In the days that passed, Elder Pembroke incarcerated the librarian brothers and ran a thorough investigation on Mabry Wardell. In the weeks that followed after that, everything began to settle down around Pax and his mates. Pax and Mateo went back to work, requesting Fridays and Saturdays off for mate-bonding time. In their society, recently bonded mates were always accommodated before unmated werewolves. So, they even received a few more visits from Maribelle and Klaude after their schedules were sorted out. The mixed human had found employment easily in the werewolf community and was able to transfer over.

The temple had made an announcement directly from both Anubis and Khonsu that all mates, including vampires and mixed species, were to be reported and granted a week's adjustment period. The shock soon wore out when Omegas with hidden vampire and mixed mates began to step forward. Elias truly hadn't been the only Omega struggling with protecting vampire mates. He exchanged contact information with many of them. Eli and Nolan would laugh and frown as they read about their newfound friends' lives through online messages. They had formed a discord text channel titled "All in the Mix."

January came across an old, trusted friend that ran a nocturnal animal pet shop and urged Nolan to help part-time when he realized how fascinated the orange-eyed vampire was with the shop and the animals. Nolan took to caring for them like a fish to water and the shop owner, Angelo, was relieved that he didn't have to turn Jany's request down. Quinlan spent most nights training with January. The blond's vampire gifts continued to manifest and surprise him. Quin was not only able to draw animals to him, but he was able to communicate with them. Elias would watch them some nights, though the actual training part was usually shorter than the time they spent learning about each other.

Elias found that staying at home wasn't daunting when he had the freedom to come and go as he pleased. Sometimes he joined any of his mates for lunch, commuting to their workplace. Sometimes the Omega visited Nolan and peeked in on the pets, trying his best not to become attached to all of them. On Sundays, he began to visit the children's hospital in their neighborhood. He would often read to the children and stopped feeling ashamed whenever they asked him to shift into his wolf form. In the eyes of the children, he was not as intimidating as other werewolves in their animal form, but he was admired and respected. To them, he couldn't be more 'awesome.'


Angelo cursed under his breath as he tried to balance his duffel bag, briefcase, and a large paper bag full of supplies. Vampires had many gifts, and his speed was definitely intact. But, moving fast would only cause the contents of the paper bag to fall out. He had tried to run with a paper bag in his arms time and time again with terrible results. One time, his hands clutched the bag too hard when he had to avoid a child who had moved into his trajectory to pick up a toy. The bag all but exploded in the exchange.

So, he had learned the hard way only to use his speed when the contents he carried were sturdy and stable. That meant that he was going to be a little late opening the shop that morning. As Angelo turned the corner of the block, he caught sight of his young employee along with one of his dozens of mates. He had lost track of just how many mates January had. It was the darnest thing. In the past, the redheaded vampire usually only had one partner. Then, one day, he just showed up with all of them and asked him for a favor.

Nolan had proved to be quite efficient when it came to caring for the animals in his shop, so Angelo was quite relieved that he was able to pay back the favor he owed. The purple-eyed vampire was one of his oldest friends. They had opposite hair colors. Angelo's hair was jade green, and his eyes were a gradient with sea-green on the top half fading to a sandy beige on the bottom. They were unique, his eyes, even for born vampires, such as they were.

"Hey, Choco-bat," he called out when he neared the two men that hunched over something in front of his shop. He had started referring to Nolan as "Choco-bat" since the color of his hair reminded him of the Sanrio character, Chococat, but since he was a vampire and vampires turned into bats, it had turned into "Choco-bat."

As for Nolan's mates, Angelo could never get all of their names right. "And greenie," he greeted. He had decided to simply call them by the colors on the edges of their purple auras, which his unique eyes could see. "What's going on over there?"

"Sir!" Nolan said, startling. "I'm so sorry. The door was locked. I'm late starting my work because I couldn't get in. I should have called you right away and asked for instructions, but I got distracted by the box in front of the door. I know that's no excuse."

"Nono, calm down," Elias said gently, hugging the nervous vamp. "It's not your fault you couldn't get in. You were here on time. Angelo isn't mad at you. You're not in trouble. Right, Angelo?"

The Omega looked at the green-haired vampire, his gaze conveying that the shop-owner had better not be grumpy with Nolan or he was going to have a pissed off werewolf on his hands.

Angelo rolled his eyes at the usual Nolan drama that he was already used to on a daily basis. "If anyone's late here, it's me. Next time, just call," he sighed. Then, the sound of mewling drew his attention to the box. "Wait, are those kittens?"

"They were there when we got here," Nolan said hurriedly. "I didn't know what to do."

"They're dirty, and they look a little skinny," Eli added, sounding deeply displeased that anyone would let a kitten get into such a state. "They're just babies."

In spite of his no-speed rule, Angelo quickly opened the shop door and set his things inside before coming right back to assess them. A frown formed on his face. "Someone might have found them in the park and brought them to the nearest shop not knowing what to do," he thought aloud. "Who knows how long they've been alone...I don't think we have enough supplies for such tiny ones. Let me make a few calls." He then disappeared back into the shop. A few minutes later, he came back. "The other shelters seem full up."

Nolan had found two hand towels, and he and Elias were each cuddling a burrito-kitten, trying to warm them up. Nolan's kitten was purring like a chainsaw, snuggled happily to the vampire's chest. Eli's was using his tiny paws to hold the Omega's finger as the kitten gnawed on it.

"Then who will take care of them?" Nolan asked worriedly. "They can't stay here?"

Angelo shook his head. "I could take them home with me and care for them for a while, but I would still have to bring them back to the shop eventually to find families for them."

