed to bring them to his bedroom. Shael found himself gently deposited on a downy bed with a very old vampire looking at him with hunger in his eyes and a wet spot that was going to stain his pants if he didn't get it rinsed soon, which seemed excessively unlikely. The only thing in the universe that Viktor seemed to care about was the lovely Sylph before him. Trousers be damned.

Sky blue eyes blinked up at the vampire as Farshael's face darkened to a nearly red hue. "V-Viktor, I..." He cleared his suddenly dry throat before speaking again. "I self-lubricate."

"Sweet Ra's balls," Viktor gasped, clutching his chest, then glaring at his crotch. "No, you stop. Not again. The next one is for him. You can't just keep popping off every time he speaks. It's embarrassing. Have some self-respect."

"I don't mind," Farshael responded with a nearly blinding smile. "I want you to come as many times as you like."

The elemental suddenly found himself on his back with Viktor on his hands and knees over him. One leg insinuated between Shael's.

"But I want to come inside you next," Viktor purred, kissing Farshael's throat. "Very deep inside you, while you're tightening around me, screaming your release."

Farshael bit his lower lip and squirmed, his pupils nearly overtaking the sky blue in his eyes with lust. "I want that, too."

"Do you want to see a trick?" Viktor asked, his lips smiling as he kissed behind Shael's ear.

The Sylph nodded, suddenly unable to find his voice. He then gasped as a gust of wind seemed to come out of nowhere. He felt his arms and legs lifted and resettled so quickly he wasn't sure he'd actually moved at all. The Sylph blinked, and the air stopped rushing.

Viktor was grinning down at him, positioned as he had been a moment before. However, both of them were stark naked. A glance showed Farshael's clothes neatly folded on a chair and Viktor's strewn across the floor. There was no saving those pants, at that point.

Farshael's eyes once again feasted on the vampire's nude form. Only, he was finally able to touch it without any fear of crossing the line of decorum. The vampire had given him his consent. The white-haired Sylph's hands glided all over Viktor's chest, outer thighs, and back again. "Viktor, I don't want you to do this with anyone else," he whispered his honest feelings.

The vampire pressed his forehead to Shael's. "I never thought I'd say this about anyone, but you're the only one I can think of. I can't flirt properly with anyone else anymore. For as long as you've been here, your hand is the only one to have slapped me for trying to cop a feel. Your behind is so glorious, I can ogle no other," Viktor admitted seriously. "I don't even know myself anymore, yet I can feel nothing but joy when you're near me."

"And I hope to always bring you joy, despite being such a selfish Sylph," Farshael replied. "The gods won't even want me to work for them anymore after this...a part of me is scared to never be able to go back. But, a much bigger part wants to risk it all to stay here with you."

"Selfish? Hush. I've seen you with others. None could call you selfish." Viktor tenderly stroked Shael's cheek. "Will you miss it so much, being up there with the gods?"

Shael shook his head adamantly. "Not nearly as much as I'd miss you, Viktor. I just don't want you to tire of me someday and cast me away."

"I couldn't," Viktor vowed. "I'd sooner tear off my own manhood and let Gin run it through his kitchen blender thing. I think...I believe you to be my soulmate, Farshael."

Farshael reached up to cup Viktor's face in his hands. "If we're soulmates, then you definitely don't have to go that far," he pointed out with a happy grin. "I feel the same."

"I'm jealous of the Omega wolves. They get a rock, and it shows them their soulmate as plain as day, and sometimes that very day," Viktor said softly. "When I think about the many years I've been without you..."

"Sylphs can't ever see their own auras...but, as I've regained my powers more and more, I've realized that I can't see yours either, Viktor," Farshael confessed. "But, I can see Mr. Gin's and Essex's just fine."

"Then, that means you really are my soulmate?" Viktor said hopefully. "Don't soulmates share their auras?"

The air elemental nodded. "I think the same," he responded with a smile.

Shael had his suspicions about it some weeks prior. The more power he regained with the weaving of his Air Stole, the more he could clearly see that the color of Viktor's aura was inaccessible to him. In fact, it was the only aura that seemed to be as inaccessible as his own.

The vampire's body dropped, his arms too busy hugging Farshael tightly to bother holding himself up. Viktor turned to his back, not wanting to squash his mate. "I've never felt so happy," Viktor said, his voice rough. "I've been so lonely."

"Even if they strip me of my Air Stole forever, I will find a way to come back down to you," Shael insisted.

"And if you can't, I'll learn to fly," Viktor replied.

"Technically, you can fly, in your other form," Farshael responded with a snicker. "That reminds me, I've never seen your bat form. May I, Viktor?" he asked.

"That's right. I do know how to fly," the vampire admitted with a chuckle. "I tend to get blown around a bit if I go up too, high, though."

Viktor sat up, pressing a kiss to Farshael's cheek. The vampire then leaned back, giving the Sylph a wink. Between one blink and the next, a silvery gray bat with black wings was crawling onto Shael's lap.

The Sylph lifted the lovely bat into his hands and pressed a careful kiss to the top of his head before looking into the familiar slate-hue of the bat's eyes. "I love you, Viktor. In both forms. I really do," he declared.

