Let's pitch the ball back and forth - catch!

But thrown harder and harder, a sphere burning with anger ...

and I don't want to play anymore.

What happens to you? Hands tingling and bitterness aching for release, with no game to win?


I'm begging you to end it, but it's up to me to destroy your fun here.

I'm on my knees for you to leave your toys behind - you turn a deaf ear.

Strike! a match, and now watch the game go up in flames.

Deep breath now, girl, and start walking uphill - where I belong - home run!

muscles ache, but I exist to pull myself up.

Strength is in all pull-ups, not all joys of vindictive catch.

I hope it's gone. That it'll never be the same.

Call touchdown all you want, but this is not a game.