Elias straightened, looking down at his little bundle.

"No." He decided as he grinned at Nolan. "We can take them! There's almost always someone home. I think Pax said something sometime about getting a pet someday. This is perfect. You know they'll get lots of love, and we'll take good care of them."

"You really think that would be okay?" Nolan said hopefully.

"Of course!" Eli nearly wiggled in excitement. "I know they won't mind!"

Angelo actually smiled at the Omega. "If you feel you can care for them, then take them home. Be sure to stop by the vet to have them be checked over and to pick up more food for them. I'll send some supplies your way," he said as he placed a gentle hand on Nolan's shoulder. "Go home and care for the kittens today, I will be fine by myself."

"Thank you, sir!" Nolan smiled wide, looking like he wanted to hug his boss. "I'll work extra shifts whenever you want to make up for the time I'm missing."

"Don't even mention it," Angelo responded with a wave of his hand. He was quite passionate about the safety and care of animals. "Off to the vet with you two."


January was quite pleased with Quinlan's progress in controlling his gifts. The nubile vampire could apparently communicate with and call all kinds of creatures to him. At first, it was only woodland creatures, and then even supernatural ones. Jany had called it a night when Quin managed to call forth a fuming toothfairy unintentionally.

The two of them were on their way back from the woods when they saw a delivery man standing with Mateo at the front door. The porch was surrounded with packages.

The wolf noticed them walking up and waved a small stack of papers at them.

"Jany, why is your friend Angelo sending us a" Matt paused to look at a paper. "Wall mounted pet palace with exploration tubes?" He gestured at the boxes. "And a million other things?"

January and Quin shared a glance before the blond vampire shrugged.

"This is certainly the first I've heard of this," Jany commented. "Exploration tubes?"

"Sweet Khonsu, some assembly required, it says!" Mateo looked a little ill. "Do you know what happened a few years ago when my mom convinced me to put my little sister's new dollhouse together?"

Quin clapped his hands together and then rubbed them eagerly. "Don't sweat it, Mat. I'm all over this," he responded with a grin. "As soon as Pax tells me where, I'll set it up real fast."

"Yeah, but what's it for?" Mateo asked, looking at the papers again. "Why do we need two Deluxe Furbaby Hideaways with soothing aromatherapy?"

January shook his head. "Clearly Angelo knows something that we don't," he mused aloud. "Let's go warn Pax about all these boxes."

Inside the house, Pax was in the process of his last finishing touches on the dinner he had prepared for Eli, Mat, and himself.

"Hey," Mateo said, dragging a massive box into the living room. "Where's Eli? I thought he was just walking Nolan to work and then coming home?"

"He probably started playing with all the pets at the shop again," Quin deduced. "Probably why he didn't invite me along, too, since the tykes all tend to be drawn to me like magnets."

Both wolves and January looked up. A moment later Quinlan did as well, hearing Nolan and Elias talking quietly as they approached the house.

"...and they have spotted toe beans and green and orange eyes!" Elias cooed as he walked down the hallway. "So tiny and fluffy and cute and they've just gotta let us keep 'em!"

"Keep what, now?" Mateo said, sounding strained as he thought about what they could have that would require so many things needing assembly.

"Our babies!" Elias said vibrating with energy. "We found them, abandoned! So we have to adopt them! They have little faces that just- Oh, I can't even. And we're like their fathers now. You can't make us give them up."

Elias looked at Pax and Jany as they entered the room, breaking out the most intense puppy dog eyes he could muster.

"You have to accept them," the Omega begged. "They're like our sons now! You wouldn't break up family, would you? They're just babies, and they were all alone and crying. And their little noses and, good god, their tiny, itty-bitty feet, and-and, please?"

Pax had no idea what was going on, but he was already saying a definitive 'yes' in his head. Anything to please his beloved mates. But, then Quinlan spoke up.

"They're kittens!" Quin announced. "I can sense them from here. Wow, they're hungry."

"Oh no," Nolan said, looking utterly crestfallen. "We fed them at the vet's. We should have walked home faster to feed them again." He pulled a little black and white bundle of fur from inside his shirt. "I'm so sorry, Augustus," he told the kitten, touching their noses together. "We'll find the wet food and mix it with some formula. You liked that at the vet's, didn't you?" His voice lowered to a whisper. "I'm sorry about the medicine. I know you didn't like that."

Mateo let out a nearly strangled sound as the adorableness of Nolan with a kitten hit him upside the head. "I can help you feed him?"

"What'd you name yours, Eli?" Quin asked.

"Oh no," Eli huffed as he showed the kitten to Pax instead. "You touch Goliath, and he'll think that you're his daddy instead. So, no touchies for you, Quin."

January let out a chuckle and pressed a kiss to the pouting blond's forehead. "He'll come around when he sees how you've been better at controlling it."

"I think I know which box has food and formula," Mateo announced, not waiting for a response before he bustled over to a medium-sized box by the wall.

He didn't bother with the tape, simply grabbing the top and ripping it off. It was how he always helped unload supplies when he helped at the restaurant, and it was faster than fiddling with a box cutter. Mat rooted around for a minute before standing with one arm full of cans and two tin cylinders of formula in the other.

"Do you know what flavor they like?" Mat asked, walking toward the kitchen to find a pair of bowls to use until the no-doubt extravagant food dishes were unpacked.

"Umm, cat-food flavored?" Eli said with uncertainty from where he was holding Goliath like a baby and showing the others the kitten's paws.