Viktor ruffled his fur happily, wrapping his wings around Shael's thumb affectionately.

"Thank you," Viktor said, his words broadcasting into Farshael's mind. "My fur is very soft. You should pet me." The little bat paused uncertainly. "Unless you don't wish to. I understand that some folk are otherwise fine with bats, but don't wish to touch them excessively. Perhaps I should change back."

"I'm just a little nervous about petting you in any way that would hurt," Shael admitted as he gently began to pet the bat all over. "You're so beautiful. I have another form, as well, but I can't show you until my Air Stole is finished. Sylphs can take on a form of their element, which can be a little dangerous, especially for Salamanders, the fire elementals. But, for me, I'm just wind."

"Just wind... As if you could ever be just anything," Viktor told him, sounding proud as he rubbed his furry cheek against Shael's thumb. "I would be honored to see your air form. I'm sure it's as wondrous as this one."

Farshael continued to pet him, feeling a sense of peace fill him up at the contact. "Viktor, you make me happy," he confessed. "I don't always agree with your taste in art or your mannerisms towards others. But, my feelings are steadfast."

"What's wrong with my art and the way I act?" Viktor asked, sounding bewildered but unoffended.

"Viktor," Farshael replied in a chiding tone as he gently scratched the base of the bat's ears tenderly. "Gin didn't know where to categorize your last piece, and you nearly spooked the pizza delivery boy to death for his hands brushing mine when I paid him the other day."

"I admit, I may need to start a room that can hold the works that are difficult for Gin. That's a good idea, love," Viktor said, looking up at Shael adoringly. "And that young man had ill intentions, it was clear. I could see it in his manner. In moments, he could have had that hand anywhere. Then, I would have had to do more than gently encourage a bit of circumspection in his interactions."

Shael let out a long sigh. "I won't ask you to stop your hobby of collecting...but I insist that you curb your spending down to one piece per month, if at all." He gently flicked one of the bat ears. "And no more scaring mortals. They're fragile enough as it is."

"One?" Viktor said, his little bat face conveying his horror. "What if I were buying things for you?" he asked, looking hopeful. "Yes, I certainly can't limit it if I'm buying with you in mind." He nodded, pleased with his solution. "And of course, I will be sure not to cause undue distress to any human that is comporting himself as one should when interacting with my mate."

"I don't need anything, Viktor," Shael once again insisted. "Just you."

Farshael felt a tingle of magic in the air, then Viktor's vampire form was kneeling before him on the bed, leaning close.

"As I need you," Viktor said softly. "I want to give all of myself to you...One particular part of me is throbbing for you." The vampire smiled impishly. "My heart, of course."

The Sylph raised a doubting eyebrow. "Just your heart?" he questioned.

"Perhaps not only my heart," Viktor admitted, gently urging Farshael to lie back on the bed. He slid his hardened length against Shael's, making the Sylph gasp. "There may be other, rather impressively large parts of me, which are in a similar state as my heart."

Shael bit his lower lip as his fingers trailed a path up Viktor's arms. "Then, won't you slide that 'rather impressive' part inside me?" he suggested.

"I would like that very much if just hearing you ask and thinking about it doesn't make me come again. Though, I think I wouldn't be able to be anything but hard, even afterward, with you lying beneath me, looking so very lovely and enticing," Viktor answered, voice low with desire. "Would you like me to open you with my fingers, first? I don't want to cause you pain."

"You won't hurt me...see for yourself," the Sylph insisted with a squirm. He already felt his entrance prepare itself for what was to come. Though all elementals had different tasks to accomplish for the gods, they all seemed to have been built for love. Love over lust, surely, due to their natural defensive barriers.

Viktor's eyes darkened from slate to black. Farshael found himself pinned to the bed with the tip of the vampire's cock teasing his entrance. The Sylph rather enjoyed the warmth.

"You can't say things like that," Viktor growled, his fangs flashing white. "If you don't slow me down or tell me to be so very gentle with you I'm going to take you hard and rough, your thighs spread wide, and my cock buried so deep inside you we won't know where one of us ends and the other begins." He licked the side of Shael's throat, the thump of the Sylph's carotid like candy on his tongue. "Tell me you can't take it. Give me an excuse to hold myself back."

The elemental's heart was racing despite not even doing anything yet. The vampire's words should have frightened him, but they merely caused the Sylph to all but overheat. "Don't hold back," He insisted. "Not with me. I want everything."

Viktor growled, low in his throat, making Shael shiver at the animalistic sound. Viktor swiveled his hips, his tip circling, rubbing the Sylph's hot, damp entrance. Viktor clenched his teeth, pricking his own lips with his fangs as he fought the overwhelming urge to slam forward and sheath himself completely in a single thrust. He was still afraid of hurting the little elemental, no matter what Farshael had said. He let go of the Sylph's wrists, not wanting to crush the delicate bones and fisted the blanket on either side of his mate's delicate, lovely face.

"Shael," Viktor gasped, his voice desperate and on edge.

