I am lost, I am messed up
I am ordinary, I am a coward
But to someone so powerful
To the King up above.
I am his Princess

I am loved, I am special,
I am beautiful, and I am wonderful.
I am something to someone.
I am a beautiful Princess
To the King up above.

Like every Pirincess
Life will not be easy.
We will have our stuggles
Though they might be different
From others.

The stuggle we suffer as a purpose
Though we can't see it.
Things that happen, and the pain we have
All have a person to the King's hand.

We woman are his daughter
Which makes us his Princess
I would be proud to be called his Princess
But I forget I am one many, many times.

The Earth has other definitions for me.
Ones that could be pleasing;
Ones that can hurt me.
But if I remeber everyday that,
I am his Princess,
Then why should I believes
These definitions.