"Augustus preferred salmon and Goliath liked chicken," Nolan said softly, smiling as Quinlan scratched under the chin of a wildly purring Augustus.

"Should I assemble their activity set in the guest room, my topaz?" January asked Pax, who was holding Goliath in one of his large hands and petting it with a finger.

"Yes, that would be fine," the alpha responded.

January assembled everything within the span of two minutes. He had even flattened the boxes out in a stack for recycling. The purple-eyed vampire walked over to Elias, who had taken Goliath back into his arms. "May I see him?" he asked softly. He gently stroked the little feline with two fingers. "Angelo sent over everything we could have possibly needed and more, including the softest pillow bed I've ever seen."

"That was really nice of him. I'll have to thank him and see what we owe him." Elias looked up at Jany. "You think everybody doesn't mind? I kind of just made the decision and didn't ask anyone. That wasn't right. I should have talked to you guys first."

"It's absolutely fine," Pax spoke up. "I've actually been meaning to ask if you wanted to adopt a pet or two, I've just been so busy with work lately..."

"Yes!" Eli grinned, pumping his fist as Goliath tried to crawl out of his arms to get to the smell of food. The Omega carried him over to the counter where Mateo had put out two little saucers.

"Did you see their eyes?" Nolan asked his mates shyly, setting Augustus down in front of his food. "Elias said it's a sign they're supposed to be with us."

There was movement as the other men walked over to the counter and leaned down to peer at the eyes of the kittens. They were heterochromatic. The black one with white spots had an orange right eye and a left green eye. The white one with black spots had a green right eye and an orange left eye.

"Yes, it certainly seems so," Pax mused aloud, a smile forming on his face.

Everyone smiled as the kittens ate. Augustus kept his muzzle clean, taking prim little bites, his little front paws tucked under his chest. Goliath seemed to get more on his fur than in his mouth. Excited, purring growls rumbled loudly from his chest every time the kitten opened his mouth. His front paws were in the dish. Even so, it began to scoot slowly across the counter as Goliath went after his meal with vigor.

"Golly," Elias said with a laugh. "You got a bath at the vet. Are you going to need another one every time we feed you?"

"I can give them a bath!" Quinlan volunteered. "Do they really need another one?"

"No! No touchie, baby stealer!" Eli said quickly, making everyone look at him. "They're fine!"

"Just a wipe-down with a warm washcloth will work," Nolan said. "That's what we do with kittens at the store." He smiled at Quinlan. "You may clean up Augustus if you'd like."

Quinlan gave his Maker a warm hug. "It's alright, you go ahead and clean him up," he responded. "Elias can't hide Goliath from me forever."

"Can so," Eli said with great maturity, picking up Goliath, who had finished his meal and was vigorously licking his dish. Elias then stuck his tongue out at the young vampire.

With his newfound speed, Quin captured Eli's tongue into his mouth, wrapping his arms around both the Omega and the kitten, as he gave him a very lewd kiss.

Elias stiffened, then moaned, relaxing into Quinlan's arms. Goliath began gnawing on one of Quin's buttons while his daddy ground his hips into the blond vamp.

When he pulled away, the blue-eyed vampire had a wide grin on his face. He gave Eli one last kiss on the tip of his nose. "You two clean up the kittens. We'll help Pax set up for dinner."

Elias looked down at Goliath, who was licking a bit of food off one leg. The little creature didn't seem to be trying to leap out of his arms and follow Quinlan.

"You know who your daddy is, don't you, Golly?" Elias whispered, feeling touched that the kitten hadn't wanted to escape his grasp.

"Mraa?" the kitten answered.

"That's right!" Eli grinned and took the warm washcloth Mateo handed him. "Thanks, Mat."

The big wolf didn't move away, just looked longingly at the black and white furball.

"Why don't you hold him and I'll wash him up," Eli said with a soft smile, pushing Goliath into Mat's big hands.

Mateo held the little creature as though he was made of his grandmother's china. Nolan had finished cleaning Augustus well before Eli was done. A quick wipe across Auggie's muzzle was all he'd needed.

"How did you get cat food inside your ear, Golly?" Elias asked, incredulous.

Goliath ignored him, more interested in gnawing on Mateo's thumb. After a few minutes, Elias declared his baby clean enough, smiling as Goliath crawled up Mateo's shirt and began battling a lock of the wolf's dark hair as Mat kept very still in fear of the kitten falling.

"Oh," Mateo said with a frown. "I was supposed to help get the table set. I got distracted."

"I'm sure it's fine," Eli told him, pushing Goliath into a safer position on Mat's broad shoulder.

"What should we do with the babies during supper?" Nolan asked, holding Augustus belly-up and scratching his chest, to the kitten's purring delight.

"I did see a small playpen for them mixed in with all the things Angelo scent," Jany pointed out. "I assembled everything, but you both can re-arrange it as you wish."

"They need to be introduced to the litter pan," Nolan whispered.

Elias nodded his agreement and scooped Goliath off Mat's shoulder, carrying him to the spare bedroom while Nolan followed.

"He already assembled everything?" Elias commented with an eyebrow raised. "He was in there, like, two minutes."

They opened the door to find that January hadn't been kidding and that Angelo possibly had some sort of problem. The room was decked out like a wonderland for any kitty. A complicated kitty condo spread across one wall with tubes snaking between levels. Every cat-toy ever conceived of seemed to be present. A corner of the room had a huge enclosure made of cloth screens with a self-cleaning litter pan lying along the wall.

"That's one helluva playpen," Elias murmured, following Nolan into a doorway that unzipped on the side.

