"The Goddess wants us together, and I think I should trust her more. I'm happy with you both, but I don't want to make whatever other mates we're supposed to have wait for us any more than they have to."

The golden-eyed werewolf puffed up his chest in response, feeling incredibly proud of Elias for having come to that conclusion on his own. "I absolutely agree," Pax replied. "Mateo?"

"Yes, I agree." Mateo cupped Eli's cheek. "You're amazing. Some time, I really want to talk to you about the fears you had or have. I know I hardly know you, but I want to. And I never want you to be afraid. Yeah?"

Elias blushed and nodded, unable to stop himself from snuggling his cheek into Mateo's broad palm. He liked their new mate's warmth already.


Pax wanted to say something along the lines of the fact that Eli had two strong mates and needn't fear anything again, but it would have been presumptuous. Instead, he began to lay some of the food out for them. "We should eat before the food gets too cold," he pointed out.

"Oh, jeez, yeah," Elias said in a rush, hurrying to help. "Sorry, I know I talk too much."

"I like your talking," Mateo said gently as he opened a container filled to capacity with chicken enchiladas.

Pax reached out to affectionately ruffle the top of Eli's head. "They were words we needed to hear," he affirmed. The three of them filled up their plates, and Pax tucked away the rest of the containers into the fridge. After they had eaten their fill, he stretched his arms over his head and thought about how to broach the next subject.

"I feel it would be best if you both acquainted yourselves while I place an order for a double grand king's bed," Pax suggested. "And then I would join you...unless you'd both rather have me join from the beginning."

Elias squeaked and fiddled with his tortilla chips, nibbling the edge of one while looking at Mateo with wide green eyes.

"We can just sit together, if you'd like," Mat said gently, rubbing a hand over Eli's shoulder. "We don't have to do anything. We can talk." Mateo touched Elias's cheek, feeling the softness of the skin. "I'd like to get to know you."

"O-okay," Elias whispered, entirely forgetting his chips and following Mateo as Pax smiled indulgently and pointed them in the direction of the bedroom.

Just as Pax was about to leave his two younger mates to it, the Omega's voice called out to him. "Hmm?" he wondered aloud as he peered back into the room.

"Um, whenever you're done with ordering the bed thing, you can come hang out with us," Elias said, blushing as Mateo hugged him from behind, the larger wolf's chin resting on the Omega's auburn locks. "If you want. You don't have to, or anything."

A wide smile formed on Pax's face. "I'll be back in a few minutes, then," he assured them.

Elias knew there were a few overstuffed chairs in the master bedroom, but he screwed up his courage and led Mateo to the big bed, instead.

A bed that would soon be replaced with one that would be enormous.

Elias sat on the edge of the soft mattress and scooted up to the pillows. He blushed pink as he reached a hand out to his newest mate.

"I know this probably sounds really dumb and juvenile," Elias said softly. "But can we snuggle?"

Mateo's smile was warm as he clambered over to the bed, sitting beside the Omega and wrapping an arm around him as he pressed a soft kiss on the top of Eli's head. The scent of his mate was a soothing and comforting scent that was double-edged, as it also was quite arousing. In spite of the arousal he felt, he made sure not to do much else so as not to scare the younger werewolf. "I don't mind snuggling whenever you wish," the taller werewolf admitted. "Sometimes, it'll probably be me doing the asking."

"Really?" Elias chirped. "I'm kind of a cuddler. So, that would be awesome." The Omega snickered and flopped across Mateo's broad chest, Eli's legs resting on top of his mate's. "And if you sleep next to me, you'll probably wake up like this."

"I might enjoy that way more than I should," Mateo responded as his brown eyes darkened a shade with rising lust. "Even with us staying still like this, it's a struggle to keep my hands to myself."

Elias sucked in a breath, warmth pooling low in his belly. Something warm and growing suspiciously hard began to press just above Eli's hip. The Omega licked his lips, peeking up to be caught in Mateo's warm brown gaze. Elias pushed upward, heart pounding, to catch the larger wolf's lips with his own.

The Omega's lips were soft and pliant against his. Mateo eagerly deepened the kiss, desiring nothing more than a taste of his mate. His warm tongue slipped inside to slide along Eli's as his arms wrapped around the smaller werewolf's waist.

