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Episode: 1:

"The First Mission"

By Maskedhero100


The Debut Of Meta-Master

JULY 20th 2013, Los Angelos 12:00 PM

In the Docks of Los Angelos, the Cargo Ship Demeter from Alaska stood silently docked to the cargo dock.

Workers were working overtime to unload the ship's cargo.

All of which were stamped with the insignia "S.L.E.E.T".

Meaning that this wasn't ordinary cargo that the workers were unloading, it was property of the Secret Intelligence and defense agency S.L.E.E.T… though most of what they did was thought to be the stuff of the tabloids, and conspiracy theorists drivel in the world media, S.L.E.E.T was really a real organization built separate from the U.S Government, funded and backed by the united nations to protect the world against a Threat that, like S.L.E.E.T was unknown to the world…but backed by a cabal of nameless terrorists, spies, mad Scientists, corrupt businessmen and bureaucrats and power brokers with no ties to any country or political party or their own.

They called themselves F.E.I.N.D (The Forechosen Enterprise of International Domination).

F.E.I.N.D's conception point could be traced as far back as W.W. II, the same war that saw the beginning of the proto- S.L.E.E.T. Some spy's who had come back from recon on F.E.I.N.D forces told tales of hearing members say that F.E.I.N.D, was just one of many attempts by the leader to secure the world for himself.

No one had ever seen the leader of F.E.I.N.D, not even the mysterious big Four that ran the organization as its heads of power.

But this information had to be exaggeration or just enemy propaganda...if it was true that the leader had been involved in events like the Egyptian empire, Genghis Kahn's and Alexander the greats ambitions to conquer the world into an empire under their rule, the Nazi party's rise to power, the war in Iraq and the events of 9/11...then the leader of F.E.I.N.D would have to be over a hundred thousand years old.

That was human could live that long.

So until proven, this information was regarded as a wild propaganda ruse that F.E.I.N.D used to control its troops and anyone else under the big fours ranks...whoever they were.

when their involvement in 9/11 and the Iraq war was exposed and the war was over, the president of the united states and other dignitaries from the U.N singed into order the secret declaration of war against F.E.I.N.D

To the public at large, this is a secret war. A war Fought by S.L.E.E.T forces and ONLY by S.L.E.E.T forces.

But F.E.I.N.D isn't S.L.E.E.T's only top priority; it was also given leeway to handle terrorism inside boarders and abroad by the U.N...The war on terror became global that day.

So S.L.E.E.T also handled world problems the Governments of earth could not, and so far they had kept the world safe from itself and F.E.I.N.D.

But now things were about to become even more difficult.

Unknown to all until today… A new menace has emerged.

At that very second, the metal Straps holding the Crates snapped off their holdings.

The Workers all watched in askance as the crates then floated off the ground back into the ship, carried by an unseen force.

There was suddenly a loud grinding sound, and slowly but surely… the ship the Demeter lifted out of the water and into the air until it was hovering twenty feet above the crowd of S.L.E.E.T workers.

the Demeter then flew off into the air, heading to an unknown location at an incredible speed, it vanished over the horizon in almost the blink of an eye leaving the Workers dumfounded as they watched their Ship Fly off and disappear with its cargo and crew still aboard.

The Crew unfortunately didn't get off the ship before it took off into the air.

One of the crew members was out on the deck when the ship took off; he hung on tight to the railing as the ship flew through the air with incredible speed.

The waves of the ocean coming and going by quickly like lines on the highway at night twenty feet below him.

The brave crew man was one of many wondering what was going on, and he was the first to see what, or more appropriately who was the cause of the Demeter's sudden flight.

Flying there in the air in front of the Demeter was… a Man, a Man in some kind of Armored Costume.

Some kind of red colored energy that was emanating from his hands, and was being shot out down toward the bottom of the Demeter's hull… it was this strange energy that what was levitating the Demeter.

Whoever this guy was levitating the Demeter, he was in charge of the crewmembers fates now!

Two Hours Later...

S.L.E.E.T H.Q, U.S.S Damocles Air Carrier: 2:00 AM

General Arcane, the Leader of S.L.E.E.T stood in his office dumfounded...and frustrated that one of his ships could be stolen in front of hundreds of S.L.E.E.T workers and soldiers. Night sea air playing tricks on the mind he could take as a factor, but could he really believe what he was being told by his men about the incident?

