Augustine was an Italian American assassin, who just killed a corrupt politician who ran the banking system in one of the regions. Not only does Augustine kill for money and to end corruption, but he kills because he can have those he killed remaining time in life. He was a trained by famous assassin known as 'Black Mamba'. She was part of the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad. Mamba trained him in kung-fu and sword-fighting. During his time training with her, he adopted the name 'Red Alpha'.

However, his mentor disappeared after a couple years before she had a chance to finish training him, which caused Augustine to continue his training on his own. He learned parkour and to use hidden knives and cable cord whips. He became part of the top 10 deadliest male assassins in the world. When Augustine was 19, he had his first kill where he discovered that he can have other people's remaining lives after he killed them.

That night, Augustine was hanging in the rooftops, tracking his target. The target was a 35-year-old Russian man, who was part of a human trafficking in Italy. Augustine followed his target to the meeting place, which was a shipyard, where they were going to ship out a group of young boys, age ranging from 12-20. Before they had a chance to put the boys on the boat, Augustine killed the Russian man and his associates, and freeing the boys. Augustine ran off before the boys can see his face and called the police and informed them about the trafficking plan.

The next day, Augustine ran into a man dressed in an odd outfit and couldn't see the man's face because of the hood, but the man told him that you now have a longer life. The hooded man explained to Augustine that there are those in the world who can get more years on their lives and there are those who can't. Both of them are one of those people. Augustine refused to listen to the unknown man's words and attacked him.

Augustine pulled out a dagger-like knife and charged at the man, aiming it at the man's heart and head, but the hooded man quickly dodged the attacks and grabbed Augustine's arm and twisted it behind his back; he pinned Augustine on the ground and took his knife.

Augustine struggle to get up, but the hooded man had a good grip on him. The hooded man told Augustine to stop his struggle and calm down. Augustine listened and calmed down, which lean to the man helping Augustine up. The man removed his hood and revealed his face. He had mid long brown hair, compared to his short black hair. The man had green eyes, unlike Augustine's blue eyes. The man said that his name is Gabriel, but prefers to be called Gabe.

Gabe was an assassin, just like him and had faced the some incident that Augustine faced last night. They both came to terms when Augustine discovered that Gabe unknowingly helped Augustine with the trafficking situation last night. With that light shed on their meet up, they both decided to partner up and formed their own assassin team. As a way to stop people who will abuse their chances to add more years on their lives.