Eli leaned back, taking a deep breath.

"I think I like you," Elias whispered. "Really, really like you. This..." The Omega pressed himself tight against the warm body beneath him for a moment. "This feels right. Can you feel it, too?" Elias looked down uncertainly. "Just feels like I've always known you…and I've missed you and stuff."

The brilliant smile on Mateo's face would have been enough of an answer. "I feel the same," he confessed as he gently rubbed a hand up and down the Omega's back. "My heart just about burst with warmth when you both invited me home."

"I'm nervous about having more mates," Elias admitted, looking at the bonding stone that hung between them. "I mean, you and Pax, your colors in there are the same size." The Omega let out a gusty breath. "Looking at the space left... That looks like more than one more. Two, maybe?" He slumped against Mateo's broad chest, resting his cheek against the bigger wolf's shoulder. "I've never heard of anyone having four mates. Three, sometimes. But never four. And the ones with three, they say the Goddess has plans for them."

"I feel a bit nervous too," Mateo admitted. "What if they think I'm too big? What if they're scared of me?" He wondered aloud. "But, another part of me is excited. I come from a big family, as you've seen from the restaurant. More mates mean a bigger family, too."

"You're not too big!" Elias frowned. "You're just right. If you're too big then I'm way too small. I'm even short for a male Omega. I'm the same size as the females!"

"You're perfect!" Mateo countered. "And your personality makes you seem bigger."

"I'm not a very good Omega," Elias admitted. "I'm not sweet and biddable. I like to do things for myself. I hate being coddled and fussed over like I'm weak or something."

"But, most Omegas like others doing things for them..." Mateo thought aloud. "And it's what the Goddess asks, for us to take good care of our Omegas."

Elias scowled, pulling back to frown at Mateo.

"I told you I'm not a very good Omega." Elias shook his head. "I don't want to be treated like I'm different." He petted Mateo's cheek. "I don't mind stuff you'd do for anyone you care for. But if you'd only do it because I'm an Omega...I know it's weird, but maybe ask first, okay?"

"I can do that, I can try to ask," Mateo responded with an adamant nod. "I do like doing things for people I care for, though. And my mates are number one on that list."

"I'll try not to be too grumpy," Elias promised with a shy smile. "And it doesn't sound as bad for you doing things for me."

The Omega slid his legs to straddle Mateo's hips, running his palms up his mate's muscled chest

"And, just so you know, I kind of really like how big you are."

Eli bit his lower lip, unable to hold back from rubbing his crotch against the bulge in Mateo's pants.

Mateo let out a low growl of approval as he took hold of Eli's hips and grinded up against him. "And I really like the shape of you, too."

"Want to see more?" Elias asked, overcome by the heat in his mate's eyes. "It's kinda warm. I think I might have too much on."

Mateo pulled his shirt over his head and tossed it aside, drawing the Omega's attention to his well-defined, russet-hued chest. The movement effectively distracted Elias to the point that the larger werewolf had to gently tug the green-eyed man's shirt off himself. "Whoa," he gasped softly at the sight. "You're so hot."

"I was just about to say that about you," Elias admitted with a little smile, fingers trailing across defined pectorals. "I like your tattoos. I heard once they have to use special inks for us. Otherwise, our body just fades the colors to nothing. But that it makes it hurt more. You must be as tough as you are big." Elias enjoyed the contrast of his paler hands tracing a series of pawprints with names and dates under them across Mateo's dark skin. "You make me feel tiny, but it doesn't feel bad or scary. It makes me feel safe...and kind of turned on."

"I'm glad you feel safe with me," Mateo replied as he kissed the tip of Eli's nose. "As for the tattoos, they're my family members. I will definitely add one for you and Pax soon."

Elias thought of his pawprint joining those of all of Mateo's loved ones. It made his chest feel tight and his eyes prickly. He'd barely met Mateo, but the man already thought Eli was special enough to make a permanent image on his body that would sit near those of Mateo's family. Elias flung his arms around the big wolf's neck and attempted to squeeze the stuffing out of him, peppering kisses everywhere he could reach.

