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The Legend of the Sky-Titans: The Battle for Antarctica


Mr. Raleigh D.


Waking up Inside the Ship

My head felt tight, slowly squeezing within itself as I slowly woke. My back ached from rising what appeared to be a metallic bunk inside of an enclosed, small room. A cabin I could guess. I heard a soft boom from above. I had no idea where it was coming - nor did I had any knowledge of where I was. My guess was that I could be in on a brig of some kind, but I could be wrong. A prison? Doubtful. This place looked somewhat luxurious compared to any jail Neomen would ever build.

Across from me was another bunker. It was empty and well made. Nothing out of the ordinary it seemed - aside from the strange setting.

Crikety. Crikety. The place rocked left and right for a brief moment before I heard the same, soft boom again. I sat up and felt a sharp pain in my chest. I uncovered the bedsheets and saw that I was covered in bandages. Just for how long I was out? The pain wasn't as bad as it was before...before I met with him.

The anger I felt that night, it was inhuman. The Badge...my father's Badge erupted a blast powerful enough to shine the night. The power I felt...it felt good. I wanted to destroy him for what he had done to her. Nya, my sister was killed in his hands. And he smiled.

The devil in the flesh who smiled at his kill pushed me to my limits. My emotions exploded, translating my rage into power blasting a powerful ray of energy him. Then it was blackout.

All I remembered from that night was that I witnessed my sister's murder. He was going to pay. I didn't pay attention to the warnings from Pappy or whoever else who might have been there. I was only seeing black.

Suddenly, the door knocked. "Are you alright back there?" I heard a voice, "Hello?"

I had no idea who this was or where I was. I briefly grabbed what appeared to be shard glass and approached the door. The knocking continued until I abruptly opened the door only to find a woman carrying a tray of food bounce back.

"Whoo, scared me!" said the woman. The woman looked very familiar, Julian maybe. She was shorter than the average person, almost reaching my height and was curvaceous. She was beautiful and looked as if she could be a silent killer if given the chance. I held my guard up high regarding the circumstances that transpired the night before...or however long I was out.

"Whoo, you scared me!" said the Woman.

"Who are you?" I asked lowering the glass, "Where am I?"

"Well," she began taking the glass slowly as she came in, leaving the door open, "I'm Diamond Pierce, the Chef upon the Oya.

"The Oya?"

"The ship you are sailing in...or in this case, flying in," she corrected herself, "I was ordered by the Captain to give you some breaky. Plus, I find it a privilege to meet the Son of Alpha in my presence! The Son of Stringy and Mopy themselves! You have no idea..."

"Wait...you know my parents?" I asked.

"Well...no," she said, "But I have heard stories of them. The fierce battles they fought, the adventures they pursue, everything! Oooh, I'm getting so excited just talking about it, sir!"

This girl didn't seem a threat. Well, at least that was what I was presented. My mom had told me before she passed that evil people always wear smiles. Probably this is what she is talking about. And her being a chef could clarify that she could be someone's personal butcher or an assassin of some kind. She had the body of an assassin, I won't lie, but the attitude is just too bubbly for her to be one - unless she's putting on an act. I clutched to my pants...only to find out that something important was missing.

"Where's my Badge?" I asked.

"Your Alpha Badge?" she asked.

I nodded.

"Oh, the old man got it," her tone turned to disgust, "The guy couldn't keep his dirty little hands off me. I don't care if he's the legendary people boast about. He's a creep!"

"Pappy," I guessed. Diamond turned.

"Yeah, it's a good thing we're heading to Emily City. We're getting new recruits," she said.

I was confused, "Wait? Recruits?"

"Yeah! For the Sky Titans Initiative! Some say the Dinosaurs have returned to cause havoc, but I always dismiss it as some sort of conspiracy!" she said taking my hand, "Come, I'll take you to the Breakers to meet the other folks! They are dying to meet you! Come, come!" she said. I pulled my hand back and grabbed the tray as I followed her out of the room.

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