Women who dare to try

We curse men like you

The type to cut into our bodies with your lies

The ones who banish us from loving

The ill-mannered

To listen to your heartbeat is to know the sound of sticks bashing a hollow skull

Your flesh is decaying

You move stiffly, not gracefully with the whisper of life under your bones

There are too many chasms to sew together

So do not glare with betrayal and revenge lacing your pupils

You know not of what is given to be given to you

We rage against men like you

There are no cracks in your face

But too many bullet holes in your past

You're a mural an artist lost inspiration for

And now you sulk through bodies in search of purpose

There is wheezing and coughing and bleeding

Ugly things

They creep up inside you and wreak havoc

Much like men like you

But that is why we run

From men like you