Farshael tugged the other man's head down into a kiss. The taste of blood on his tongue didn't phase him since it was Viktor's. The vampire was like an extension of Shael by that point, and all he could think about was how much more he wanted the feel of him. When he pulled away from the kiss, his legs wrapped tightly around his lover's lower body. "Don't be afraid," he whispered. "You won't hurt me."

Viktor closed his eyes tight, letting out a groan of surrender before snapping his hips forward to bury is aching length inside the welcoming body beneath him. He wanted to stay still, just a moment, to savor the tight warmth surrounding him, but his body had other ideas. He drew back and thrust again, just as deep and forceful as the first. Then again, and again. Until he was pounding into the Sylph's sweet depths.

The air elemental had never been more grateful that his kind was able to take just about any length and girth with little to no difficulty. Shael's flesh gave way to Viktor's shaft easily. But, the vampire's rough movements created a heated, stinging sensation that the Sylph enjoyed far more than he should have. The pleasure caused him to briefly flicker for a moment into his elemental form and back. It was as if Viktor humped air and then slid once again into the Sylph's depths as if for the first time, again. "Gods!" Farshael moaned.

"Want to taste you," Viktor purred, nuzzling Farshael's throat, his slamming thrusts never faltering. "You smell like the wind in the trees."

Shael merely nodded his consent, giving Viktor's shoulder a bite himself as he continued to cling to him.

The nip made Viktor moan into the hollow of Farshael's throat. The vampire drew in his mate's scent, nearly mindless with need. Viktor kissed and nibbled Shael's soft flesh, tasting him. Fangs pricked skin, making the elemental gasp. They slid deeper and withdrew as Viktor sealed his lips around the two small wounds and sucked hard.

Pleasure unlike any that the Sylph had ever felt before began to overtake his entire body. "Viktor!" he keened as he moved against him and tried to meet his thrusts.

Viktor swallowed, his tongue teasing skin as the wound slowly closed. He drew hard, uncaring that he would leave a mark, wanting more of Shael's taste on his tongue. It was like heaven. Viktor's lower body dropped, grinding his cock inside his mate and catching the elemental's dripping length between their bodies.

Shael let out a sound that was embarrassingly similar to a squeak as he released then and there. "Yes!" he gasped in rapture.

Viktor sucked once more, though the small wounds had closed. He growled as he pulled back slightly, swiping his tongue once more over the reddening mark he'd left. When the vampire saw his mate blinking up at him with dazed eyes and a languid smile, a shock seemed to roll through him. Viktor grunted, picking up his thrusts again, hard and faster than humanly possible.

Shael's eyes widened and he clung to Viktor's shoulders and waist. Though the speed was incredible, he felt every slide and every movement. It was as if his lover were searing his mark deep inside him. The movements should have pained him, but they merely drove the Sylph wilder with lust. To his complete and utter surprise, he found himself reaching orgasm a second time.

The vampire plunged deep once more and shouted his release, his pulsing joining the waves of constriction inside his mate. Viktor panted over Farshael for a moment before blinking his dark eyes open and smiling wide down at the Sylph. He pressed a kiss to Shael's forehead and rolled them, still joined, onto his back so Viktor wouldn't lay on his little lover and squash him.

Farshael had never experienced such heat, aching, and longing before. He had never found release in that manner before, either, let alone twice over. Was it the same for all Sylphs when they trusted someone enough to go that far? Shael actually enjoyed the warmth of the vampire's shaft inside him. He enjoyed seeing the expressions quickly changing on Viktor's face. The Sylph had never feared him, despite the vampire's age, power, and size. Shael had feared his own emotions and reactions in regards to Viktor, but never Viktor himself.

"Viktor," he mused aloud when his breathing finally settled. "If that was you holding back, then I can't wait to feel you lose all control."

The vampire hugged him close. Viktor was a snuggler.

"Ah, I'd be terrified of breaking you in half. I've never felt so close to losing my senses," Viktor protested. "Are you alright? Are you in pain?"

"I'm more than alright, and I'm in no pain," Farshael insisted. "I'm quite happy. I feel whole."

"And you wouldn't mind...rougher, next time?" Viktor asked in disbelief with a tiny tinge of lustful hope.

"As rough as you want," Shael agreed. "Just go for it, the worst that will happen is I'll tug on your ear or hair and tell you it hurts. Even then, I wouldn't leave you just because of rough sex. We're soulmates."

"I didn't think you'd leave me," Viktor blurted, sounding deeply disturbed at the very idea. "I just want you to be happy and not in pain because of my sizeable endowment." The vampire cuddled Shael close. "He adores you. He'd be heartbroken if he made you cry."

The Sylph raised an eyebrow. "Would he, now?" he questioned. "And what if I come to adore 'him' more than you?"

"I would understand and accept second place in your heart," Viktor said with a self-satisfied grin. "As long as you let him worship you whenever you wish for it."

"Viktor, what am I to do with you?" Shael responded after a moment of laughter.

"Love me," Viktor begged, his smile turning gentle. "Be with me, for as long as we have. Forever, if we can."

"Deal," Farshael agreed.