There's something about hurting emotionally that is so hard to pinpoint in language.
A terrible sensation that words cannot do justice. And yet we try.
Like that feeling you get when you are falling from a very high place;
something inside you just feels wrong.

It feels bad.
It feels so bad.

Unfortunately, to add to my misery, I become completely and utterly useless in this state.
Some fundamental part of me shuts down and goes on vacation. Out for lunch. See ya later.

I'm alone, and I feel it. So often lately I've prayed to be alone, for solitude and all its delicious,
comfortable, beautiful boredoms. But this is not that. This feels like a part of my heart has been torn off
and thrown away. And it's a black, bruised, twisted part, but it's mine and I need it back. I hate it and I
curse it and I need it to be whole.