This poem is going to be hard because this one is about what I fear. It is not just fearing something (spiders, mice ect) but an emotional fear. I hope you like it! Please review!

What do I fear?
That is a good question.
I fear many things.

I fear nature for it is not something I speak,
I fear its massivness, I fear its weather, I fear it's power.
Though, not all of it I fear.

The wind is nice through my hair,
The rain leaves a sent so sweet,
The snow leaves a beauty so pure.
The ocean sings a lovely song.

What do I fear?
You asked me this already.
I fear a lot of things.

I fear socializing for it's not my forte
I fear talking, I fear speaking, I fear hearing.
Though, not all of it I fear

I can make new friend by talking
I can be a good person by listening
I can be there for someone when they need me
I can be a great person when you get to know me.

What do I fear?
Last time you ask this question.
I fear many things.

I fear being good enough, for I should be perfect.
I fear mistakes, I fear being ugly, I fear everything.
Though, I guess not everything is bad.

I can learn through my mistakes.
I can be myself, so I am not someone else.
I can stand strong when the time needs me to be.
I am already beautiful
For the Lord said I am.

What is there to fear with the Lord besides me.
I will loose battles, but the Lord will be there to help me.
When I am pieces he won't turn away, he'll put me back together.
I am lovesd and perfect to him
And that is all that matters.