The Descent

"Is that it…is that light real or am I seeing things again?"

The man felt a chilling wind as he focused himself and pushed himself up a few more stairs. The man was clad in sturdy armor, and was fighting so hard and for so long he was starting to forget there was anything else to life.

His bones were cracking, and his vision was blurry but as he felt the air change the dim hope that he at last reached his destination. He pushed the pain aside and hurried into the chamber, and saw a large wide chamber.

In the chamber was a wide chamber with a white alter, the man looked at the windows to see that he had climbed so high he could not even see the ground below, that he had climbed past the storm clouds to see the lighting striking down below.

The man tensely looked around to see if anyone was their before he realized there was a figure standing at the top of the altar. There was a mirror in the top of the altar, and the man realize he saw a woman with long brown hair and blue eyes walking out of the altar. The man saw the woman's sweet smile before he got hopeful." You made it! It's really you, you really waited."

"Of course, silly." The woman threw out playfully." I promised I would, right? I was starting to worry you were not going to make it, but you made it right in time."

"Heh…there were a few…mirages but I made it just in time." The man answered as he lowered his guard at last and walked up the stairs."It took a while, but I found something that was real, something that was solid. Thanks for having faith in me."

"Ah you know, I saw something that the others could not see. I just had faith you could make it. Thanks for not letting me down."

"Trust me, the last thing I wanted to do was let you down. Thanks for giving me a chance. Now that we made it, at last all the years that nearly felt like a waste will pay off. Let's go grasp our future, together."

The man went up to the women, and for a moment it looked like they were going to have a romantic embrace, but just as the man felt like he could open his heart, suddenly his hands went through the woman's. The man's eyes widened in shock, and as he looked up the woman's body flickered, before she suddenly vanished.

The man looked around, and saw the light fade from the mirror before he turned pale."No…NO!"

The man's shock quickly turned to despair as the lights dimmed and he went to the mirror." She promised, it was real, at least, it seemed real. Damn it!"

The man cried out in pain as he punched the mirror. As it shattered, and the lights dimmed he fell to his knees from both physical and mental exhaustion." I thought…she was not lying like the others, I thought she was."

He was cut off as a burst of cruel laughter flooded the chamber." Oh, you thought she was special? That she was the "One"? You really thought she was the one that loved you? Hah, it's because you're this easy to fool that your such an easy punch line sucka!"

The man swerved his head to the left as he saw someone new walk where he himself entered not to long ago, and saw a figure entirely clad in black. His head was covered with a hood so that all that could be seen was a shrewd grin. But the man in black's grin was enough to cause the unhooded man's right eye to twitch."Who the hell are you?"

"All that matters buddy is that I'm here to tell you the real story, and that you went down the wrong path, again. Sorry kiddo, you placed your pets on the wrong path. That great hope you had was yet again, a mirage. You were so desperate to but ah well, once again you judged things wrongly and now you're at the end of the line, alone."

"No, it was different this time, it felt real this time!"

"Hahah…buddy…let's be honest you failed every single time how could you know what was real? Oh right, like always you were just so desperate that you hoped it was real this time, but you were wrong. The only difference this time is, times up, you reached the top and there are no more chances. Time to face the music bucko, you failed."

"No, it's not done yet, I just have to,"

"Please dude, your embarrassing me just having to see this. You reached the top, and failed to make your mark, hide it all you want but that just makes you a loser. You were wrong again and again, guess you just suck eh? After all, what else you call a loser who reached this point at your life without ever being loved by anyone not part of your family?"

"Shut up, don't act like you know everything! There were ones that could have worked out, if I just."

"HAH, c'mon you seriously don't think she ever cared a damn about you, do you? You had a killer crush on red for what, a decade now? But you were to slow, and that so called buddie of yours swooped her up eh? Be serious man, if she really cared about you then why would she be in on the deal with that liar about trolling you with that made up dame just to mess with you? You know it's true, he admitted it right before he disappeared that you were just a joke to both of them!

