A/N: This was originally written for a fanfic competition. It's exactly 1500 words in my document on my computer, as entries weren't allowed to be more than that. I changed the MC's name, so it's no longer a fanfic. There's ONE clue in the story as to who the original MC is, and if you catch it, you're beyond amazing! ;) Oh, and all entries were supposed to be Valentine's themed as well. Enjoy!

You Got Valentined

So, Valentine's Day. The worst day of the year to be single. All Wesley wanted to do was spend the night in front of the TV and maybe make a Skype call, but was it even possible to avoid all the disgusting, pink hearts everywhere? The happy couples holding hands during candlelit dinners in the restaurants? The love songs on the radio?

Probably not, but he was sure as hell gonna give it a try.


Alright, steering clear of the chocolate aisle in the supermarket was easy enough. So far, no heart-shaped boxes of heart-shaped chocolates had had any luck coming anywhere near him. When you had experience dodging people, dodging dead things was a piece of cake.

Ooh, cake! Would a visit to the bakery be safe? Probably not. Already from afar he could see pink glaze on cookies in the window. So, no cake today, unless he made it himself.

He gave a snort at the thought. As if that was ever gonna happen!

Oh, no! Teenage girls five o'clock! One of them clearly recognised him. He looked around for someplace to hide and quickly jumped into a store. Seriously? A bookstore? He closed his eyes with a sigh and hoped that those teenage girls hadn't seen where he went. If they came into the store, he was doomed. It was either them or all the Valentine's cards. It was impressive, really, that he hadn't seen any of those cards, yet.

Thank God, the teenagers just passed the store, and Wesley focused on the floor when leaving again. It probably made him look suspicious, but the alarm kept silent as he knew it would, so he was good.

So far, so good. Grocery shopping – check! Missing out on cake – check! Dodging teenage girls – check! Avoiding eye contact with the Valentine's cards – check! Small problem, though. The teenagers had gone towards the parking lot, so now he had to make a detour to get to his car. Wesley sighed to himself and raised the grocery bag up to cover his face, before he went in the opposite direction of what he was supposed to.

He passed a couple of cafés, but he managed not to look through any of the windows. He knew what was behind them. Couples holding hands and looking at each other with heart emojis instead of eyes. Yikes! He had never been like that himself. Well, not recently, anyway.

There was a long line of people waiting to get into a very popular restaurant, and with the grocery bag in front of his face he accidentally bumped into someone, who gave a loud cry of surprise.

"I'm so sorry!" Wesley exclaimed and looked up at an angry man, who was much taller and much more broad-shouldered than him.

"Watch where you're going, arsehole!" the man yelled and towered over Wesley. Before the latter had a chance to reply, a girl pulled on the man's hand and made him turn around to face her. Yup. That was Wesley's cue. He didn't feel like watching them get Valentine's friendly in front of his eyes, and he only just got away, before he heard loud snogging noises behind him. Eww! Seriously? In public? He would never do something like that. Well, never again, anyway.

He walked on towards his car, though he was actually still walking away from it. Maybe it was safe to turn around now? He stood still for a moment and turned his face to have a look, and right when he did, some girl handed him a card.

No! Just no! He had come this far, and he wasn't gonna give up just because a stranger handed him a card with annoying hearts on it. He looked around for the girl to give it back to her, but he couldn't find her. Huh? If she were a fan, she would've stopped to talk, wouldn't she? He thought about letting the card drop to the ground, but he couldn't get himself to do it. Leaving trash on the ground just wasn't his thing. Dammit. He put the card in the grocery bag and only then realised that it didn't have hearts on it afterall. It was a flyer from a charity organization helping starving kids around the world. Oh.

Well, when he got home – if he ever got home – he could probably spend a little money on those starving kids. If nothing else, he saved a lot of money being single on Valentine's Day. There was no reason why he couldn't spend that money on charity instead.


When taking a shortcut through the park, Wesley only managed to avoid St. Valentine by keeping his eyes on the ground. Going that way hadn't been his smartest move. The park was swarming with couples, but he didn't look at them. He paid full attention to the very interesting patterns of gravel on the path. Some of it almost looked like little hear… No! He was almost back at the parking lot and his car. He couldn't let anything or anyone distract him now. He was so close!

"Excuse me?" a female voice said, but Wesley walked on. She wasn't talking to him. Why would she? He was so anonymous that he was practically invisible!

"Excuse me?" the voice insisted, and Wesley stopped and closed his eyes with a sigh, before he put on a smile and turned around to face the girl speaking to him. He really did not feel like dealing with fans right now. He just wanted to be left alone.

"You dropped this," a woman around his own age said holding up his phone. How had he dropped that? It had been in his pocket.

"Thanks," he muttered and took the phone from her, "I appreciate it."

When he put it back in his pocket, he noticed the hole in the fabric. Great. The day just kept getting better and better.

"You're welcome," the woman said and left him alone.


Finally, back in the car. No one else had stopped him, and no one else would. Not now. He was going home. H-O-M-E. Home!

He turned on the radio and wheeled onto the road leaving St. Valentine and all the sickeningly cute couples behind. Oh, Christ! Turning on the radio had been a bad idea. At the first notes of Love is All Around he turned it off again and drove in silence. So, no radio. He probably also couldn't watch TV tonight. It was gonna be one hellofalong, boring night if no one was on Skype.


Right. So, back home girls were outside his gates, but Wesley had his secret gate behind the bushes. Granted, he would probably get stung by thorns, but rather thorns than St. Valentine.

Easy peasy, he only got a couple of scratches and cuts on his face. No one could reach him now. He was invincible!


Once inside he put the groceries in their respective places and found his computer. It would have to do as entertainment tonight, now that TV and radio were out of the question. He pushed the power button and wondered if Netflix would be safe, or if they would've added some disgusting Valentine's frame to it?

The computer had only just started up, when a window with nothing but two buttons opened. It didn't usually do that. Was it a virus?

The first button said Happy Valentine's Day, Wes! and the other one said No, thank you!

Wesley closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He should probably just shut down the computer and call an expert, but…

"No, thank you!" he said and clicked the button. A new button appeared, and he threw his head back in frustration.

Try again! was all it said.

He clicked the button and came back to the previous screen and then did it all over again a few times.

"God dammit!" he exclaimed and then clicked the other button in frustration. The one that wished him a Happy Valentine's Day.

A new window appeared with fluffy pink letters spelling the words You Got Valentined! on a background of red hearts. Within a few seconds the image disappeared, and his computer was back to normal.

Huh? That was strange. Did his computer have a virus now? And how did it know his name?

He had the antivirus do a quick scan, but it found nothing. Hm… He had an idea who could've pulled something like this, and if he was right, she would also be able to see his reply.

He did a really bad drawing in Photoshop of a single heart and wrote the words Happy V-Day to you, too! in it, before he set it as his desktop wallpaper and went to the kitchen to grab something to eat. When he came back a few moments later, the background image had been changed to one with the words Thanks. See you on Skype!

Yeah, she wasn't a virus. She was just very infectious.