The brown-eyed werewolf couldn't be happier with his mate's response. He took hold of Eli's head when the Omega kissed his lips and kept him there, his tongue sliding along the smaller werewolf's bottom lip, seeking entry.

Elias opened his mouth eagerly, reaching between them to fumble open both their flies. When their hard lengths touched, Elias nearly came all over the both of them.

"You should fuck me, Mateo," Elias panted. "I really want you to. Please?" The Omega groaned, wrapping both hands around their shafts, holding them together. "Pin me down? Show me how big and strong you are?"

In one swift move, Mateo all but slammed Elias down against the bed and kissed him hard as his lower body gently grinded against the Omega. Their pants were still on, and it was quite a struggle to continue kissing as the wiggled and kicked out of them. It was in the middle of that hasty dance that Pax walked back through the door. With a soft snort, he walked over and helped tug both pants the rest of the way down and off.

"Need any more help, you two?" Pax asked, a teasing tone in his voice.

"Nnn, Pax...Hi," Elias gasped, clawing Mateo's back and practically humping his newest mate's delightfully sculpted abs.

Mateo made a slight wince when some of Eli's clawing cut into his skin deeper than intended. Whenever he tried to tug one of the Omega's arms off, it found another spot to dig into, like one of Mat's round butt cheeks. Whenever he focused on holding Eli's hips down, the Omega's arms were free to roam once again.

Pax noted the pout that was gradually forming on Mateo's face, and he shook his head in amusement. "Hey," He purred as he placed a hand on the side of Eli's face to turn his attention towards him. The golden-eyed werewolf then stripped out of his own clothes as a distraction before sitting down against the headrest of the bed and firmly holding Elias's wrists down. "Keep still for our new mate." Pax then nodded towards the bedside drawer. "Lube's in the first drawer. You don't have to stretch him too much."

Mateo let out a sigh of relief. "Thank you," he responded as he quickly dug for the lube and began to do just that. His larger fingers made stretching a faster task.

Elias gazed up at Pax, wide-eyed and panting.

"Don't let go...I just wanna try..." Elias said softly, tugging gently at Pax's grip around his wrists, then harder, moaning when Pax was able to keep the Omega's wrists carefully pinned without hurting him. "Don't let go..."

Eli's heart was fluttering like a trapped bird in his chest, but his cock was hard as stone and dripping precum, twitching every time he tried to tug free and found himself held immobile by his mate's strong hands.

Mateo was amazed at the sight. He slowed down the movement of his fingers to watch, but then sped back up and coated himself with lube before he burst at the mere sight alone. As he pressed the head of his cock against Eli's entrance, he hesitated.

"He'll be fine," Pax assured him. "He'll stretch to accommodate you, I promise. He's used to getting 'pummeled' in any case." He added cheekily.

With a firm nod of understanding, the dark-haired man carefully made his way inside. When he felt the ring constrict against the base of his head, he let out a low groan and worked himself halfway in.

Eli's back arched as he let out a long low moan, wrapping his legs around Mateo's waist and trying to pull him in.

Pax chuckled at his smaller mate's attempts to gain control. Since he didn't want to see the pout forming on Mateo's face again, he leaned down to all but ravage the Omega's mouth. His tongue claimed every inch of the cavern, but the sight drew Mat to a stop again as he merely stared at the lovely sight.

When he finally gathered his wits again, the brown-eyed werewolf slid the rest of the way inside in one single thrust and tried not to pass out from the pleasure. He began to thrust inside at a gentle pace, but it quickly became an erratic pace as he became lost in the sensation.

Little hitching moans fell from Eli's lips as Mateo filled him. Goddess, he was big, but it felt so good. When he thrust deep, it was like he was touching everywhere inside him just right. It was just as amazing as when Pax had first taken him. The Omega took in the scents of his mates, feeling something click into place inside him. Like something had been missing, and he hadn't known until he found it, found them.

"Harder," Elias begged.

Pax grinned at the telltale signs of Elias enjoying himself. He shifted so that he held both of the Omega's wrists with one hand so that he could do as he pleased with his other hand. His thumb dragged along Eli's nipple as his hand ran up and down his chest.

