Bible Prompt #1: The Last Supper

It is the night before Passover, and Jesus is having supper with His disciples. You are the host that prepared the meal for the Messiah and His followers. You reverently follow the Father's commands and statutes, and a diligent reader in the Scriptures. You follow Yeshua (His name in Aramaic), knowing that He is the Messiah and the Lamb that Moses and the Prophets have talked about.

You supervise the table, making sure that everyone had a full cup of wine and bread to eat until the goat was done cooking (as the lamb couldn't be cooked until Passover the next day). Everyone was having a good time - except for Judas Iscariot, one of the disciples and the treasurer of the group. You've noticed that he's been acting strangely throughout the night, not taking part in the jubilance of his fellows.

You hear Yeshua tell His disciples that one of them will betray Him and explained that it was the one He gave the bread to. When He handed a piece of the bread to Judas, you see a change in Judas, and, when Yeshua tells him to do whatever he was going to do quickly, you put two-and-two together - while the rest of the disciples are oblivious to what Judas was planning to do, thinking that he was going to buy some items for the Feast (for he was the treasurer).

But when you debate on whether to tell your guests or follow Judas to see what he was up to, something - or someone - holds you back. Why? What or who stops you?

Author's Note: Hey, guys. In celebration of Passover and Jesus's sacrifice on the cross to save us from our sins, I decided to write a writing prompt that is placed in the Last Supper. Besides, I love God and I really love Bible stories and I enjoy reading stories placed in the Bible times. It's beautiful. Have a wonderful Spring and have a happy week!

Stay Sunny!

- Caleb