If she cared about you at all, why did she not say one thing about it? The fact that you did not even realize she ditched the liar, that she did not talk to you at all just proved you're a joke to her! Haha, the one thing the liar got right was that they were all just mocking you the entire time!"

"No, I just, I could not figure out how to reach out to her the right way! I just."

The man clad in black laughed loudly as he leaned back and clapped."Could not figure out the magic words, right? Give it a rest already, let's be honest here, its not what you did not say, its what she and all the others saw! That's right, no matter how you try, we both know your face was never the one in pictures, never the one's woman like. Your lanky awkward body, your ugly nose, do I have to go on or did I drill the point in man? No matter how hard you trained, your just not attractive, why else did no one ever, ever really say you were that was not your momma or aunt eh?

Denial is all that kept you going, but no matter how hard you denied it the truth was going to bite sooner or later. It was a real laugh seeing you con yourself into thinking those girls in other lands would really be the" One".

Blame the exotic dudes from stealing them away sounded good, but let's be honest, they never thought you as anything more than an amusement. C'mon, you're so pathetic that you could not even win over your high school crush over a drug peddling scum bag! You tried so hard to prove everyone wrong but deep down you know the truth, right? That they were right, you're not special, your just trash like most of your family."

"Shut up!" The unhooded man shouted tensely as he ran up." That's not true, I'm not like them! I'm not just willing to roll over and die like them, I'm not!"

"Haha…you say that now, but we will see how defiant you are when you're the age of your uncle eh? Just look around, the majority of your family on both sides are losers, unloved by anyone not linked to them by blood. And hell, at least some of them had real dates, your even more pitiful then them! You deluded yourself to think you were different but your even uglier, even more worthless!

You wanted to prove you were not like them, but deep down you knew no matter what you tried that stain was not going away, the stain that is your worthless existence. You had your chance to prove yourself, but times up.

You're not some young rookie, you're at the prime of your life and everything's down hill from here man. You're at your best and you came up short, and now everyone will know little you have to offer. Hope you like isolation man, that's your default state. Course, it already was anyway."

"No, it's not too late, it can't be! I, I tried my best, I did everything right!"

"That's right, you always been a nice sap eh? You kept thinking if you were nice and followed the rules one day it would pay off, but guess nice guy's finish last after all eh? Its like they said, maybe girls like nice guys, but only nice guys with power! No matter how nice you are, if you have no power, if you have nothing to offer, then your still worthless, your just bearable to tolerate.

Behaving makes them put up with your worthless existence, deep down you knew that if you acted out they would just put you down like a mad dog. Your friends knew how powerless, how useless you were.

That's why so many discarded you like the trash you are. Even as your mother got ill, those so called" true" friends of yours threw you away because you were to worthless to tolerate. After all, when it comes down to it, why, why should anyone want to be with you?

Face it, your not good enough to be a winner. Your going to spend most of your life taking care of your parents, and by the time your done you will be spent, withered and washed up, a life of failure. Just embrace it, this is your life."

"No, I refuse for my life to end up like this! There has to be something I can do, so I don't end up dying alone."

The man in black snickered before he slowly walked up." You been yelling about what you want to be for most of your life loser, and yet here you are. Just what can someone like you do? Face, it, to get anywhere, you have to be honest about yourself. You have to face, that you're never going to be loved, your someone that's going to be hated. You will only find happiness if you embrace who you are."

"No, it's not true, someone, someone will,"

"What, will love you for how you are? If they did not love you in your prime, why would they as you decay and become more and more of an eyesore with each passing moment? I can feel the desperation in your voice. I know you all to well after all."

The man in black suddenly pulled his hood down to reveal he looked just like the man in front of him albeit with paler skin. The man in black's eyes were glowing red, and he forced the man in front of him to look at him." After all, I'm the only one that really knows you. After all, I'm your darkness, your despair! I'm the only one that truly understands you, after all I' am you! I'm the you that you repress so you don't get in trouble, but what has that gotten you? Come on, embrace your true fate and embrace your destiny. Then you just might be happy."