He had just been told that the Ship the Demeter had been stolen… right out of the air...and it flew away through the air at "probably 120 miles per hour" the soldier he was listening to had told him.

"Let me get this straight...You say… it was lifted right out of the water and into the air… and you couldn't even see what did it?" General Arcane asked the Workers when they told him the whole story, "200 Soldiers should have seen something?!"

"Yes sir we did… we also managed to snap a picture of the thing that stole the Demeter and its Cargo" One of the workers handed Arcane a recently developed photo on a video jump drive from the security camera's in the Soldier's helmet.

Arcane saw the photo on the jump Drive, and masking his surprise he ordered his men to find him a ships manifest for what was on the Demeter before it was stolen.

Find out if there was anything on board that could be dangerous, or be made dangerous.

when he had given the order, received the salutes from his men as they went to do what they were ordered to do, he then retreated to his cabin onboard the Damocles Air Carrier...and placed the photo on the print scanner and digitized it into his computer desk.

"Computer...enhance and then refine that image..." He said.

The computer A.I in his office desk then followed its command and enhanced the photo until it was an HD copy of its previous form... and arcane could see the Demeter, flying twenty feet in the air, under no visible power.

No rockets, no jets...nothing, nothing at all.

But the hull was glowing with some kind of energy that was being charged into the hull by something, this energy force was what must have been lifting the ship.

Maybe it was some kind of anti-gravity device maybe?

General Arcane thought so, Both S.L.E.E.T and F.E.I.N.D had their share of breakthroughs in technology...then he saw the floating black shadow of something floating twelve feet above the Demeter's bow plane.

"Computer..." Arcane said with narrowed eyes, "Enhance around that fuzzy image above the ship and clarify"

Arcane then watched as the computer enhanced that hazy image on the picture and then he fell back into his "commanders Chair" as everyone called it...stunned into silence by what he was now seeing in the enhanced picture.

Was he seeing what he thought he was seeing?

The image in the picture was now showing that it was a man, a Man that was floating in thin air above the ship, charging the ships metal with energy coming from his hands...from his HANDS...and then levitating the Ship away with the energy that was emanating from his hands.

Arcane studied the picture; the energy coming from the man's gloves... it didn't appear to be F.E.I.N.D technology…or any kind of technology in that matter.

It looked like the mystery man was creating the field on his own.

As if it was some kind of, super power or something!

"Superpower?" he muttered in remembrance as the thought sparked a thought in his brain.

It then reminded Arcane of one of his prominent scientists… Dr. Marcus Masters, a pioneer in genetics and Genetic mutation.

Before his untimely death he had been one of Arcane's closest friends, and that was important to Arcane because he could count the Friends he could rely on with only one hand unfortunately.

But Marcus, Marcus was like a brother.

when either of them weren't too busy with running S.L.E.E.T or a S.L.E.E.T TechNet lab work they would have discussions about their families (well, Marcus would anyway...Arcane's family was S.L.E.E.T, his real family died a long time ago in a time of war), their views on the world, F.E.I.N.D, and the progress of mankind.

Marcus's Father, Vincent Masters, he was a Commander in one of Arcane's Spectre soldiers unit, Task force 1254.

Good man, good father, although he had moments were he would be overly stern he was the best man that Arcane could have had running that task force.

When off duty he would always visit his son in the labs, and see what he was up to...if it was De- classified by Arcane that is.

But before his death, Marcus had come to Arcane and asked him to bring witness's he could trust...out of the four was Marcus's father Albert himself.

Arcane shook his head in dismay when he remembered what Marcus had showed them all that day.

He had said he had recently discovered a newly discovered Gene in the human D.N.A genome.

A gene that had been hidden in the genetic matrix of Marcus's own D.N.A that he had discovered when the blood test results for a routine physical came back with data results that were different from his last test results on his blood type. it read there was some kind of anomaly in his blood... but this anomaly wasn't anything that was impeding his blood flow, blood sugar or oxygen absorption in any it wasn't a blood disease. And Marcus wasn't the only one in the complex who had this anomaly; several other personal had the same strange results from the blood tests.