The orange-eyed vampire carried Augustus to the pan and set him inside.

"See how nice it is?" Nolan asked, taking the little front paws and encouraging them to dig a little into the litter. "Won't this be a nice place to go potty?"

When Nolan let Augustus go, the kitten did just that, fastidiously covering what he'd left. After Auggie hopped out, Elias did the same with Goliath. Golly did his business as well, kicking litter everywhere when he covered it up. The little beast bounced out of the pan and stalked over to his brother, who had found a soft, fluffy cat bed to lay on. Goliath jumped on Auggie's head. Augustus just rolled onto his back and used his front paws to pulled Goliath down onto the cushion with him and proceeded to begin washing Golly's ears. When Eli and Nolan left the playpen and zipped the enclosure closed, both kittens were purring and began to close their eyes.

"They're asleep," Nolan whispered when they returned to the kitchen.

The table was already set for Pax, Mat, and Eli. January, Quin, and Nolan had glasses of champagne instead.

"Champagne?" Nolan asked as they all sat down. He had never had it, but he knew the smell from parties he'd been taken to.

"Yes, it's only half a glass," January responded. "In case you don't like the taste."

Quin snorted. "Which I doubt. For some reason, champagne and wine hits all the right taste buds when you're a vampire."

"You've already tried some?" Mateo asked. "When?"

The blond and Elias shared a glance before the nubile vampire tried to steer the conversation elsewhere. The two of them had tried nearly all the different beverages at the Blood Orchid after Quin's training sessions with January. Mateo would surely be upset if he found out how many times the three of them had stopped at the club, considering all of the powerful clubgoers that frequented it.

"So, what kind of drinks do all of you guys like?" Quinlan asked in an attempt to distract Mat.

"Alcoholic?" Elias asked. "I liked what you guys got me when we went out and found Jany. And champagne." The Omega grinned and stole a sip of Quin's.

"I'm not sure what I like," Nolan admitted, trying his and smiling. "This is good."

"I'm good with whatever," Mateo added. "Beer is fine. I'll drink just about anything."

Relieved that he had managed to distract Mateo from the answer to the previous question that he didn't want to give, Quin took his glass back from Eli before he could drink anymore. "Food for you," he teased. "This is for us vamps."

"Sharing is caring," Eli said, sticking out his bottom lip in an exaggerated pout. The Omega turned to Pax. "Pretty sure I know what our vamps like best to drink, something warm and red. What do you like, Pax?"

"There aren't many drinks I dislike," Pax mused aloud.

Quin licked his lips as his fangs involuntary lowered. "Now that's not fair, Eli," he scoffed, but then sent the Omega a smirk. "But, just remember you offered, babe."

"You want some of this?" Eli teased, tipping his head back and stroking the column of his throat after he'd cleared half his plate. Damn, Pax could cook.

Quinlan's eyes began to glow at the lovely sight. "Finish up your dinner there and I'd certainly like a taste," he admitted.

Elias grinned and ate faster.

When the three werewolves finished their meals, and the vampires finished their glasses, January quickly cleaned everything up and they all but tip-toed their way past the designated 'kitten room' on their way to bed.

Nolan came to an abrupt stop when they entered the bedroom.

"I... Ummm..."

"What's wrong, Nono?" Elias asked, pulling away from trying to climb Quinlan.

"I, well..." Nolan swallowed and closed his lambent eyes. "I want to finish the bonding. W-With Master and M-Mateo."

Quinlan let out a sultry sound and bit his lower lip. "I'm game. Sounds hot," he commented with his arms still around Elias.

Jany took hold of Mateo's hand and led him closer to Nolan. "Is there any particular way you want to have us, my citrine?" He asked.

Pax carefully shut the door behind him in spite of the fact that he and his mates were surely about to make noises of their own.

Nolan nibbled his lip. His instincts told him to ask his master to decide, to do what January wanted. However, over and over, his mates had shown such happiness whenever he'd asked for something he wanted.

"Can we, if it's alright, would you, perhaps...have me bound?" Nolan finally whispered.

Whenever his mates restrained him, especially January or Pax, it was strangely comforting, safe. Like when they were holding him tight, they were holding him together and allowing him to push his worries aside. It had mostly just been being restrained with hands and arms. Nolan had thought about how wonderful it could be to be unable to move and still have his lover's hands free to do what they'd like.

January felt Mateo's pleased shiver right through their held hands. He flashed him a smile. "Would you like to be bound as well, my ruby?"

"Damn," Mateo said, the word nearly a moan. "Hell, yes. Sign me up."

"You mean it's okay?" Nolan squeaked.

The purple-eyed vampire gently cupped the younger vampire's chin. "It's better than ok," he responded. "It's brilliant."

"Yep," Mateo said as he threw his arms around both of them. "I am all about this idea of yours." He gently bumped Nolan with his forehead. "And I know it's still hard for you to tell us stuff. You did good, Nono."

The orange-eyed vampire seemed to glow with happiness.

"And yes, Eli, I don't mind if you watch," Mateo said over his shoulder.

"Yesssssss." The petite Omega pumped one fist in the air.

"Do you mind, Nono?" Mat asked.

"Oh, I..." Nolan blushed but forced himself to answer honestly. "I'd enjoy it if they watch."

Pax let out a sigh of relief. It hadn't crossed his mind that Nolan might have felt uncomfortable with his other mates watching. He would have immediately ushered Quinlan and Elias away if the dark-haired vampire didn't want them there. "Then, we will all be right here," he affirmed. "We'll do whatever you want."

