Underage Assassins

By Shadowgate


A/N: Inspired by Bloody Birthday 1981.

Houston TX

Modern Day

16 year old Isaac Milforce and 12 year old Terrance Waller along with 11 year old Delores Harrison meant in the backwoods in a secret location.

They were three children who were coming together for a purpose. Today they would forge an alliance and become known as a secret assassin organization.


They were angry about the bullshit they'd seen in their neighborhood over the past year. They saw animal cruelty, their friends harassed to the point of abuse and more.

3PM 4/3/17 Monday

Isaac stepped forward and said "it's official we are now the Underage Assassins Organization. We don't speak of our organization or activities to outsiders."

The other two nodded.

Isaac went on to say "we've suffered enough. Delores I know you suffered big time three months ago. Terrance I know you've had to put up with so much bullshit over the past six months it's unbelievable. You both have become like that of siblings to me. WE STAND TOGETHER!"

Terrance and Delores raised their fists.

Terrance asked "how will we determine our targets? Will we vote?"

Isaac explained "well it's not as simple as voting or flipping a coin my young friend. We name an enemy who has done absolutely horrible things then we discuss taking them out."

Delores chimed in "how though? We can't buy guns and my family has no guns."

Terrance said "pick up whatever is available. If you can stab then stab. If you can strangle then strangle. Use a baseball bat I don't give a damn."

Terrance said "now you're talking."

Delores then jumped up and said "well let's bring about less chatter and real bloodshed. I want justice for my dog."

All three children had dark smiles on their faces.

Isaac said "my philosophy on murder is it's okay because we live in a neighborhood where they can kill our pets if they please. We live in a neighborhood that believes children should be executed but are not old enough to witness executions. We live in a neighborhood where people want children stoned to death for wearing Metallica t-shirts."

That was the first day the Underage Assassins officially established themselves.