Chapter 17: Difference

As I said before, I've always felt different then others. Moving out helped me grow as a person and I've felt happy and stronger. With Steve, I felt safe and I could be myself. But, now that he is gone, I feel different again, lost and alone in this huge world. No friends to do anything with. As I look around, all this stuff just reminds me of him and the only person that made me feel sane is now gone. Now, I am back to feeling like an alien again. Why did you do this to me?

It was Halloween and we went to another spooky place. I was in my costume, my purple reaper as always. This was the time of year that made me feel like I belonged. To a world of magic and monsters, mystery and darkness. I was with mom, who was the only one who would do scary things with me. We walked down the street in our costumes. She was dressed as a creepy old lady. A fog rolled in as we turned to enter this Halloween place, filled with haunted attractions and screams in the distance. Jack o' Lanterns lit the place up as people were running around and enjoying all of the spooky stuff. There was this one house, where a chainsaw guy chased you out of the building. That was my favorite part. "Let's go where the chainsaw guy is!" I told mom. "Yea! That looks good!" She said. We made our way over to the line and waited for our turn to enter.

It was pretty scary inside the house. Glowing spiders, classical monsters, darkness, gloomy lights. It was wonderful! We slowly made our way through as I just smiled when something jumped out at us. "This is amazing." I said. "Too spooky." Mom said as she crept slowly behind me. Just then, I heard a bang and suddenly the sound of the chainsaw guy appeared behind us. The hatch slammed against mom's leg and she was just hobbling along as he chased us to the exit. I didn't know it at first, then I saw her limping when we got outside and I was upset. I felt really bad something like this would happen. Why are humans so careless? "Are you alright?" I asked her. "My leg got caught on something, it hurts." She said, feeling sad and disappointed.

I've had enough of the place and rose into the air with my purple robe swaying in the wind."Fear me!" I shouted. I cast a spell on the entire place, turning everyone into monsters, so they can feel how I felt, how different I felt. I was tired of feeling different and I wanted it to stop. I wanted someone to notice me. Above me, a beam of light circled me. I looked up and saw a spaceship as I ascended into it. "Justin!" Mom shouted. I was taken away by strange aliens, to the world of horror. They took me to a strange island with alien plants scattered about the sand. There was a giant tree with glowing green fruits and leaves. As I looked around, giant looming monsters were looking down at me. I was just there, laying in the sand dressed in my robe. It was overwhelming as they slowly walked towards me, their feet dragging through the water and sand. They all suddenly stopped and pointed at me. They made me feel small, small and useless. I couldn't do a thing, as I was stripped of my magic in this place. It was that feeling I get sometimes when I close my eyes, I can feel my spirit just drift away from my body, like I didn't want to be there anymore, like I belonged somewhere else. "Go away!" I shouted. I had enough and ran over to this parked rocket. They started to chase me as I went to the rocket, so I got in and it took me up into the sky and into space. Now, they were the ones that were small to me. I was out in space and they were nothing but tiny useless creatures. This is much how I feel other people, just small primitive beings going about their day and hurting anyone who is different then them, and for what? The pain they cause others pissed me off. This is where I belonged now, somewhere not where they are...