FOREWORD: This is the first draft of the sequel to STONEHEART. These aren't standalone stories, and it's highly recommended that you read the first one before you read this one. This one is about 45 chapters in total, clocking in at about 96,000 words, and I plan to update it fairly regularly - if not twice a week, then at least once a week.

If you decide to give this story a chance, I sincerely hope you enjoy it. Comments are always appreciated! :)

And if you're interested, this story is also posted over on Wattpad, and there I have a cast list and such. Hope you like it!


Once you've experienced a world where two factions of magic-users are at constant odds, it's pretty much a given that life can never go back to normal. Over the summer, Shyla Bellamy witnessed the murder of a White Witch at the hands of Darrow, the leader of the dark warlocks, and ever since, her life has been turned upside-down. After being thwarted by the gargoyles sworn to protect Shyla, Darrow disappeared without a trace. Shyla knows he's still out there, but she's sort of got a handful of other things to worry about now.

School is back in session, which means she now spends her days cooped up at New Craven High instead of the cathedral that has so quickly become a home away from home for her. Her best friend, Natalie, has returned from summer vacation, and the guilt of keeping her new life such a secret is almost too much for Shyla to bear. It doesn't help that there's still a combination of Light and dark magic inside of her, but an innocent like her has never been so involved in magic affairs like this — nobody knows what to make of it. There are no answers anywhere.

She'd hoped that things would be easier now that Faye knows everything, but it's proven to be too much for her older sister. She's pulled away from Shyla, and even with her still-growing relationship with Quinlan, the young warrior from the gargoyle reserve, Shyla feels totally alone in her struggle. Between keeping up with homework and normal teenager things, she has to constantly look over her shoulder for Darrow. Where did he go? What is he planning? And more important, when is he going to pop up again?

Sometimes, Shyla really wishes that she'd never taken the long way home that fateful summer night.