Bible Prompt #5: Manna From Heaven

It has been a long, arduous journey through the Wilderness, and the Israelites have had little to eat. They grumbled against Moses and Aaron, lamenting that they had not stayed in Egypt where there was food aplenty. After conferring with God, the Leaders of the Nation told them that He has heard their grumbling and will give them a sign of His power: by providing for them bread in the morning and meat in the evening. Reluctantly, the Assembly dispersed to their tents and went to sleep.

When the next morning comes, the Assembly wake up to find white flakes all over the ground! Baffled, the Israelites ask Moses what this white stuff was.

Moses picked one up between his thumb and index finger as he explains, "This is manna from the heavens that the LORD God has given you to eat from His vast storerooms. As He had said!" Moses continued, telling them what the Father wanted them to do with the manna, as well as declaring the meat to come to them when evening fell.

Joy fell onto the faces of the Assembly as they dispersed to gather their share of the literally heavenly bread. Even more so when they came to gather the quail later that evening. A week has passed since then.

You are one of the Israelites that are gathering your family's share of the food with the rest of the Assembly. As you gather the food, you begin to think about this past week's events. What were your thoughts before the coming of the manna and quail? Did you join the majority of the Assembly in the grumbling over lack of food, or were you silent? Did you have faith that God would provide for your family, or were you skeptical? What are your thoughts after the manna's coming?

What happens next?

Author's Note: Hey, my happy sun puppies! Here's another prompt for you. I hope you enjoy it! I'm so sorry for the 5-month hiatus. Between lack of energy and motivation, and focusing on enjoying the wonderful weather and exercising and getting some VD3, I struggled to push myself to post a new Bible Prompt for all of you. I'll try to be more punctual in the future. No promises, of course.

Today's prompt is about the Manna from heaven. I always loved this passage because who doesn't love food just coming down from the sky? And having it be perfect and healthy and just . . . God-breathed! I would've done anything to have that holy bread! I remember being so jealous of the Israelites when I was younger because they got to eat special bread that God gave them, while I had to eat yucky bread from the store. I was so sad.

Now that I'm older, I've also learned important lessons from this passage (besides not testing God and complaining and whining): That the Father always takes care of His children — often times when we don't deserve it. And that as our Provider, we must place our trust in Him that He will provide for our needs exactly when we need it and to be content in all that He gives us. This continues to remain as one of my favorite passages in Scripture (granted, it's about food, so there MAY be some biasness in this statement. lol XD)

I hope that you have a productive and blessed August! God bless!

Stay Sunny!

- Sunshine Boy