While the others talked, January quickly set up equipment that would have taken more strength and more time if it had been anyone else. What appeared to be a sling fused with a suspension harness was secured by steady posts. Leather cuffs dangled from the beam in front of the harness, and the vampire stood next to his work with several cotton ropes in his hand.

"Well, that looks fun," Mateo said with a lopsided smile, hugging Nolan to his side. The slender vampire seemed engrossed in petting Mat's nicely developed chest, which had been stripped of its shirt at Nolan's quiet request.

"And now I'm jealous," Elias said, looking up from where he was attempting to paw both Pax and Quinlan at the same time. "That looks very fun."

"You can certainly try it out afterward, my emerald," January replied with a smile. "First thing's first, I think every one of us has far too many articles of clothing on. Mateo, finish stripping and come here."

Mateo immediately reached for the button of his jeans, pausing when he felt a cool hand on his own.

"Umm, can I...maybe, please?" Nolan asked, voice barely audible.

Mat nodded, leaning forward to steal a quick kiss. Nolan sighed, happily aroused. When Mateo pulled back, the ebony-haired vampire sunk gracefully to his knees.

"Damn, you're hot when you do that, Nono," Mat groaned.

The wolf's jaw nearly dropped when Nolan smiled up at him and winked! If Mateo thought that a submissive Nolan dropping to his knees was sexy, it was nothing compared to his normally hesitant mate showing teasing confidence. When the vampire popped Mat's pants button and dropped the zipper, the wolf clenched his teeth as his stiff cock sprung free, nearly coming on the orange-eyed man's face then and there. Mateo had a fleeting thought that, for once, underwear might have been a good idea that day.

Cool fingers slid against Mat's skin as Nolan skimmed the fabric down until he could step out of them. The dark-haired vampire took the hand Mat offered, accepting another kiss and glorying in Mateo's hard length pressing into his stomach. It was Nolan who had to pull away, leading a slightly stunned Mat over to January.

Quinlan let out a strange sound akin to a mewl at the sight. He took hold of Eli's warmer hand and held it pressed against his nude, lukewarm crotch. When Jany said they had too many clothes on, he had been the first to strip. The blond had a feeling that witnessing the activities of the three mates before them would give him multiple orgasms for sure. "God, your hand feels so good," he whispered to Eli.

"You know what feels better?" Elias purred, leaning close as he stroked the soft skin stretched over Quinlan's hard length. "My mouth."

Quin shuddered as he felt the precum drip from the tip of his eager shaft. "Totally right, yep," he agreed. "That'd feel even better."

Pax shook his head as he pulled over a sturdy chair and set it in to face his other three mates at a forty-five-degree angle. "If you do that, you won't be able to see. I have a better idea..." he mused aloud. "Quinlan, how far along have you gotten on your control over that magnetic power January's been showing you how to manipulate?"

"Let me put it this way...ceiling sex is a go," the blond responded. "I can push and pull on the magnetic field for a good little while. Why?"

The alpha sat down on the chair, fully naked since he had also disrobed when January had asked. "I can have Elias on my lap facing Jany, Nono, and Mat...I was wondering if you could brace your feet against the back two legs of this chair and lean back enough to be able to penetrate him, as well. We'd be angled in such a way that you can turn your head slightly if you want to see the other three, as well."

"Both of you, in me?" Elias asked breathlessly as his legs turned to jelly and he leaned against Quinlan to keep from falling. "Yes, please. Pretty, pretty please?"

"I can try...I can't guarantee it'll work, but that's not gonna stop me from trying," Quinlan admitted.

January busied himself with safely securing Mateo onto the sling. He had the werewolf lie on his back and held his wrists up above his head in the leather cuffs. He did the same with his legs. He checked and double checked the force and weight so that the restraints did not dig into any tendons. "There," he practically purred as he ran a hand softly over the curve of Mateo's shaft and a straight line up his chest. "Nice and secure. What would you like to do with him like this, Nolan?"

The orange-eyed vampire looked up from where he'd quickly folded everyone's clothes and set them aside.

"W-What I want?" he asked, moving next to January and sliding his cool palm down Mateo's warm inner thigh. "Are you sure, Master?"

"He's sure," Mat groaned. "Please, Nono."

Nolan blinked, a tiny smile pulling his lips as he looked to Jany for confirmation.

The older vampire gave him a smile. "Touch him, kiss him, pinch anything you wish," he encouraged as he gently flicked one of Mateo's nipples with his thumb. "Meanwhile, I'm going to decide on the right toy to slide inside him."

Nolan's bright eyes widened in surprised delight. His movements were hesitant but eager as he reached for his bound wolf mate. Mateo sucked in a breath as Nolan's fingertips skimmed his inner thighs. The wolf groaned when Nolan's touch grew bolder, kneading warm flesh. The vampire hummed happily, dropping his hold in favor of simply draping his body over Mateo and hugging him. Nolan's arms couldn't reach all the way around him, but he did the best he could. The slender vampire shifted, enjoying the feel of his mate's rigid length pressing into his stomach.

"Mmmm," Nolan practically purred, nuzzling his cheeks against Mat's chest. A soft pink tongue snuck out to flick a nipple, making Mateo shudder.

Just like everything that involved Nolan, the sight of them was both sweet and sultry. From his place in the chair, Pax gazed on as he nuzzled the top of Eli's head. The Omega was seated on his lap, facing their other three mates. Quinlan sat on the floor between both their legs as he ran his hands up and down Eli and Pax's calves. All three of them were eager to see what January had in store for Mateo.

