Underage Assassins

Chapter 3

By Shadowgate


AN: I originally started this story for a writers club on the Booksie Website. The club itself was cool but unfortunately I've had too many problems with Booksie. I no longer go to that site.

At this time I shall inform you that this is the final chapter. I can't even say for sure I posted chapter 2 at the club on Booksie but anyhow enjoy the final chapter.


50 years later

61 year old Delores Harrison waited for her two grandchildren to get off the school bus. Soon the bus pulled up and 11 year old Maple Harrison and her seven year old brother both got off the bus. They both shouted "grandma" at the same time.

Once they got off the bus Delores had milk and cookies for them in the kitchen. Once they finished and washed up Delores called them into her living room where her brand new computer was set up.

She pulled up an online article and asked "did you hear about the man in our subdivision who was murdered the other day?"

Maple smiled and answered "you mean that guy who went into his neighbor's yard and killed that poor dog?"

Delores answered "exactly."

Scott chimed in "they held a big assembly in the school gym today to talk about it."

Delores put her hand on Scott's shoulder and said "there's really nothing much to talk about my dear. He got what he deserved."

Delores began scratching Scotts back.

Maple snapped "he trespassed into a backyard and killed a poor doggie. I'm glad he got shot."

Delores smiled and said "when I was your age I joined two other boys and we called ourselves the Underage Assassins. We killed quite a few people including Blake Runner."

Maple looked up in shock and shouted "that brutal murder was never solved."

Delores said "now you two know who did it. There's no statute of limitations on murder so I know you two will keep your traps shut."

Both children nodded and said "um hmm."

Delores told her grandchildren that her two partners in crime were no longer around but she was proud of their legacy.

Her grandchildren told her they were proud of her.