Mateo was more than happy to oblige. He lifted the Omega's hips slightly as his hips snapped into a pounding rhythm of abandon. "Goddess!" He groaned throatily.

"Fuck, don't stop," Elias rasped, bouncing his hips to meet every rough thrust. "Give it to me," Eli cried, throwing his head back, his cock hard and straining as precum constantly slid from his tip. It bounced with every slam of Mateo's body against him, the head blushed dark red.

Pax took in a deep, shaky breath as the arousal built inside him at the sight of his precious mates in the throes of pleasure. He bit his lower lip as his golden eyes darkened into an orange hue with lust. He slid his free hand down the center of the Omega's chest until he was able to wrap his fingers around Eli's hardened shaft. His gaze was focused on the junction between Mateo and Elias so that he could match the pace of his stroking to the brown-eyed werewolf's speed.

Mateo nearly lost it then and there. Though Pax's gaze wasn't directly on him, he still felt his heart race at the attention. The hands he had around Elias's hips tightened as he drove himself more forcefully into the heated depths that seemed like they wanted to engulf him.

Elias stopped breathing entirely, his spine bowing as his fists opened and closed as though looking for something to sink his claws into. The Omega sucked in a ragged lungful. Just as Pax was beginning to become concerned, Elias wailed as pleasure crashed into him. He twisted and writhed beneath Mateo, held tight by Pax's unyielding grip on his wrists. Eli's body shuddered as his cock swelled and jerked in Pax's hand, white splashing his chest, stomach, and Pax's furiously pumping hand.

Almost as soon as he heard Elias cry out his release, Mateo found himself spurting again and again inside the Omega. The seed leaked onto the bedsheet below quite copiously. "Amazing, that was just amazing," he panted as he glanced from Pax to the equally panting Elias.

"Do you feel tired?" Pax asked the dark-haired man in a low, sultry voice. "Because it's my turn with you next and, unlike Elias, I prefer to be the one doing the penetrating."

Mateo made a strangled noise, his cock deciding that softening was entirely not an option with Pax looking at him like that. The brown-eyed wolf was as big or bigger than everyone he'd ever dated. Mateo whined in need. No one had ever been willing to top him before, he'd finally given up asking. He didn't know why he'd assumed Elias would be the only one he'd be having any kind of penetrative sex with. Mat had thought he might kiss Pax plenty and they might suck each other off sometimes.

Mateo drank in Pax's body, all clean, defined lines and perfect proportions that expressed a gentle but assured dominance in every movement. And Mat would get to have Pax inside him, taking him.

The dark-haired werewolf felt another needy whine curl in his throat.

"Is it okay?" Mat asked hesitantly, looking at Elias who lay across the bed with his eyes still a little glazed and a dopey smile on his lips.

"Oh, yeah," Eli assured. "You're gonna love it. Pax is as amazing as you are. He'll make you feel so good you'll think you might have an aneurysm." The Omega's smile turned naughty. "Can I watch? Maybe help?"

"I don't mind," Mateo answered quickly, cock throbbing at the idea of Eli's eyes on him as Pax was thrusting deep, Elias touching them as their mate took him.

"Ah, a few ground rules, Eli," Pax pointed out as he booped the tip of the Omega's nose. "No scratching, clinging or maiming Mateo while he's distracted. Touching, kissing, sucking, and gentle biting is allowed."

"Sorry about that." Eli blushed and peeked at Mateo before looking away. "I got overexcited."

"It's alright. A little is fine." Mateo's gaze turned hot. "I liked watching Pax holding you down."

"I liked him doing it," Elias admitted with a shaky breath. "It made everything really intense, in a good way."

"Yeah, I know what you mean," Mateo said with a nod, absently trailing a finger down his own rigid length as he thought of it. "There's something about being tied up or pinned down. Giving up control like that and having someone willing to step up and take it. It's a rush, no denying that, but there can be this feeling of being safe, too."

Elias nodded, understanding completely.

Pax shook his head at his mates. "Then the Goddess knew what she was doing, joining us together," he confessed. "I don't mind being a little tied up, either, or blindfolded, even. However, right now, I want to have a taste of my new mate," the silver-haired werewolf announced before he gave Mateo a rather thorough kiss.