As if summoned by their thoughts, Jany pulled out what appeared to be a long strip of black material with a dildo attached in the center. The smirk on the aged vampire's face was sensual in nature as he slicked the toy up and gently thrusted it in and out of Mateo's entrance until he slid it all the way to the base. He then used the material on either side to wrap the toy in place around each of the brown-eyed werewolf's thighs. His smirk widened when he held up a small remote control and then walked over to hand it to Elias.

"You control the speed and setting, mi vida," he urged softly. (mi vida= my life)

Elias smiled wide, wiggling in Pax's lap with excited delight.

"Low first, I think," the Omega murmured deviously, punching a button on the remote. A loud mechanical hum was heard just before Mateo cried out, muscles tensing as he bucked in his bonds. Nolan squeaked in surprise and held on tight.

"Shit! Sorry!" Elias yelped, punching buttons until the wild buzzing calmed to a soft him. "Oh, fuck. That was not low. I think I was holding it upside down."

Quinlan couldn't help but snicker against Pax's leg, which urged the alpha to swat at him gently with his foot.

"Don't worry, not even the highest setting is enough to hurt him," January explained. He then walked over to whisper into Nolan's ear. "Would you like to be bound as well, precious?" He asked. "I can tuck your arms back with a little shibari."

Nolan slid off Mateo, both of them moaning softly. The wolf's cock sprung up the moment Nolan's weight left him, a drop of precum sliding down its throbbing length. A matching smear of cooling wetness streaked Nolan's skin where he'd been rubbing against his mate. The slender vampire trembled slightly, quickly shoving his arms behind his back.

"Please, Master," Nolan begged softly.

"Fuck, it's hot when he says that," Elias whispered to Quinlan.

Quin snickered in response and gave Eli's calf a gentle nip.

January smiled at the dark-haired vampire. He gently positioned Nolan's arms behind his back so they were folded a certain way. He then bound them in an intricate design. Normally, the kinds of knots and loops that he incorporated would have taken the average human a good half hour to accomplish. Jany had it done in less than thirty seconds. The color of the rope he chose was a soft orange to match Nolan's eyes. The rope was snug enough to be secure, but not tight enough to dig in too hard. The tension all around was expertly even and wrapped around with nerve damage avoidance in mind. The vampire then gently turned Nolan so that all their other mates could see.

"What do you think?" Jany mused aloud as he regarded his work. In the rope work, he somehow even managed to form the illusion of a bat.

"Impressive," Pax commented at the same time that Elias burst out with "Pretty!"

Mateo couldn't bring himself to form coherent words but he, too, was impressed.

"Such a show-off," Quinlan teased from his spot on the floor. But, it was obvious by the way that his shaft gave a twitch that he quite enjoyed the sight.

The redheaded vampire lifted Nolan into his arms and had him carefully straddle Mateo on the sling. He then carefully lowered the younger vampire so that his chest draped over Mat's. "Try to keep your balance, Nolan. I'm going to move you both a bit," he instructed. The purple-eyed vampire slowly tugged two ends of the chains attached to one side of the sling until Mateo's upper half rose to an angle until he was nearly seated upward.

Nolan gasped as he slid down until he was all but sitting on Mat's lap. Mateo's arms tensed in their restraints, his instinct wanting him to hold onto Nolan so that the vampire didn't fall. But, the werewolf was relieved when Nolan hadn't fallen.

January slowly walked in front of them like a feline circling prey. "Now, then..." he practically purred as he slid a hand slicked with lube up and down Mateo's shaft. "Are you ready to slide inside him?"

"Fuck, yes," Mat hissed, his eyes wolfish and predatory as he looked at Nolan, who was shifting on his mate's lap, whimpering softly as he rubbed against Mateo's abdominals.

"I'm going to move you now," January warned as he took hold of the ropes that he had tied Nolan with and used them to move the younger vampire until he was able to align him with the head of Mateo's cock. He then shifted his hold on Nolan so he could lower the orange-eyed vampire onto the thick length, ensuring penetration.

Nolan cried out as Mateo's thick, blunt head popped inside him, but it didn't sound like a shout of pain. The slender vamp writhed, as though trying to force his mate's length inside him fast and hard. January forced him to take it at an excruciatingly slow pace. Nolan had only taken half of Mat's shaft, and he was already beginning to sound a bit desperate.

The older vampire continued the slow descent until Nolan and Mateo were as connected as could be. "Try to hold still," he instructed as he then carefully hooked his thumbs inside Nolan and began to stretch him even wider.

Mateo groaned as Nolan trembled above him, the inky-haired vamp's voice rising.

"Master!" Nolan whimpered. "Ahh, you'll make me come!"

"Don't cum just yet," Jany ordered as he pressed the head of his hard member between the stretched ring of Nolan's entrance and Mateo's embedded rod.

He needed to be inside the orange-eyed vampire before Nolan released or else the bond would only register Mateo. The older vampire let out a husky groan as he worked his way inside, one hand pressing steadily onto Nolan's lower back. He would have slipped right out if he had applied too much lubricant, but the experienced redhead knew just the right amount to use. When he was halfway there, his hands firmly took hold of the younger man's hips and slipped inside the rest of the way in one smooth motion.

"Ohh, fuck," Mateo groaned, hips twitching, making Nolan whimper. "I can feel you, rubbing against me, Jany. And it's so tight inside him…" he let out another moan when he felt the setting of the vibrations change. Elias was going to make him cum pre-emptively if he continued to play with that remote.

"Are you alright, my citrine?" January asked as he kept still. "Tell me how you're feeling."

"Nnnn, so much," Nolan gasped, words slurred as though drunk. "So good. Between you both... And so full."

