"Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it"-Anonymous

"Fire!" Jupiter yelled across the Crater. Fire spun around, dropping Nickel and I snuck in behind him, putting my 9 to his temple. Nickel had immediately run to Jupiter, who was now holding his quivering form with one arm and aiming her gun at Fire with the other.

"You move and I'll kill him!" I called out to Fire's cronies. "And I'm sure willing to bet that if I miss, Jupiter can splatter his brains on the ground. Hell, maybe even Nickel might like his chance to get some revenge."

"Damn right I would!"

Jupiter kicked him lightly in the foot. "Watch your mouth young man! Let Evan and I handle this."

"You fuckin' bitch, I need that kid or they'll kill me."

"Good mother fucker! This worlds better off without you!" I looked up at Jupiter's angry eyes. "You want me to smoke him?"

"No." She made this statement confidently and boldly. "That's not us."

I knew she was right, but still I wasn't entirely sure what would happen if we didn't end this now. Fire was not one to mess with, and to mess with him and then leave them alive was a fatal mistake.

"Jupiter, we're going to have to get out of here, before the higher ups realize they're short their numbers," I said urgently.

"Nickel, we're gonna have to run." Nickel nodded at her and in that moment we all turned and took off as fast as we could, with Fire screaming deadly promises at us as we ran.