Intrigued Marcus began experimenting and through the Electron microscope Arcane had given him to find out if this was some kind of sneak attack by F.I.E.N.D by way some kind of blood poisoning, virus or something...Marcus made the discovery of the gene.

It was a new kind of gene. That could be found not just in the blood stream of him and the others, but also in their D.N.A itself.

It was a new dormant D.N.A gene that for some reason now, it had emerged from the maze of D.N.A that was the human Genome.

When no harmful effects were made aware or plausible, Arcane gave Marcus full access to find out what he could about the new gene.

In time Marcus managed to isolate the genetic signature of the gene, and found it gave off a strange energy that worked in symbiosis with the human electrical system...but wasn't any kind of energy that was known to least not yet.

He developed a machine that could detect the Gene's energy, and therefore any other genes like it anywhere on the planet earth to see if it was just a genetic anomaly.

His discovery astounded Arcane, The gene could be now found in Twenty Percent of the world's Population of Humans!

How this Gene had stayed hidden for so long was a question that dumbfounded Marcus.

Marcus also noted to Arcane that just like his own newly discovered Gene, the others were dormant… meaning they would awake or could maybe be awoken by something or some other event.

Maybe by the body's energy or the functions of the brain it, Marcus didn't know what the activation of this new gene would do to the human body if it was activated.

Arcane gave his friend permission to explore the New Gene, to find out if the new gene could be a potential threat to mankind or a hidden gift somehow.

Marcus named the gene, the Meta gene… meaning "The next or new gene".

Marcus then began experimenting with test animals he injected samples of his blood into, and then began trying to find ways to activate the dormant gene.

After one of his exploration teams found the "crystal" in the Rocky Mountains of Canada, and found it was full of actual unlimited energy, Marcus revealed that he had found through his "meta gene radar" device and found through it that the energy of the Meta gene was similar to energy found in the crystal.

After much debate, and difficulty cutting a sliver off of the crystal with every known cutting tool known to man, Marcus was given what he thought would answer the secret of the meta gene.

After comparing the two energy signatures (Meta gene/ unknown crystal) and finding them completely similar, Marcus theorised that the Meta Gene was dormant because it was in a state of genetic "hibernation" and that all it might need is a "jumpstart" from the same type of energy source to activate.

The crystals energy!

Marcus managed to build a machine that would hopefully feed a concentrated blast of the crystals energy, which he had dubbed "M-radiation" or "M-rays" into the Meta gene directly to theoretically activate the Meta Gene in a sample of his own blood.

It worked, the crazy guy actually made it work.

The irradiated blood cells in the test tubes with their Meta Genes were activated, they were stable, they were viable...they were safe, no foreseen harmful effects.

Now Marcus tried it on his test animals...that's where things got interesting.

He brought Arcane and the witness's in again, and he showed them the rats he had "nuked" with his Meta gene activator.

They were healthy, and scurrying around happily in their cages like normal rats...but then Marcus showed them that they were not normal in the least.

one rat injected with the "activated sample" was immune to poisons and viruses, and the other when Marcus pointed him out in the crowd of rats in the box had Golden eyes and black fur…while another was flying…that was right, well…floating in its cage that was weighted down by metal weights to keep it from floating off the table to be more precise!

The rest of the rats didn't have the Meta Gene, nor did they have Marcus's inactivate gene injected into their blood… so there were not affected by the M-Ray radiation blast…but they died off from exposure to the pure M-radiation exposure instead.

Marcus then explained to them what had happened to the three rats that survived.

"The meta gene caused upon activation a kind of genetic mutation via direct exposure to M-Radiation. And upon activation triggered by M-ray exposure, the Meta gene begins metabolising the M-radiation that the test subjects absorbed into their bodies when they were exposed to the M-ray energy of the crystal by way of the activator. Which fed them only a 30% charge of energy, fusing completely with the hosts D.N.A upon activation and in return it causes genetic change as well as...certain, amazing attributes never before seen in genetic mutation" Marcus explained to them all.

Arcane couldn't believe his eyes back then, just as he couldn't believe what he was looking at right now.

He then went back to his flashback.

Marcus then revealed that these lab rats were fed HIS Meta gene; they had no Meta Gene before he had injected them...and the genes had been dormant before he had irradiated them with the activator.