Pax leaned down to Eli's ear when he felt the Omega moving and squirming in his lap. "Do you want to feel just as full, love?" he whispered.

"Fuck, yes," Elias said quickly, sounding a bit breathless as his emerald eyes never left what was going on with Nolan, Mat, and Jany. He lowered the setting on Mat's vibrator back down and set the controller aside. "I really, really think that I need some of what's going on over there to also be going on over here."

Pax wasted no time. He prepared and stretched Elias well, not because the Omega wasn't already acclimated, but to accommodate the two lengths. The alpha held onto Eli's hips tightly to control his descent, and when Pax was fully sheathed, he carefully lifted the auburn-haired man's legs so that Quinlan could reach him.

"Mmm, what a nice twitch," Quinlan rumbled at the sight of Eli's enjoyment. He deftly wiggled his fingers inside the speared Omega. "Go on, tell me you want me to ram right on in..."

"K-Kinda, yeah," Elias forced out, pupils blown wide and voice trembling. "I want to feel it...mmm, yes. Please, with the ramming."

Quin snickered, amused that the Omega was able to focus enough to even respond to him. "I really hope you're ready," he warned as he focused on his magnetic manipulation.

Quinlan had been worried that when he pressed his feet against the back legs of the chair, he'd knock Pax and Eli down. But, he was relieved that their weight kept the chair in place. The blond was standing diagonally with nothing holding him up. He motioned with his hands for Pax to scoot them forward a little more. When Pax did just that, the blue-eyed vampire gingerly wiggled the head of his shaft forward until it breached Eli, and then he all but jack-hammered his way into the Omega's depths.

Elias promptly squealed as though someone had taken a hot poker to him. At the Omega's undignified scream, everyone in the room froze, except for Nolan, who seemed to be lost in his own world of overwhelming sensation. Quinlan began to withdraw, copious apologies ready to spill from his lips when Eli's hand shot out to grab Quin's shoulder.

"Don't you fucking dare stop," Elias ordered, his words choppy as he panted. "Just...startled me a little and - Oh, fuck, you just went in a little deeper. Pushes so much against...against everything." The petite wolf clutched at Quinlan, a long moan spilling from Eli's lips. "That...that feels...mmmnnnh."

The Omega arched his back, breath stuttering, as his body suddenly adjusted. He sunk the last several millimeters with another desperate moan, his lovers buried to the hilt inside him.

January shook his head as he turned his attention back to the mates he had restrained beneath him. He used a chain from the sling and Nolan's ropes to gently swing them into his building thrusts. "I keep telling you to watch that speed, Quin," he scolded.

"Sorry," Quinlan replied with a keen. His thrusts were a little faster than he'd have liked. "Couldn't...feels amazing..."

"Yes, that. Amazing," Elias babbled, then promptly lost his ability to produce speech as Pax took the opportunity to lift him slightly and sync his thrusts with Quin's.

The sounds the Omega continued to make only fueled the sensations Mateo and Nolan felt as January built up expertly into a hard and steady pace. The redheaded vampire's purple eyes were focused for the slightest sign of sharp pain. "Tu as été si vilain, Mateo," he hissed huskily. "Toi aussi, Nolan." (you are quite naughty/you too)

"Ahh, yes, Master," Nolan keened. "I want to be so bad for you."

"Damn," Mateo groaned, his restrained body doing its best to thrust into Nolan. "You guys make me wish I'd listened when I was a kid and actually learned Spanish."

"That..." An interesting combination of a giggle and a moan passed Nolan's lips. "That wasn't even Spanish..."

"Sorry," Mateo said, not sounding the least bit sorry. "I'm a little distracted. Thought it sounded weird for Spanish. Sexy, but weird-Spanish."

"Si quieres que hable el idioma de tus antepasados, lo hare," January rumbled as he shifted and began to tug Nolan further into his thrusts, angling him so that Mateo could stimulate the younger vampire's more sensitive areas. "Los adoro a los dos." (if you want me to speak the language of your ancestors, I shall/I adore you both)

"Master!" Nolan cried, his body tensing, clamping down on the thick cocks stretching and filling him. He wailed as his orgasm hit him suddenly and violently, trembling between his mates.

The cry urged both Mateo and January to release shortly after. As the bond surged through the trio, so too did it surge through their other three mates. Pax only managed three more thrusts before he released inside Elias. Quinlan had managed to grasp the Omega's member as his hips undulated so quickly that his pistoning shaft surely felt more like a vibrator inside the green-eyed werewolf. The two of them lost it nearly at the same time.

The blond vampire slid out of Elias slowly so that he could flop onto his back, unable to keep up his magnetic manipulation any longer. The solidified bond continued to roll over them all, filling them with an energy unlike anything they ever felt. When the sensation finally died back down, Eli's Khonsu stone began to glow a purple hue from the inside, causing the facets of color to cast rainbow flecks of light along the Omega's chest.

"Mmm, s'pretty," Elias slurred, eyelids fluttering as he struggled to focus on the bonding stone. "We made it pretty."

The Omega's head lolled back, sighing softly as he passed out.


Farshael's Air Stole fluttered around his arms and behind him as his feet touched the ground of the god realm. The material was softer than silk and the pattern was speckled with slate-hued eyes of different sizes all the way around. His hair had grown a few inches and was brushed down tidily. Gin had to all but place Viktor in restraints before the older vampire even allowed him to leave. His mate worried that the gods would keep him in the god realm for whatever reason.

