When the ground first shook, No one knew what was really going on. even when our buildings collapsed and our great monuments began to crumble into dust beneath our feet, we didn't catch on. Afterall, humankind is no stranger to disaster and tragedy. We are painfully familiar with the act of picking up the pieces and moving on, but not on that day. Not on the day that crimson flame bloomed in the sky and the sun went dark. Not when mankind looked into the face of fury incarnated, a force of nature so powerful and terrible that some felt it could only be called God. This God was not a savior, however, and he had no "Chosen People." At least if he did, no one could tell. On that day, people of faith all over the world crammed into their places of worship and fell to their knees in prayer and reverence, only to be slaughtered in the cruelest ways imaginable by the minions of this God of bloodshed. On that day, Churches and mosques, synagogues and temples alike became pillars of fire.

Agony echoed through our world's capitols as our leaders were struck down, one after another with almost no resistance. In Manhattan, the ground itself split in two and the entire city fell into the earth, Tokyo was swallowed by a tidal wave the same as most other cities surrounded by water. Even Jerusalem, the city that many believed would herald the second coming of the Lord, was reduced to ashes. None were spared. Everyone, from those who had scoffed at the idea of a God, to the steadfastly faithful were stacked into mass graves together, the differences that had divided them in life now visible to none. There had been no Rapture, no joyous reunion with a loving Messiah, only conquest, and death. Out of those of us who survived that awful day, many died not long after, others went mad after a lifetime of wanting God to come down and "clean up" once they saw the reality of what they had been praying for. "It wasn't supposed to be like this." some said. Although many just broke down and wept as they clutched the charred and mangled remains of those they loved dearly before the Burning Legions as we came to call them put them to death as well. Those of us that wanted to survive fled underground, and our every waking moment is spent in fear for our lives. We don't know much time has passed since that day, but our safe havens are getting smaller and fewer in number all the time, and food is so scarce now that it's become more valuable than gold. desperation is beginning to divide us as it always has, and I believe that I may be the only one who has realized it. My name is Adam, named by my mother after the mythical first man of Genesis, this is the reality I live with, and what I feel I must do about it is insane and almost certainly impossible, but I have to try for those who have fallen and for those who remain. So, if you can really hear the prayers of mankind God, I hope you're listening now because I want you to know that I'm going to kill you, or die trying.