Mateo melted into his mate's arms while Elias made happy cooing noises as he watched, eyes sparkling.

Pax bit Mateo's bottom lip as he tugged the other werewolf's body against his. "Do you trust me?" He asked softly.

"Yeah," Mateo said breathlessly.

The smirk that formed on Pax's face was downright feral. "Then, I'll need you to either lie on your stomach or get on all fours while I dig for some more lube," he instructed. "Elias, would you like to help?"

Mateo immediately dropped to his hands and knees on the soft mattress as Elias nodded eagerly, practically clapping his hands in delight.

When Pax retrieved another tube of lube, he motioned for Elias with the crook of his finger. "Would you like to try stretching Mateo?" He asked the green-eyed werewolf. "Or would you rather play with his balls while I stretch him?"

"Ooo, balls." Elias smiled. "Can I lay under him? Can I suck him a little?"

Mateo moaned from the bed, fighting to stay in position and not pounce on Elias again.

"Do as you'd like," Pax responded as he began to gently stretch Mateo. "Is this your first time this way, Mateo?" He asked as his long fingers stretched and sought out the tanned werewolf's more sensitive areas.

"Yes," Mateo groaned, head dropping to watch Elias crawling under him like a mechanic getting under a car.

Pax redoubled his efforts to search with the fingers that he slid inside. When he finally came across Mateo's sensitive areas, he continued to drag his fingers against it. "I'll be gentle and careful this first time," he explained. He then turned towards Elias and motioned towards the bathroom with his head. "And you, Eli...you should clean Mateo up with a nice warm washcloth first."

"Oh, yeah," Elias said, blushing as he reluctantly scooted out from under Mateo. "I bet lube tastes bad. I'll be right back!" he announced before scurrying off.

Pax let out a soft chuckle, but he didn't stop stretching the werewolf in front of him. When he deemed him ready, he climbed onto the bed, kneeling with his legs on either side of the russet man, and pressing the tip of his member against the puckered flesh. "Are you ready for me, Mateo?" He asked in his deep tone of voice.

"Ah, please," Mateo groaned just as Elias returned to the room, washcloth in hand.

The Omega was frozen at the threshold, overwhelmed by the tableau his mates made together. Eli's nose twitched as he drew in the scent of sex, wolf, and pheromones running wild. His hand tightened on the cloth until water dripped softly to the floor. They were so attractive together, both alphas, and powerful. Seeing Mateo submitting so gracefully and eagerly snapped the Omega's cock back to attention so quickly it was painful.

Elias thought for a moment he should leave, give them privacy or something. He shifted where he stood, feeling suddenly inadequate faced with these tall, handsome, powerful, self-assured men he'd bonded but unable to tear himself from the scene before him.

Pax turned towards Elias and nodded his head towards Mateo. "Ready to join us? We've been waiting for you," he teased.

Something tight and painful loosened in Eli's chest and a sweet smile pulled at his lips as Mateo murmured for him to hurry. Elias clambered onto the bed, stealing a kiss from Pax on his way to plop himself by Mateo's head.

The Omega kissed Mat's temple, whispering, "You're going to love this," before catching the larger wolf's lips with his own. Elias wanted to feel Mateo's moans pour into his own mouth as Pax pushed himself inside for the first time.

A feral smile formed on Pax's face as he carefully worked his way inside to the hilt. He gave one of the round, russet butt cheeks a gentle slap. "Damn, you take me so well, Mat," he groaned.

"Fuck," Mateo said against Eli's lips.

Elias pulled back with a wicked smile. "Good, right?"

A moan was Mat's only reply as Pax swiveled his hips, grinding inside him. Elias gave him a quick peck before crawling to Mateo's side and scooting under him, facing up. The washcloth was still nice and warm as it stroked his balls then up his shaft. Mat bit back a shout, arching his back. The wolf prints tracking a winding path from his hip to his shoulder flexed and curved as he pushed back on Pax, begging for more.

The sight was incredibly sexy. Pax couldn't help but trace the markings from the shoulder down to over Mateo's hip. "Is this pace too slow for you, baby?" He practically purred, the words flowing freely, as his hips snapped harder and faster into the brown-eyed man's depths. He began to aim for the more sensitive areas inside Mateo and growled. "How about now?"