He pressed his hand to the side of the door of his destination. A moment later, he was face to face with the demi-gods, Henry and Lucian. "Forgive my incredible delay," Shael apologized. "I did deliver the message, and that particular group seems to be safe."

Lucian nodded sagely. "Yes, we've been updated on the status of our brethren," he explained. "We couldn't be more relieved that they are all doing well. That group concerned us the most, as it was the largest. But, Ra himself holds them in high regard."

"That reminds me, Ra wanted us to let you know that you're free to retire now," Henry told Farshael. "Congratulations on your union."

"Yes, once you're mates with a vampire, you can't get rid of them," Lucian teased with a wink.

The well wishes brought a blush to the Sylph's face. "So, I really am free to go? I don't have to turn in my stole?" He asked.

"Whether you've realized it or not, you've always been one of Ra's chosen," Lucian insisted. "You're free to travel back and forth between the realms whenever you wish."

The air elemental beamed as he rushed forward to give each of them a grateful hug. "Then, I'll be on my way!" He called out as he began his descent into the mortal realm. "We'll see each other again someday!"

Henry placed his hands on his hips and shook his head. "Poor guy must have been worrying himself sick," he commented aloud. "But, I understand why you guys kept quiet about everything."

"It's safe for you to come out now," Lucian added as the two of them walked back inside.

A young girl, with the appearance of a teenager, emerged from behind the couch. Her hair was a midnight blue fading into sky blue at the ends. It was braided and styled intricately down to her knees. Her eyes were an ever-changing hazel, just like her grandfather.

"See!" Nut announced with a wide grin. "I told you grandpa and I would set things right!"




Thirdly: My final words on this one are that I feel an immense gratitude for Robin sacrificing what little time she had to work on this tale with me (for those that don't know, she's a dental student: currently employed, and a mom of more than 4 kids). When I thought about my favorite combination of our boys, I realized there were too many. We balanced them out quite well. Jany pinning Elias to a wall/ceiling/any object was just as hot as Jany whispering dirty narratives into Nolan's ear while jerking him off...with was just as hot as Pax taking Mat from behind and Mat taking Pax's first time that way...which was just as hot as Quin goading Nolan and Quin's banter with Eli. January became an ultimate favorite of ours, but he's no less than any of the other boys. What was I talking about again? Right! The point is this was a fun venture and it kept me sane from the chaos happening in my own life, as well (for those that don't know, I'm an IT student: currently employed, caring for elderly parents). I once again thank Robin for jumping on-board with this and I thank all of our fellow writers and readers for their thoughts, theories, and input [and for catching mistakes and inconsistencies!]). Both Robin and I loved all the theories and reactions, I copied and pasted the comments in messages to her. So, many many many thanks!

To answer Robin's questions from below (since I know she's gonna read this later and it'll be a fun surprise):

What did I like best? On a completely personal note, I was the proudest of doodling Jany and Nolan as bats. I'll definitely draw Quin as a bat later on, as well. I loved the idea of the Khonsu stone and the hues of the auras and their representation (which we both collectively came up with).

Who is your favorite character? Favorite scene? January, of course. He was conceived on my birthday, after all, and I had a clear image of his character almost immediately. My favorite scene/moment was when the boys first slipped into The Black Orchid and the Khonsu stone led them to the morose January. So many emotions jammed packed in that one...Mateo worried out of his mind over Elias, Pax showing a hint of possessiveness when he warned others off his mates, a moping Jany, and a happydrunk Eli.

Things I didn't like? As a writer, my own faults and inconsistencies that I had to go back and correct almost immediately after posting (which is why those of you who read the story more than once probably always found more tidbits that weren't there before and thought to yourselves "did I just skip reading this part?" And I am here to confess that, no, I had completely forgotten that sentence about Quinlan and Nolan being surrounded by forest animals and I had to add it back in a few hours after the initial post)

Places that needed more detail or felt clunky? *nervous laughter* the god realm, but we can work more on that later

Favorite sex scene? HA. This is impossible to choose. I'd say that one scene with Jany that someone whose name I can't mention benefited from (lmao).

Favorite pairings? Too many...I love all the combinations. Pax x Eli sparked our tale, Pax x Jany have that whole "mom and pop" vibe, Quin x Eli have that playful bantering thing going, Pax x Mat have that deep "alpha and beta" bond, Quin x Nolan are so flippin' sweet and hilarious at the same time, Jany x Nolan have the "master and pupil" bond, Eli x Nolan have the "not so innocent" thing, Jany x Mat are all "bondage and dominance play," I could go on many great combinations. OH! And I can't forget Viktor x Farshael, I love those two!

Robin: I really loved this story. It was so fun to write. I fell in love with the characters and I looked for every opportunity to make myself squee or shriek like a fangirl (January... Dear God, anything with January). And this is the first story we've finished so quickly! It went surprisingly smooth! It was an experiment in working on a single story and riding it to the end. It worked well with this one! We were able to stay engaged and motivated without wandering off like distracted puppies. This may be a miraculous anomaly. I'm willing to try again if Thirdly is (Thirdly: Pssh, of course I am). Like with Kidnapping is Always an, we need to finish that (Thirdly: We're literally working on that next, girlie). I can't express how much I appreciate everyone who left comments, though it was usually Thirdly who responded in my stead. Sorry. I love you, even if I didn't personally say anything! Thirdly shows me your comments! I'm so glad so many people liked it. She was really the driving force behind this. She kept me motivated, did all the copy-paste, editing, proof-reading, and posting. It allowed me to just write my side and then wander off to work on a denture or study and then wander back and add my side again. All the thanks go to her.

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