The Post-Trump Era

During 2020, the world went through a great change where a virus stole our freedom and forced many businesses to close. People gladly submitted to this without much protest and the world changed. Icons like Uncle Ben and the chef on the Cream of Wheat cereal box disappeared. Now, only the Quaker Oats Guy and other white people is all I see on the store shelves. But, this is very inclusive. Sometimes, you have to exclude people to include them. Culture that is offensive should be eliminated and only when it is safe and popular to remove it.

Censorship is now the way of the Internet. But, is this really new? Blogs have always be removed for offensive content. Only now the umbrella for offensive content is ever growing. It is like a monster from a B-movie that eats everything in its path. One day it will eat itself and the world will be issued a book on acceptable things to post on the Internet. You should just pick a famous liberal commentator and echo its message. Just re-post and you are finished. No thoughts, no crime, and no worries.

Now you are probably reading this and thinking that I am promoting Donald Trump, because of the title, but I'm not. Politicians and actors never have your best interest at heart and indifference is the only weapon that they cannot fight against, so that is the way to be. If someone states their political opinion to you, it is best to agree with them or just blow them off by changing the subject. How much of their world will you allow into yours? Were you not happy roleplaying on the Internet, until some troll said get involved. There's a lot of old guys in suits that want your vote and whatnot. Of course, that won't change things. It only distracts you and causes you to be unhappy. Do you think two rich old dudes really give two-shits about you? What would you have them do for you if you talked to them? You know they would not give you the time of the day.

So my advice to you is to pursue happiness, love one another, and ignore the political monsters in suits with their ever-damning tongues.