My first spontaneous one-shot story in years since I stopped writing! Been a recent fan of vampires lately while playing Blood Bound from Choices app, Inject Me Sweetly from Chapters app and Untold Darkness from MyShelf app. So I had a sudden urge to write a quick story on a vampire hero. =) Whoever's reading this, enjoy!

Written on April 4, 2018

By Miyano Ran

You're My Shield

The loud ringing of the bell signaled the last class of school was finally over. As I went out of the high school building alone, slow pitter pattering of the raindrops suddenly turned into downpour. I held up my giant plastic envelope containing my exam papers to shield myself but to no avail. I sighed as I hurriedly walked towards the bus stop.

I enjoy school a lot, I learn a lot of new things and every class is interesting. The thing is, even if I am passing all my classes, there is one thing I suck at. I don't know how to socialize… with people. Well, yes, I'm a person but I don't understand why it is so hard for me to mingle with my peers or to relate with them. I am a pretty interesting person with many hobbies, I do like playing my violin back at home and I love jogging in early mornings, but that's just it. My hobbies always only involve me, myself and I. I don't relate well with my classmates and even if I act friendly towards them and I try my best, there seems to be this impenetrable wall between us that I simply cannot cross. No one bullies me or anything, but people only talk to me when it's about homework. People don't like me…

The repeated negative thoughts in my head suddenly caused hot tears streaking down my eyes. I flutter my lashes to control the tears but it wouldn't stop flowing. I have always yearned for love. My mother died when I was at a young age and though my dad is the only one I live with now and he is the best pops in the world, we aren't really that close. Heck, how could he understand a teenage girl.

While running under the rain, I lost balance when my left foot skidded through the wet concrete. I fell hard on the ground with a thud, bruising my knee in the process. I winced in pain and wondered if this day could get any worse. This morning, they just announced the results of the practical exam in Biology and many of us flunked it. As I struggled to get my way up, suddenly, the rain stopped pouring and a shadow hovered around me. Startled, I looked up instinctively and was surprised to see the warmest brown eyes and the kindest smile that melted my heart in an instant.

"Are you alright?" He repeated the question the second time before I came back to my senses. I realized that I must have been foolishly spacing out, starring at his face, while not noticing the outstretched hand he held out for me.

Hesitating for a bit, I reached out to hold his hand. His grip was surprisingly very warm despite the rain and his grip was unusually strong for a guy who looked just like my age. Right when I saw him, I knew that he was different. In the split second that he held my hand and gently pulled me up from my fall, I knew I felt comfortable and safe in his grasp. He also gave me a spare umbrella of his and insisted it was mine to keep.

Getting back my balance as I stood, I winced slightly at my blood-stained knee and mouthed a soft "Thank you." to the stranger as I turned around to head home. Unfortunately, all the buses were full and I have waited for over thirty minutes with still no vacant bus in sight. It must be the storm. I was frankly taken aback to see the guy who saved me standing a few feet away from me, silently looking up at the gray sky while still holding up his umbrella.

"You want me to give you a ride?" He suddenly asks aloud, still looking up at the sky. Feeling confused and unsure, I didn't respond, only for him to ask again. I turned to him and asked, "Me?" And he chuckled slightly and said, "Who else would I be talking to?" My cheeks went hot in embarrassment and he laughed out even more. Not waiting for my reply, he walked toward me, grabbed my hand and brought me to his car. It was like I was in a trance again. When I got to my senses, he was already starting the engine.

"Wait, I don't really go with strangers…" I said softly, hoping I won't offend. "It's fine, I won't hurt you, I just like to help." He said with a small smile as he silently drove down the road. I realized that he was going the right way towards my house, which was weird since I didn't even tell him where I live yet. Wait, how does he know where I live?!

I asked him but he just laughed in response. In the next few minutes of the ride, he spoke up. "You know you're amazing don't you? People love you, they do. You're just too shy so they don't know how to approach you. But you're an amazing girl with a big heart. You have compassion for the smallest of animals and you're passionate. You're definitely lovable."

I was shocked out of my mind. What on earth is he saying?! I was speechless. As if reading my mind, he said again, "Since you feel like you can't connect with humans, I would like to be your friend, if you don't mind." That subconsciously put a smile on my face. I slowly nodded. I felt a connection with him unlike with any other person I have met. His frequent glances towards me made my heart skip a beat.

The ride was fairly pleasant and I felt like I could relax and be myself with him, unlike with other people. Then, all of a sudden, I yelped a scream when I saw a huge truck uncontrollably moving towards us in high speed. I held up my hands, attempting to protect myself from the high-impact collision that was to come. I felt the car shake but I didn't feel any pain.

Realizing in horror, I screamed, "Oh my God!" as I started to sob. I thought that this nice guy that made me smile just a minute ago could now be seriously injured. But then I saw his wounds heal in an instant, and he smiled back at me.

What just happened?