"Ah, yeah, fuck," Mateo grunted with every deep thrust.

He pushed back into each one, then forward into Eli's hand as he rubbed the larger wolf. Mat's cock had to be spotless, but Elias was enjoying working Mateo with the warm cloth almost as much as Mat was enjoying Eli's clever hand. The Omega moved the fabric back to play across Mateo's balls so he could catch the tip of Mat's thick cock with his tongue. Mateo roared, thrusting forward, trying to catch the Omega's teasing tongue, but Pax's strong hold on his hips kept control of him.

The golden-eyed werewolf delivered another slap onto a butt cheek as he leaned back and began to drive himself against Mateo's prostate again and again. "Goddess, how could any werewolf not want this?" he hissed fervently. "You feel so good, Mat."

Mateo couldn't answer, desperate moans falling from his lips constantly. His enjoyment showed in his body, turning into every touch and pounding thrust.

"He likes when you smack his ass," Elias said breathlessly, wrapping a hand around his own cock and squeezing. "He drips precum and twitches every time you do it," he added, sucking Mateo's tip into his mouth.

"Is that so?" Pax rumbled as he brought his hand down across Mateo's backside again. "You like it?" he prompted as he gave a swipe across a butt cheek after every other thrust. "I'm going to leave prints of my hands on your lovely cheeks. They'll complement the markings rolling up your back."

"Ah! Fuck, yes!" Mateo shouted, knees sliding wider, spreading his legs to take whatever Pax wanted to give. "Please!"

Elias moaned, dropping the cloth and nearly choking himself on Mateo's cock in his excitement. The Omega stroked himself, propped on his other elbow as he bobbed his head faster and faster.

Pax leaned forward, gripping Mateo's hips tightly as he let out a rumbling growl. His hips snapped with almost as much force and speed as a jackhammer as he all but speared through the dark-haired werewolf.

Elias whimpered as he felt Mateo's length twitch in his mouth, becoming impossibly hard. The Omega wriggled, his hand flying on his cock as he took Mateo to the back of his throat. Mat howled as the pleasure took him, the inhuman noise pouring smoothly from his lips. Elias sputtered but tried to swallow as much as he could, trickles of white escaping to streak his chin.

Pax followed along after a few more thrusts, emptying himself into Mateo's depths. As the russet werewolf rolled away from Elias onto his back, sated, Pax knelt down to tug the Omega's hands aside. "Let me help you with that," He murmured as he all but swallowed Elias whole.

Elias cried out, fingers trailing restlessly through Pax's silky silver hair. Mateo laid at his Omega's side, curling around the smaller wolf. The beast inside the burly man was sated, content with his place among his mates. Mat stroked his fingertips across Eli's face, etched with pleasure, so close to bliss. It was the most beautiful thing Mateo had ever seen.

"Cum for us, Eli," Mateo purred.

Elias arched, fingers digging into the blankets to keep his nails from tearing into flesh. Every muscle tightened, his mouth opening with a wail that Mateo caught with his lips as the Omega shot into Pax's throat.

The golden-eyed werewolf eagerly swallowed down all that Elias had to offer and then began to lick him clean in long, broad strokes. He frowned as he realized something. "I think I'm going to have to order a much bigger tub in the future," he mused aloud.

Elias grinned lazily, practically purring.

"Kiss me," Mateo asked, tugging gently at a lock of Pax's shining hair. "I want to taste him in your mouth."

Pax didn't need to be told twice. He clambered over to Mateo and kissed him deeply.

Elias tilted his head to watch. Mateo submitted to Pax, taking the silver-haired wolf's tongue and stroking it with his own, tasting their Omega and each other. Both men were so much bigger than Elias, but they could be so gentle with him and each other. Eli let out a soft, fluttering sigh as his men cupped the other's cheek or stroked a hand through dark or light tresses. It made Eli's heart feel full. The Omega didn't know if he could survive more of this feeling that filled him up with warmth, more mates like these two. Elias smiled when his men pulled apart slowly, dark eyes gazing into amber and amber looking back just as intensely before they turned and included him in the warmth of it all.

Yeah, having mates was definitely turning out a lot better than Eli had ever expected.