The man looked at the paler male in front of him before his pale doppelganger leaned down. "Now…embrace your destiny, because the show is about to begin!"

The man glanced at the altar, where a stone was at the center. He grasped his fist tightly as he looked more and more desperate." I want to survive, nothing else matters if I die! I tried so hard for so long but if it will never be good enough, and if this is the only option I have, then I'll take it! I won't be, just some nothing to be thrown away! I won't! RAHH!"

The man gave a cry of sheer despair before he grasped the rock and pulled it upwards with all of his might. The result caused a torrent of raw dark energy to burst out. Moments later an explosion was unleashed, one that was powerful enough to shatter the entire construct.

The explosion was seen by three others. The tallest of the trio, a lanky male saw the explosion and laughed crudely."And you guys were doubting me eh? I told you it was better to let the dead-weight go in first!"

His female comrade to his side just shrugged."What about Clara? I don't care about him, but she should not go down with that nobody."

"C'mon girl give me some credit eh? She just left the illusion to lure that sucker in and bailed before he got there. Idiot thought he really had a shot with her, but guess he's so pathetic he does not even know when a girl really likes someone eh? I heard the eyesore grumbling about turning thirty, in the end we were doing him a favor.

He already was a nobody, now that he's officially proven to be a washed-up loser with no potential it was just a slow life of rejection for him anyway. Least he was useful for something eh? Come on, we talked about that loser more then he deserved anyway, lets get the treasure now that he blew the seal! Its going to be a fun night, for the winners at least!"

The three ran up to the ruins of the temple, and were about to make their way to the vault. The three all had excited looks sprouting on their faces, but that excitement morphed to dread as they all heard a bloodthirsty growl. The shorted or the two men gulped as he looked at his friend." The hell man, I thought you said the sucker would take the heat for us?"

"That's how it was supposed to be! Damn it, that loser could not do a damn thing right in his entire life! I…huh?"

The growling from before returned, albeit much louder. Suddenly the rubble collapsed, as an armored creature stomped out of it. The trio saw this armored knight casually push the wreckage aside, and as the three saw this being was hunched over the woman gulped." You guys said that was ALL the security!"

"Shut up already, it's just one guard!"

The hunched over being suddenly twitched and raised its head, revealing a helmet of a knight that had elements of a hellish beast. The being growled and twitched again before his blood red eyes caused the three before him to flinch.

The taller male looked afraid for a moment before he looked enraged and took out his sword." Damn it, some stupid left-over drone won't stop me! I don't' know if you have any brains in their but your going to know fear by the time I'm done with you!"

The being paused, before suddenly muttering a detached." Fear? No…I don't feel fear any more, there is no room in my heart left…for fear."

"You a cocky grunt eh? I don't care how much of a hot shot you were in your time, this is my time now you worthless piece of…GUH!"

The man was promptly cut off as the tall figure drew a massive broadsword out of the rubble in the blink of an eye, and stabbed the blade into the man before he could react. As the tall man coughed up blood his female comrade shirked in terror." What the hell is this freak? No…wait…you can't be, that guy could you? No, that's impossible, its."

The armored being casually ripped his sword out of his target's chest before snarling out," That man's heart has been eradicated…drowned by the darkness within him! Now…all will be devoured!"

The being gave another bloodthirsty roar before ruthlessly unleashing his onslaught on the other two. As blood flied everywhere the demonic being roared out," Yes…the descend has already started, all that's left, is the descent to the darkness!"

The being of anger and hate went on to unleash his fury on everything around him in a slow, furious descent downward.

Authors Notes: I know this story is rather vague, trying to give a open ended thing going on. This is not meant to be a complete story, just a short story that might be something more later on, right now this is just a concept, hopefully its not to much of a pain for what it is.