A/N: Thank you for checking out my story. It is the second story with my characters Alexis Cruz and Katelynn Quinn. You don't have to read the first story, Shattered, to follow this one, but it helps with character background. Happy reading!


Every interaction, even the smallest gesture or smile, was tipping him further. His hands gripped the steering wheel harder as he tried to breathe out his growing anger. He watched as the woman he should be immersed in conversation with laughed and chatted with someone else while standing over her motorcycle. He wanted to scream at her that the man next to her didn't care about her bike, or her. If she only knew his intentions, she wouldn't be so freely engaging with him.

Even in his emotional unrest, he couldn't help to think how she hadn't changed in appearance; only grown older. He dreamed of picking up where they had left off; a reunion on much different terms. Now, that was a distant memory, and it was his fault, but it didn't keep him from living in the fantasy that when they reunited she'd warmly greet him.

His attention was brought back when they separated. He followed her form as it disappeared back into the bar and fought looking at the man that had begun to head his way. It wasn't long before his passenger door was opened and the large framed man fell into the seat overflowing the space.

The car rocked with his weight and he sighed out a breath of irritation. "Now, how hard was that?"

"It's not that simple."

"It kinda is. You've been dragging your feet for weeks. Time's up, Danny."

"Alex, and I-" He swallowed and shook his head before he continued. "We have a complicated relationship and it's not like she'll just give it up."

"So make her, goddamn it!"

"No." Danny tried to be stern in his delivery but did little to gain control. "Maybe I've been wrong all along and she doesn't know."

"Let's ask, then. I have plenty of ways to get the answers we need."

Danny twisted to fully face the man and held his voice steady to make sure his point was delivered with the seriousness he felt. "I swear to god if you hurt her!"

"You'll what?" He laughed and began to climb out of the car. "If she's cooperative there is no need to worry."

"Please, just give me a chance." Danny pleaded.

Before the door was slammed he bent back down and the doorframe was filled with the man's bulk again. Danny resisted the urge to flinch at the cold distance he saw in his eyes.

"You have twenty-four hours then I'm taking over."

Danny didn't respond and looked back down the hill to the bar and the now vacant lot in front. He stared blankly and tried to quiet is now frantic mind. The plan wasn't complicated. Alex was simply one of the players, but the moment he saw her he regretted the entire idea. He was scared. Scared that Alex had unknowingly been drawn into something that could have deadly consequences.