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In the kingdom of Atryn, there was a beautiful princess. Her name was Margot, and she was strong-willed, caring, and feisty. Her father, the king, was proud of his daughters, Margot being the oldest. He looked on as Margot, now in her 18th year, had her sisters gathered around her as she sang. She had the voice of an angel, catching the attention of young men in the kingdom. One, in particular, had her heart already. A stable boy, at that. Each night she would sneak away to be held within his arms. He would run his hands through her hair and breathe in her scent. He loved her with everything in him. And she, as well. The king didn't know about the young woman's desires, and honestly, Margot didn't think he really cared.

Her father closed the door and the girls instantly started giggling as Margot told of her one true love. "Oh, he's absolutely wonderful. His touch brings the goose pimples upon my arm. And his smell, oh, he smells of wilderness and of cherry blossoms," she said, whipping her arms around excitedly. Her younger sisters loved to hear of her and her love's nightly meetings. Her youngest sister, Elsie, a girl of about 4 or 5, stood up and made smooching sounds, teasing her. Margot just laughed. She hadn't shared a kiss with her beloved. But soon, he promised her last night. "Come tomorrow, and I will kiss you under the full moon," he had said. She could barely contain her smiles now. A knock on the door, and one of the manservants entered, bowing.

"Your father wishes to speak with you, your highness," he said, in his stuffy German accent.

Margot stood, straightening out her dress and she walked alongside the servant, her nerves making her belly squeamish. She had been to his quarters before, and she never liked where it was leading to. It was probably another suitor, or a king wishing to buy her from her father as if she was mere property. It sickened her. She had her own opinion. When she was Queen, she wouldn't have to take orders anymore. They were now in front of the throne room, and Margot watched as the doors were opened. "Announcing her royal highmess, Princess Margot of Atryn," the servant announced, pushing her into the room. She walked in front of her father and curtsied, looking up at his stern face. She wondered if he found out her secret. Then she heard the door to the lobby open, and footsteps echoing off the massive castle walls.

"Your majesty, I do believe I've been kept waiting long enou-" a blonde man stared back at her. He was quite cute, she had to admit. Blonde hair, blue eyes. His suit gave away the family crest of the kingdom of Aslow. "My, princess Margot. Your portraits don't do you justice." He bowed, taking her hand in his and kissing it. "I must apologize for coming without proper notice," he said, turning to the king. "But, when I heard of your lovely daughter, well, I had to look upon her legendary beauty." He turned back to Margot and smiled. His teeth were white, gleaming almost. He almost took her breath away, but he wasn't her stable boy. She could feel her blood boiling, her rage building up inside of her. Had her father set her up?

"And so you have. Now, if you'd be so kind as to leave," she said, storming away.

"Not without asking for the lovely lady's hand in marriage. To unite our two kingdoms, and make them allies. I ask you, Princess Margot, to be my wife," he said, bending on one knee. Her father watched her as she tried to pull her hand away. She didn't want him to touch her. Her father cleared his throat and nodded. The Prince smiled. He had her dad's blessing. "I'll have my carriage pick you up tomorrow, at dusk. We'll announce our engagement then." And with that, he kissed her hand again, and turned on his heel. Margot was furious. Did she not have a right to say no? Did this union matter so much to him, that he'd forget about what she wants? Her rage went unnoticed as she stormed off and went to the stables.

He loved the princess. He could see her smile now, her long black hair framing her face. Her blue eyes, eyes that shone like diamonds in the night sky, looking deep into his soul. As he'd sit there, reading his favorite books to her, twirling her hair in his fingers, taking in her lilac smell. She was never the princess around him. He waited by the tree, under a lantern, the books of his youth in his lap. She would be here soon, right? She wouldn't miss their nightly meetings, would she? Thoughts popping in and out of his head all went away the moment he heard the doors open. There she was, his princess, the one he loved. She ran to him, wrapping her arms around his waist, not wanting to let go.

"Well, hello Maggie," he said, looking down at her.

She was sobbing. It hurt him to see her sob.

"Maggie, are you-"

Suddenly, her mouth was pressed against his. Deeper and deeper the kisses went. Then the touches, then the moans. Margot needed his comfort, she wanted his arms around her cold body. She shivered as she leaned into his body and felt him on top of her. His hands were hungry. Grabbing every inch of her, his lips tasting the sweetness of her mouth. She had never laid with a man before. She loved the feeling of his thrusts, his skin against her skin, his mouth against hers. She loved his kisses, his touches, his moans. There was nothing she wanted more than that moment. She climaxed, her back archung and her eyes rolling up into the back of her head. His body was pressed against hers, the cold not bothering them.

He kissed her forehead. "What's wrong my sweet Maggie?" he asked, caressing her face gently.

"My father wants me to marry," she said, her voice breaking slightly.

He held her close and ran his hand through her hair, his kisses coming in succession. "You have a choice in the matter," he said, sighing. He knew her spirit. Knew what it was she wanted in life. Knew about her dreams. He cared deeply for her. She shook her head. She looked at him, sadness in her eyes. It hurt to view her like that. He pulled her closer, a finger rubbing her shoulder, and he held her. This was happiness. This is what he wanted. She was his princess. And he didn't want to let her go.

"Do I? If my father knew about you, he would have you killed just to keep us apart."

He kissed her forehead again. "Let him come and try. If I die, then know I died for the one I love."

She smiled, half-heartedly and stood up, grabbing her dress. "I must get in before father sends guards looking for me. Wait for me, my love," she said as she kissed him one last time. "And may you forever keep me in your memory."

"And you, me."

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