He then revealed that the injected rats "mutations" reversed after 24 hours due to their natural body defenses wiping out the "foreign genes" and they returned to normal.

He then went on to theorise that a person with the meta gene that was activated and not transferred from another meta gene bearer would probably not reject the gene. As it was part of their body...and upon activation...they would get unnatural abilities, unknown abilities...superhuman maybe!

Marcus then revealed that the rats temporary "mutations" were indeed caused by his own Meta gene activating temporarily in the rats, and every test he had run before calling in arcane had produced the same results.

Meaning those two traits were locked in his Meta gene's in his D.N.A, meaning that the Meta genes effects in various individuals were possibly random and unknown.

Worried, Arcane had warned Marcus to stop the experiments, but Marcus saw it as maybe the answer to what he had been searching for "a way to heal the world".

He wanted to find out if he could manufacture these "powers" to end sickness and cancer; he argued that maybe the secret to the end of man's suffering was locked away in the Meta gene.

Arcane then gave Marcus the order to find out if this gene could be activated by any other source, and then to destroy his research...because as he pointed out, he had blasted the rats with the "temporary meta gene" with only 30% power output...what if it was 100%, what if he couldn't control it as he thought he could….what if it had exploded or that radiation leaked through or something. What kind of danger could he have unleashed on the world if he wasn't careful?

Marcus then said that the energy released in an explosion wouldn't theoretically have any effect, save for a nuclear bomb like effect on the desert area surrounding the base. He said that the gene could only be activated in concentrated M-Ray doses in small proximity.

Arcane then gave his warning again, this time as a friend... he asked Marcus what would happen if his discovery of activating the dormant gene fell into the wrong hands...and after much debate Marcus agreed…. before secretly trying to do one last experiment, before destroying the device and all his notes on it.

He was almost close to finishing his research for the final time that fateful day two years ago.

But when Marcus was working on his research for the new gene, the unthinkable happened.

An F.E.I.N.D mole in the H.Q tried to steal the device for testing the new Gene and the documents of the project in order to create "super soldiers" for the leader.

The Mole accidentally activated the untested machine and sent it up to maximum power...a setting Marcus had been afraid to set it to before.

Marcus, The F.E.I.N.D agent, Marcus's Father and young sister were caught in the explosion of energy that engulfed the complex and killed thousands of personal.

The site became an M-Ray hotspot for two years before arcane could send Radiation material squads in to retrieve the Machine in ground zero of the blast.

The machine was damaged beyond repair, the documents on the project were destroyed… and Marcus and the others were nowhere to be found.

Arcane sadly wrote them off as being dead...vaporised by the explosion.

The project to find out about the New Gene had cost him his best friend and hundreds of the finest men and women he had ever known to work with.

And one of his best TechNet labs was now a quarantine zone until M-rays had ceased to be in that zone of Nevada…the new Area 51 as the media had dubbed it.

But on the only positive side, F.E.I.N.D never found out what Dr. Marcus discovered...and for his friends sake Arcane had hoped it would stay that way.

He had hoped that the explosion of the Meta gene activator hadn't turned Dr. Marcus's project into a verifiable Frankenstein's monster.

Now… today however he was presented with something he just couldn't shake off. The similarities with what he had seen in Marcus's experiments and the photo he was looking at.

The emergence of a possible superhuman with actual superpowers and the photos of the armored person were the proof...even if they looked unbelievable to a rational man like him.

He couldn't help but wonder if Dr. Marcus, and his research into the newly discovered gene were related to this strange case.

And if it did….oh god!

That that explosion, that damn activator actually did something and turned the Meta gene on in a human!

He couldn't worry about that now.

That was speculation, this was reality.

Someone or something just stole an S.L.E.E.T ship that held the newly designed Slingshot Portal generators and Confiscated F.E.I.N.D mega buster missiles.

Together, they were enough to lay siege to North Korea or Pakistan.

Who knows what someone who knew what they were doing could do with that kind of tech? Whoever this guy was who stole them… knew what he was doing.

Now all arcane had to do was hope they could find out what this new villain wanted with the ship and the cargo…not to mention the crew….and hope that they could handle this guy if his suspensions on the villain was correct.

If they were….then may God help us all.